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Fearit22 : 1992 Accord LX

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    Fearit22 : 1992 Accord LX



    - Ported & clipped 16g turbo
    - Ported 2g dsm manifold and o2 housing
    - DSM 450cc injectors
    - JRC 6" FMIC
    - Chipped p06 ecu w/ uberdata
    - Turbo XS RFL BOV
    - 2.5" intercooler piping
    - Gude performance cam
    - AEM adjustable cam gear
    - Ported and Polished Throttle Body
    - Ported and Polished Intake Manifold
    - Mild intake port polish by me
    - Nology ignition wires
    - NGK Iridium spark plugs
    - UR crank pulley
    - UR alternator pulley
    - Clutchmasters stage II clutch
    - Clutchmasters lightweight flywheel
    - Chrome hose covers
    - Red wire loom covers
    - Red anodized oil cap


    - 20% front tint, 5% back tint
    - Red/clear tail lights
    - Jdm 1 piece headlights
    - 10000k HID kit
    - Black Widow body kit
    - Glossy black paint


    - Dash, doors, and roof painted black
    - Carbon fiber gauge pod w/ oil pressure and boost gauges
    - Red racing pedals
    - t3h club!


    - KYB AGX shocks
    - Neuspeed race springs (painted red)
    - Megan racing front strut bar, rear lower tie bar
    - 18" Kyowa KR228 Black rims with chrome lip
    - Nankang 225/40 tires
    - 15x22x8 M/T ET drag slicks (for racing only)


    - Dual 45x4 cd player
    - Sony Xplod front & rear speakers
    - Alarm w/ remote unlock

    Weight reduction

    - Removed carpet, door panels, and rear seats
    - Removed power steering
    - Removed cruise control
    - Removed heat shielding
    - Stripped trunk
    - Car weighs in at 2550 w/o a driver

    Waiting to be installed:

    - Zeitronix wideband o2 sensor
    - Walbro 255 lph fuel pump

    Future plans

    - redo the interior (black carpet, wrap seats and door panels in leather, racing seats)
    - upgrade the brakes (stainless steel lines, drilled slotted disc brakes in front and back, new pads)
    - custom 3" exhaust w/ carbon fiber muffler

    --- If you like my car or have any other suggestions, comments, or questions please leave a message!
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    Mr. Fearit22i finally get to see the beast!!! Great looking car and engine bay. Add some times to your post for the unbelievers. Throw in the 1/8th miles time u ran stock too. I had no idea you started using nitrous. PM me i wanna try to talk you out of buying the hondata if possible unless ur dead set on it. And your dreams of being the first cb7 in the 10's is unrealistic you should know that...u can be second tho lol
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      Oh yeah, the nitrous is awesome. I smoked some fast cars last night at the races. Check out the story and cars here....

      And as for the times, I'm not totally sure yet. Last night I ran a 300zx that ran an 8.3 in the 1/8 mile. I messed up 2nd gear, but he still only beat me by a car length. The guy himself said that he thought I would probably run about an 8.5. That should equal high 12's on the 75 shot. At worst a very low 13. I think I can pull a 12 though because I have the slicks, and I can launch on the nitrous. The cool thing is I was only on the 50 shot. I could probably shave a couple tenths off on the 75 shot. Gotta love those slicks
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        nice car man hope all your future plans turn out good and u run in the 10's


          FINALLY somebody is buildin a f22a with a turbo. cant wait to see it. liking it alot.holla back


            Thats such a sick ride, keep up the good work

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              I like the tail lights.

              The all red scheme is pretty good too. At least you're sticking with one color!
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              .. i HAD more shaved on my accord than your girl does on her entire body..


                It'll be another year before I finish the turbo and engine. I go to school at Texas A&M full time so I only have time to work on the car during the summer. Thanks for all the compliments so far.


                  damn motha fucking right.. heheh

                  i say run a h23 tranny for a bit of closer gears and go to the track to see what u pull.. either way.. awesome setup..

                  Praise The Lowered...


                    got some pictures of the black roof? wondering what it will look like on the charcoal (my car is the same color)
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                      Props on building the f22!!
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                        nice car and good times

                        how do u like the Megan Racing bars? ive been thinking of getting them but havent decided yet


                          I'll get a picture of the black roof either today or tomorrow and post it up. It looks really nice.

                          The Megan racing bars definitely make a difference, and they look really good too. They're pretty cheap on ebay. Do you go to Texas A&M too mixmatch?
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                            good to see a hard running f22...your car makes me think back a couple years when i was runnin' w/nitto drags and my built A6
                            but good luck with your future mods and keep the ride lookin' good
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                              cool mayb ill get them next. any reason you didnt get the rear upper bar also?

                              and yeah i go to A&M....5th year senior WHOOP!