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INT: DIY replacing sunroof assembly. The whole thing

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    INT: DIY replacing sunroof assembly. The whole thing

    I done this a couple weeks ago and decided to write a DIY.

    Tools needed.
    1. Good sharp philip screwdriver.
    2. Good sharp flat head screwdriver.
    3. Good socket set and rachet.
    4. A bucket, zip lock back or a bag. So you can put the screws in them. I would prefer to label them cause it helps when you are putting things back and all the screws are organized.
    5. 1 strong friend or 2 should do the trick.

    I put them in step by step instructions so you can better understand it.

    Part 1
    First you want to start off by removing your sun visor (both of them) they are attach by philip screws. Now you are wondering where this wire goes too on the right side. Its the light for the little mirror they got hidden in the right side sun visor that just unclips from it. Now do the same thing to the rear view mirror and unscrw them. Their should be only 4 screws holding in the rear view mirror. Okay now you have to take off the "Oh shit" handles and the hangers. Just pop the caps off them and hidden behind the caps are the screws. Now is the good time to organize the screws. Procceed now to taking out your dome light the whole piece have to come out. Same for the wires it should unclip also from it.
    Note: make sure you put the screws in a good place. Thats why I recommended to organize them and label them.

    Part 2.
    Taking off the interior molding peices that run along the side of the headliner. They should pop off easily cause the only thing is holding them in is clips. Now this is where the flat head comes along. Locate where the clips are at and you should be able to pop them off with the flat head. Now to get the middle piece out you have to unclip the bottom piece cause it covers the top piece. The top peice is held in by 1 screw. Go figure honda and their ingenous place to put things. For mine I just pulled on top piece and it just comes off. You're going to have to put some muscles because the front of the piece by the windshield requires some pulling and prying. The side piece should either come off as 1 unit or 2. the read and fhe front. Its just attached by connecting eachother in the middle. Okay now for the rear section to come out your going to have to take off 1 screw. If you pull down the arm thing on the side of the back seats it should reveal you the screw. Take them out and you can remove the whole piece out. Follow same with other side.

    Part 3.
    Now you got all that taking care of and now what is left is the headliner. This is when your friends come in handy. The headliner is really and I literally mean really fragile. It will bend in the middle. So have a buddy sit in the back and someone up front you or whoever to hold the piece. Procceed cautiously to pull down the headliner. Make sure you don't rip it. It should come off freely. The only part I had problem with is aroound the sunroof area and up front. The problem up front is. When you unscrewed the rear view mirrow their is this black button tab. I couldn't pop it off, so I left it their and I just cut around it. Now you are thinking I don't want to do that. Well depending on the situation if you can pop it out or not. I just chose to cut around it. Don't worry once you put your rearview mirrow back on it won't be noticable. Now once you pry off the headliner. Now the headliner should drop down easily with a few tug here and there. Now I bet you wondering well how do I get this thing out? Okay depending which way you want to pull it out just fold down the front seats all the way down and angle it out. It shouldn't be hard. At the back of the headliner their is a tab you need to pop out. I don't know if theirs a screw in it or not but just pop it out its the only one in the headliner in the back.
    Note: protective goggles should be worn. Foam will fall down and get into your eyes and it will hurt trust me.

    Part 4.
    Note: make sure the front seats are folded up all the way up. It comes in handy when you are tired you can lay down the sunroof on them.
    Now I can't remember off the bat what socket size the bolts where I think 13 or 12. You can figure that out yourself its a no brainer.But before you do that. On each side their should be clear vaccum hoses. Their is a prong on each of them you know clips where you squeeze it together and it looosens the object. Anways remove all the vaccum lines (their should be 4 all together. 2 up front and 2 in the back) and make sure you have the lines in a good spot and the clip in a good finger area cause theris not a lot of room to put it back on. I had to use a needle nose plyer on 2. Okay now in the very back their should be a clip to the power. The power line runs on the left side of the car in the inside should be easy to spot. Just unclip it and put it clear and easy to access later. Now have your friends hold onto the sunroof unit. The unit is big it extends all the way to the back of the car. Remember the unit is heavy and will easily bend in the middle. Now this is why having a lot of friends are great. Now unbolt all bolts holding the sunroof. I can't remember how many their is holding the sunroof, but they are easily spotted. Okay your not done yet. In the front of the car their is a slot cut out where the sunroof lip slides in, your going to have to nudge and pull the sunroof back. Be carefull cause its going to be heavy when it drops. Okay this is why I say fold up the seats you can gently set down the sunroof on your seats and breath for a bit. To get the sunroof out you just need to angle it out. One person pushing lifting and another person on the outside grabbing it.
    Note: Go take a break or something cause your going to need it.

