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lsn92ex : 1992 Accord EX

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    lsn92ex : 1992 Accord EX

    Thanks for looking!!!
    recent work:

    -The History:

    Before the drop:

    After the drop:

    The Crash:

    After the crash:

    as of 8/7/09

    JDM auto transmission
    NGK blue spark plug wires
    NGK platinum spark plugs
    AEM short ram intake
    Megan Racing header
    Magnaflow Catalytic converter

    H&R Sport springs

    Custom under-seat green LEDs

    DDM 6K HIDs
    custom black grill
    Acura Legend lip

    Sony GT410U head
    6x9 Alpine Type-s in back
    Polk db501's in front
    one JL 10" sealed sub w/ 700 watt Profile amp

    Future Plans:
    Lotus Elise with the wife

    A little history:
    My grandmother owned this car for most of it's life
    I bought the car from her with 92K miles on it.
    I'm in college, but I plan on keeping the car until I have enough money to make everyone here jealous.

    Just being a member of this site and seeing what can be done with these cars has given me the determination to keep my cb7
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    WOW!! That is one clean CB!!!!
    Yep Im jealous!!
    The Interior is nice!! looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor!!
    LOVE IT!!!!!
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      Originally posted by lilb_1979 View Post
      WOW!! That is one clean CB!!!!
      Yep Im jealous!!
      The Interior is nice!! looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor!!
      LOVE IT!!!!!
      hey, thanks man!
      yeah, clean is one of the perks of my grandmother having previously owned the car...
      I just try to keep it that way


        wow!!!!!! thats deff a very very very clean CB7 You Should Deff Keep it!!!keep us update on any mods!!
        I Miss My Cb7!


          nice and clean let the modding begin!
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            Very clean CB!

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              I love dat interior. Very clean
              My ride History:
              Accord 90 lx auto: Gone
              Accord 91 dx MT: Gone
              Accord 92 lx auto: Gone
              1st to D.I.Y custom RED/CLEAR's


                thanks for all the compliments guys...
                I pretty much vacuum the car like every other weekend....
                it's getting a paint job sometime... keeping it green

                I'm not so sure if i'm going with blackhoused bumper lights anymore... or blackhoused tail lights either. maybe red/clears?

                anyone on here do the thing?
                they called me yesterday... I told them I was too busy for that stuff right now.
                they said I could call back if I ever found time... so maybe over the summer?


                  So fresh and so clean. I have a special place in my heart for green cbs
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                    Ahhhh, the cleanliness of it all
                    FOR SALE on cb7tuner only for now. Want it in the right hands
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                      nice grill!!!!


                        Lovin the interior

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                          Nice clean cb bro...more pics needed.
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                            mmm... parking garage pixxx

                            She's getting a paint job... soon....


                              clean arcadia green cb man i'm lovin it...keep it clean. Cant wait to see what the future holds for you..good luck
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