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ENG: Polyurethane Engine Mount Install

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    Originally posted by Genki
    How long did it take to order from Canadian Tire?? The guy at CT says it'll take like 2-3 weeks... is that true???
    didn't take that long when i got mine. Under a week, I think.
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      Has anyone found motor mount inserts for an automatic? It seems that they are all produced for manual transmissions only, or at least i haven't found any.


        The ones I got weren't for autos. I forced it in there, but I wouldn't recommend doing that.

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          Is there anywhere I can pick one of these up locally??? I'd pay more to not have to wait...

          Originally posted by lordoja
          im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


            I have these installed too. They work so much better than having nothing at all with the extra support + it's made by Energy

            IDK who's bright idea it was to have that silly dog bone mount in front anyway - it's such a cheap design because of how easy it is to rip w/ all that extra space.

            For anyone interested:


            - or -

   (6+ pages worth when I searched)

            - or -


            And YES, the front dog bone mount is shaped differently for AT & MT.

            Honda Front Dog Bone Mount:
            MT ROD ASSY., TORQUE P/N 50830-SM4-020
            AT ROD ASSY., TORQUE P/N 50830-SM4-A81

            Energy only makes them for MT last I checked so for any AT wanting this and your mount is shot, buy the MT mount + insert and you should be fine (fitment is the same on the bottom end - correct me if I'm wrong). Oh yeah, as Deevergote mentioned they do come in 2 color choices - red/black.

            H23Accord: Look at post # 117 by AccordSIR in response to your question about different front mounts =

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              Even though the OEM part numbers for the Auto and manual are different, I wonder if the aftermarket mounts make it the same shape for both so I can use the inserts. Any one has pics of the mounts for both auto and manual? It looks like all of the aftermarket part numbers I looked at for both auto and manual are the same for the torque rod.
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