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Cisco NA F22 non-VTEC SOHC Project - Mild Red

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    Cisco NA F22 non-VTEC SOHC Project - Mild Red



    1991 Accord DX Coupe 5-spd (Phoenix Red)

    Engine/Transaxle Info:

    - F22a1 SOHC head & block
    - F22 DX 5-spd transaxle
    - F22a1 completely stock 8.8 compression ratio block
    - 152 WHP @ 6600 rpm, 127 WTQ @ 5100 rpm (Mustang roller dyno)
    - Powerband is from 4000 - 7000 RPM
    - Idles @ 1200 RPM, 18 degree BTDC
    - Hondata S200 dyno tuned, running on 87 octane pump gas
    - Conservative tune for daily driver
    - 27 to 31.5 MPG, dependent on weather and how I drive


    To enhance all-around performance and retain reliability as a daily-driver NA F22ax motor on 87 octane pump gas with no block modifications.


    - Project completed.
    - If I had more money & time, I would upgrade to Bisimoto level 2 F22 camshaft & swap to H23 5spd tranny.
    - Reverting car back to stock, selling this car's performance parts as a package (see signature link for details).
    - 12/2/2008 reverting car to stock F22a4 setup is complete with I/H/E, short-shifter and 12 lb flywheel remaining.

    Thanks To:

    Kelly from Bischoff Automotive
    Jeff from CHR Motorsports (
    Aaron from Pure Tuning (
    David (accord91lx)

    Short Video Clips:

    RED 40mph+ Pull (2, 3, 4 gear)

    * NOTE: CEL #7 in video above is fixed now. *

    Dyno Graph:

    * Delta 272 camshaft regrind set to 0 degrees (most power), retarded and advanced by 2 degrees for comparison. *

    Stock Photo:

    After H&R Sport Springs/Tokico HP shocks & 15" Alloy Rims:

    Interior Dash Photo:

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    Tuning Related Parts:

    Skunk2 Cam Gear (red) >> INSTALLED
    B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator >> INSTALLED
    Chipped P06 ECU (EGR therefore disabled) >> INSTALLED
    Hondata S200 System >> INSTALLED
    F22AX 240 cc/min Injectors (cleaned & flow-balanced) >> INSTALLED
    Summit Racing Fuel Pressure Gauge >> INSTALLED
    Air Starting Valve Block-off Plate >> INSTALLED
    EGR Block-off Plate >> INSTALLED
    Good Used TW Coolant Temp Sensor >> INSTALLED
    Good Used MAP Sensor >> INSTALLED
    New OEM Oxygen Sensor >> INSTALLED


    *Block is stock & tune-up was completed*

    Miscellaneous OEM Project-Install Parts >> INSTALLED
    Bomz Short-ram Intake >> INSTALLED
    Maxbore 67-64mm Taper H23 TB >> INSTALLED
    Maxbore Port-matched H23 Plenum to TB >> INSTALLED
    CHR H23 P&P Intake Manifold >> INSTALLED
    CHR F22 Street Ported Cylinder Head >> INSTALLED
    Delta 272 Camshaft Regrind >> INSTALLED
    Kamikaze 4-1 Header w/2.5" collector >> INSTALLED (needs replacing, POS)
    2.5" Custom Exhaust >> INSTALLED
    2.5" Catco High-flow Catalytic Converter >> INSTALLED
    22" Magnaflow 2.5" Resonator >> INSTALLED
    OBX 3" Dual-Tip Muffler >> INSTALLED
    Accel 8mm Spark Plug Wires (red) >> INSTALLED
    PST Front Motor Mount Insert >> INSTALLED
    Poly-filled Remaining Motor Mounts >> INSTALLED
    Remanufactured Alternator >> INSTALLED
    Good Used Ignition Coil >> INSTALLED


    Clutch Specialties Stage 1 Clutch >> INSTALLED (needs replacing, POS)
    Competition 12 lb. Flywheel >> INSTALLED
    Yeamans17 Short Shifter >> INSTALLED
    Stock F22 DX Manual Transaxle >> INSTALLED (stock unit)


