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Stickier tires for high HP?

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    Stickier tires for high HP?

    Currently running Yokohama S-drive AS01 215/40R/17 87Y tires, and they're just too hard of a rubber compound. Any recommendations for something stickier but not throwing rocks everywhere? HP would be pushing 400HP+ and up north, so temps in the summer avg 68F, obviously lots of days it's colder. Also thinking of going to 45s ...

    That's need a high performing cold temperature tire?

    Any of the modern 200 treadwear tires are good for regular street driving. Some of my peers seem to like the Firehawks, not sure how they do in the cold (50-60 ish).

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      Originally posted by sonikaccord View Post
      That's need a high performing cold temperature tire?

      Any of the modern 200 treadwear tires are good for regular street driving. Some of my peers seem to like the Firehawks, not sure how they do in the cold (50-60 ish).
      haha ya. I guess finding such a tire is not possible and I should focus on more contact / slick of the tire..


        I am running these in the front and I can break them loose in 2nd but they stay pretty sticky 3 onward and we are sorta near the same power levelish
        BF-Goodrich G-Force Comp 2. But I also live in Florida where it is warmer.!&gclsrc=aw.ds
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          Does the tire need to be used in the winter? If not, there are a few cheap-ish tires that might fit this need provided they don't need to see freezing temps/snow or serious rainfall.

          -Hankook Ventus RS4
          -Falken Azenis (there is a new model for 2020 that likely is even better than the older version)
          -Dunlop ZIII (I use these and they perform quite well on track days despite being a little louder than my A/S tires.)


            I think Dunlops or even Federals would work if you have a second set that you can use for winter. Otherwise I run Continental DWS year round. But I've heard General G-Max has similar performance for less.
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              Ya, thanks guys. For example, I've been spinning tires and laying marks for years with these tires but they don't wear down. Definitely thinking something like this would work way better (and work for the amount of km i put on the car). I believe we can use 225s too.


              edit: also noticing the diff between these tires and the ones I have is 100 UTQG. The Falken having a rating of 200 and mine are 300.
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                How wide are your wheels? By looks I'd say 7.5 or 8s? You should be able to fit a 235/40 on them, as opposed to a 215/45. Tire will fit a bit more square, but overall be close to the same overall outer circumference.

                In 235/40/17 there are some sticky options. Falken RT615K, Nitto NT01, plus a few more expensive ones. I agree if you don't plan on running them in winter and have a 2nd set of tires, something like a Federal RS-RR would be a great sticky tire to go with, without breaking the bank. I had a set in the past, and in the dry, the grip was phenomenal. And at $100ish a piece, not too expensive you cringe when replacement time comes. Just don't drive on them in the wet....unless you like a clenching your butthole the whole drive. I made that mistake once. Got home at midnight and immediately changed to my backup set of wheels/tires in the rain lol.

                I plan on getting something sticky again for one of my sets of Racing Harts once I rebuild them. Probably Bridgestone Potenza RE71Rs. For my daily set of Harts, I'm running Continental Extreme Contact DWs. They are almost due for replacement however, so I'll be going to the newer Extremecontact Sports. Both are 280-300ish treadwear, and offer good dry grip, but great wet grip. And don't wear very fast.


                  thanks, appreciate the input. Our cars can only do a 225 before you start rubbing on the radius rods . Had the dyno shop I use recommend the Nitto NT01s as he said it's one of the few that will get me to the HP mark I want but obviously they are just for the track only.

                  I've had the Continental Extreme Contact DWS and the were the worst experience of my life in regards to radial pull. The Extremecontact Sports look pretty close to the Yokohama's I have on now but funny as the Extreme Sports are titled as "Max Performance Summer" and the Yokama's are "Ultra High Performance Summer" on Both state "Like all summer tires, the radial is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice."

                  But looking price, ironically...

                  Yokohama's = $115 per tire
                  Falken Azenis RT615K+ = $129 per tire
                  Continental ExtremeContact Sport = $157 per tire
                  Federal = $124....

                  The Federal RS-RR.... hmmm now you may have a point with these. I don't drive Sally in the rain or cold and need to get it on the dyno for HP. But I do occasionally get caught out in the rain. Is that a big no no with these tires I wonder? Like, only use these tires in the desert...