    Part 5.
    Finally last step, nudge the new sunroof unit into place. Once you got it in the car your going to have to place the sunroof into the slot. Up front. (I really can't remember if its a slot or not lol) Well you will know when you taken it out. Just put it back in slot or so. and have your buddies lift up. Now make sure everything is aligned right and looks good and fits well. Now go ahead and screw on the bolts, at this point you don't need to tighten them right away. Just screw them on and tighten one side front to back. Make sure your friends are still holding it. Doesn't matter if its holding itself up cause it can fall on you anytime. It will hurt trust me it definitly hurt. Once you screw everything back in and tighten this is when you want to replug the power and the vaccum hoses line. Once that is all done. Get your keys and check if the sunroof works properly and opens and closes right. If their is problems fix it accordingly.

    Part 6.
    Now you got your new sunroof in and your happy? time to reinstall everything. Start with the headliner shover her back in and have your friends hold it. Remember to put your dome light piece in first before you shove your headliner back onto the roof of the car. For the areas around the sunroof all you do is use your fingers and just shove it and seal it around the sunroof.from here on should be a no brainer. Just work backwards and make sure you don't forget anything.

    Their you go enjoy.

    P.S. Your going to have to vaccum your car after your done.

    Note: I wrote this up 1 in the morning. So if i miss a step or so I will edit and fix it later. I got really bored so yeah. I will try to make it a good of a guide when I'm done writing it all up. My contribution to you guys.
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    Nice write up, but any pics to accompany it?
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      Since chan man does not have pictures. I decided to Help out Accordiante with some pictures:

      Removing everything to get headliner out:

      And picture for removing the sunroof assem.:


        nice write up, and nice diagrams. i love it. my sunroof is just now starting to mess up and i was saying in my head if there will ever be a write up on this. and now there is. thanks alot guys.


          Yea i want to just add that i used this to replace my whole sunroof and it is on the money...deff a good write up...had no problems...deff be carefull with the headliner as it is easily bendable....becarefull too when screwing the passenger sun visor back in as we hit a wire and blew the fuse for interior lights which control the rear defrost/my alarm/the int setting for the windshield wipers/ the cigg lighter/and of course the int lights....but overall A+++ Id say on a scale from 1-10 as toughness rate it at a 6...should deff have afriend available but can be done on your own as long as you pay attention to not losing screws washers and such and that headliner and being carefull to not injure yourself as the sunroof is pretty darn heavy...well thats all just wanted to vouch!


            When you were in there, did it seem as if the moon roof/ sunroof frame could be removed? If so, I am thing about putting one into this mint LX that I saw.
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              I wouldn't be as worried about the headliner as I would be about the a pillars they don't seem to always want to go back where theyre supposed to I broke one of mine, but it was also because it was cold when I was trying to pop it back in so the stiff plastic didn't flex like it normally would. You should have taken pics of this lol I was gonna do a write up on this as well but I forgot to get the camera and I was done before I even remembered I wanted to do a write up. Good job none the less.
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                I never even thought about doing the diy on this.. I recently did this to a car and I could've taken pix but I didn't think it would've come in handy so I didn't even bother. Maybe I can get you some here pretty soon

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                thnx pimpette, your car inspired me to go lower
                Originally posted by GameChewer
                Shiit i heard that, you heard the queen!


                  I would add that inspecting the metal frame around the replacement sunroof assembly is key, as the corners can be prone to rust out, causing internal leaks. Fix this before installing any sunroof assembly, make sure the hoses going to all 4 corners are not ruptured either, that can cause internal leaks as well.

                  While each hose is disconnected from the sunroof assembly metal frame, I would insert an air nozzle (if air compressor available or use water pressure) and blow out each hose, needs to be free to drain. No worries, they all drain out underneath your car at all 4 corners.
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