    Ingalls Poly Front Camber Kit >> INSTALLED
    Tokico HP Shocks >> INSTALLED
    H&R Sport Springs >> INSTALLED
    Progress Rear Sway Bar >> INSTALLED
    Neuspeed Front Upper Chassis Brace >> INSTALLED
    Rear Upper Chassis Brace >> INSTALLED
    New Front Upper-Arms & Lower Joints & Outer Tie-rods >> INSTALLED
    New Front End-links & Wheel Bearings >> INSTALLED
    New Front Upper Shock Mount Bushings >> INSTALLED
    New Rear Lower Shock Mount Bushings >> INSTALLED
    New Rear-left Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly >> INSTALLED
    New Rear Drums >> INSTALLED
    New Rear Drum Shoes & Hardware >> INSTALLED

    BF Goodrich Traction T/A 195/60 R15 tires on 90-91 EX 15x5.5 alloys >> INSTALLED


    Sony CD-Headunit & Dash Kit >> INSTALLED
    Jensen 6.5" 2-way Front Speakers >> INSTALLED
    Panasonic 6X9" 3-way Rear Speakers >> INSTALLED
    Coustic 2-channel Amplifier (rear speakers) >> INSTALLED
    Integra Shifter Boot - Black w/Red Stitching >> INSTALLED
    H3 yellow bulbs for fogs >> RECEIVED
    Removed Balance Shaft Belt >> COMPLETED
    Eliminated P/S System >> COMPLETED
    Removed Vaccum Box, Except MAP Sensor >> COMPLETED
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      F22a1 Cylinder Headwork ( >> Jeff Fredenburg):

      *Note: Stock valvetrain in photos. This ported head outflows a CHR street ported B18C1 (GSR) head now.*

      Intake Ports:

      Exhaust Ports:

      H23 Intake Manifold Work ( >> Jeff Fredenburg):

      MaxBore H23 Intake Work ( >> Jorge Pugliese):

      MaxBore H23 67-64mm Tapered Throttle-body:

      MaxBore H23 Port-match Plenum:

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        F22a1 Delta 272 Camshaft Regrind:

        OEM Head Install Replacement Parts: (ignore F22a1 intake manifold gaskets)

        Bomz Short-ram Intake:

        H23 Throttle-Body:

        Kamikazee Header:

        OBX 3" Dual-tip Muffler:

        Miscellaneous OEM Project-Install Parts:

        - Timing belt
        - Balancer shafts belt
        - Water pump
        - Front crank seal
        - Front camshaft seal
        - Front balancer shaft seal & retainer
        - Complete set of F22 injector seals/O-rings, insulators
        - Exhaust manifold gasket
        - Intake manifold gasket
        - H23 IAB gaskets
        - H23 TB gasket
        - Oil pan gasket
        - Valve cover gasket kit w/lower O-rings
        - Distributor 0-ring

        22" x 2.25" Magnaflow Resonator:

        PST Front Motor Mount Inserts:

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          Tuning Related Parts:

          B&M Fuel Pressure Regulator:

          Skunk2 Cam Gear:

          Summit Racing Fuel Pressure Gauge:

          Chipped P06 ECU:

          Miscellaneous Tuning Equipment:

          - Moates chip burner
          - Moates USB datalog kit
          - 2 spare Amtel chips
          - 2 sets of O2 bungs & plugs for Wideband O2 sensor

          F22 Cruzin Performance Cleaned Injectors:

          Zeitronix w/EGT kit:

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            12 lb. Competition Flywheel:

            Clutch Specialties Stage 1 Kit:

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              Suspension/Brake Upgrades:

              Front-end Suspension Replacement Parts:

              2 front upper control arms
              2 front outer-tie rod ends
              2 front lower joints
              2 sets of front end-links
              2 front rotors
              1 set front pads (Akebono)

              Akebono Calipers:

              OEM Suspension Parts:

              Upper Chassis Braces:

              Tokico HP Shocks:

              H&R Sport Springs (1.75" FR, 1.5" RR):

              Progress Rear Sway Bar:

              OEM Rear Hub/Wheel Bearing Assembly (rear driver side is bad):

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                Honda OEM Shift Boot - Black w/Red stitching:

                Miscellaneous OEM Accessories:

                - (1 full set) Front window pin kits for 91 DX coupe
                - Inside manual-lock door handle, passenger side

                Black Decals:

                Yeaman's Short-shifter:

                ** Dropped the bucked under and had to adjust it a bit, but now it looks stock-ish. This is before the Sony headunit installation **
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                  Completed/Progress Project Photos:

                  Current Photos:

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                  HondaFan81 For Sale Parts (LOW PRICES ON EVERYTHING)


                    Suspension/Brake Upgrade Progress Photos:

                    Before - Stock:

                    After - Restored & Upgrades:

                    Completed 10/8/05:
                    - new outer tie-rods installed
                    - new upper arms installed (no camber kit needed)
                    - new front end-links installed (rubber)
                    - Nissin to Akebono front caliper conversion (Akebono caliper installed)
                    - removed front knuckles (for new wheel bearings & new rotors install)
                    - removed stock front springs/shocks (for Tokico HP kit install)
                    - disassembled front-passenger side shock/spring assembly

                    Completed 10/10/05:
                    - disassembled front-driver side shock/spring assembly
                    - installed new front-upper shock mount bushings
                    - installed new wheel bearings onto hubs
                    - installed lower ball-joints into knuckles

                    Completed 10/12/05:
                    - both front knuckles fully assembled
                    - both front shocks/springs assembled
                    - everything prepped for install
                    - missing one Akebono caliper bracket metal pad slider clip

                    Completed 10/13/05:
                    - ordered from parts store anti-rattle clip for caliper bracket
                    - assembled front suspensions completely

                    Completed 10/16/05:
                    - rear Tokico HP kit installed

                    Completed 10/18/05:
                    - Neuspeed front upper chassis brace installed
                    - Generic rear upper chassis brace installed
                    - Bled brake system

                    Completed 10/30/05:
                    - new all-season tires mounted on 15" EX alloy rims
                    - wheel alignment

                    Completed 12/30/05:
                    - new rear drum shoes
                    - new rear drum hardware

                    Completed 1/1/06:

                    - Progress rear sway bar installed

                    Completed 1/13/06:

                    - Rear driver side hub/wheel bearing assembly replaced

                    Completed 1/15/06:

                    - Driver side CV shaft replacement (Car will ride like silk at this point)
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                      Originally posted by accord91lx
                      excellent progress on the DX Cisco, post some pics of the finished drop!
                      I will..still need alignment done and mount your 15" alloy rims & new tires (end of Oct. paycheck).

                      The exhaust on this car is very loud, need to take care of that too. I have to first find out where the holes are and I'm either going to temporarily fix the piping or just buy a header & get exhaust system made for it 2.25". We'll see.

                      Some cosmetic/functional things need to be taken care of. Replace side mirrors, front-driver bumper turn signal lens, new front hood/paint (deal with dad), I'd like to get a front lip for it, short shifter and/or adapter, install stereo system.
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                        Originally posted by HondaFan81
                        Red Accord will be insured effective 11/16/05, will have it registered on 11/16 as well.

                        I just have to reinstall the rear seat, fix the front bumper turn & fog lights and clean the washer nozzles. Then, it's ready for winter driving and the white Accord is going to sit until spring.
                        Awesome. Will you be using white plates at each corner for the sedan?

                        Remember that POR-15 stuff you were talking about when I was up there way back when. I've got 3 start up kits here at work - FREE, distributor also started carrying it. Only problem is I dont have any rust to use them on. Guess I'll have to find something to use it on.


                          Thought this may interest people considering a Tokico HP Kit that's advertised as a 1.25" drop. I wanted this because I daily driver setup that's a bit better than stock. As you see the rear is more affected than the front.

                          HondaFan81 For Sale Parts (LOW PRICES ON EVERYTHING)


                            Cisco, the daily driver is lookign great. Makes me want to get a CB7 again


                              Originally posted by deckeda
                              Cisco, you mentioned converting from Nissin to Akebono calipers. I searched for "akebono" in the Brakes forum but didn't see any references as to why these might be desirable over the Nissins. Why the preference?
                              1) The other 5 CB7s we have are all Akebono fronts and it makes it easier on me ordering parts, etc.

                              2) Hawk HPS pads are only offered for the Akebono fronts and down the line I will use them on this car as well (I have them on the white one already).
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