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NWaccord : 1992 Accord LX (2)

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    NWaccord : 1992 Accord LX (2)

    BUILD PICS PAGE 4 and 5

    My 92 LX
    Bought her with a salvaged title for 400$
    November 08' Got it straightened out, took out all the dents out and painted her FROST white

    92 LX
    ENGINE "New Setup"
    F22A1 Block-F22B DOHC
    Bore x Stroke: 86mm x 95mm
    Displacement: 2207cc
    Valve Configuration: DOHC 16 valves
    Compression ratio: 9.1
    Max power: 643whp
    Rev Cut: 8200rpm

    -BISIMOTO 2.4 Turbo Cams
    -BISIMOTO F22B/F20A Valve Train
    -BISIMOTO Arias 86mm 9:1 Forged Pistons
    -BISIMOTO Long Ratio Rods
    -BISIMOTO 86mm Headgasket
    -BISIMOTO Cam Gears
    -OEM H23 valves
    -OEM H23 valve stem seals
    -OEM Bearings
    -OEM main bolts
    -OEM GSR Timing Belt
    -OEM F22a WaterPump
    -OEM F22a OilPump
    -Precision 6262 Turbo T3/t4 .82 A/R
    -Injector Dynamics 1000cc fuel injectors
    -Aeromotive 340LPH fuel pump
    -Koyorad R-series radiator
    -ARP rod bolts
    -Hondata intake manifold gasket
    -KS Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit
    -KS custom turbo manifold
    -KS 2 1/2" to 3" downpipe+dump

    -M2J5 Tranny Synchrotech LSD
    -Competition Stage 4 Clutch
    -7lbs Findanza Flywheel
    -ESP Mounts
    -ESP slim alternator bracket
    -Garrett t3/t4 60 trim 82 A/R
    -Greddy RS BOV
    -Tial 38mm WG
    -Hondata 4 bar map sensor
    -Precision 780cc injectors
    -Gutted Intake Manifold + Runners
    -ARP Headstuds
    -3" Mandrel Custom Exhaust
    -Badlandz Electronic CutOut
    -Cusco Catch Can
    -AEM dryflow filter
    -AC Delete
    -PS Delete
    -Chipped p28
    -eCtune software
    -Tuned @ KiazenSpeed by Ried (310whp, 294wtq@13.5psi on 2.5" exhaust)
    -Tuned @ KiazenSpeed by Ried (505whp, 486wtq@20.5psi)
    -Tuned @ KaizenSpeed by Ried (534whp, 448wtq@21 psi with new turbo)
    -Tuned @ KaizenSpeed by Ried (643whp, 529wtq@30psi with new turbo)

    -Fresh Frost white paint job December 08'
    -Full body work
    -94 legend coupe lip
    -USDM Black Housed Headlights
    -JDM CB3 Side Markers
    -AVS Window Visors
    -OEM Mud Guards
    -Sedan Trunk & Light Conversion
    -5% Window Tint
    -J Square Grill

    -Type R replica steering wheel
    -NRG quick release
    -Garrett 30psi boost gauge
    -In cab manual boost controller

    -Rota RB 16x7 + 22
    -Dunlop StarSpecs 205/50
    -BlackWorks SS Full coil overs
    -TAS BIG Brake Kit V6 wagon

    -Oldschool Panasonic Deck
    -Unknown Brand 6x9

    -Full suspension restoration
    -Stereo sound system
    -Traction control bars
    -Strut Bars
    -Forged Internals
    -Raise the BOOST

    My other coupe

    Old video of last year, still had the 2.5" exhaust with recirculating WG dumb. NON LSD sucked!

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    MRT H22A - 302whp - N2O
    MRT F22B - 643whp - 529tq @ 30psi
    11.33 @ 131mph @ 27psi

    SICK! frost white ftw.


      310 whp!!! i wish i had that kind of power... what do you think of your Synchrotech LSD???


        Originally posted by [sLow]CB View Post
        SICK! frost white ftw.
        Thanks I love that color!

        Originally posted by 604_SE View Post
        310 whp!!! i wish i had that kind of power... what do you think of your Synchrotech LSD???
        I really felt the difference from it being non LSD. Its a lot more aggressive than oem Honda LSD. Better traction considering i went with shorter geared tranny. KaizenSpeed the shop that installed it says it similar to a QUAIFE. Ive never owned one but do own Honda LSD and doesn't compare its a lot better.

        MRT H22A - 302whp - N2O
        MRT F22B - 643whp - 529tq @ 30psi
        11.33 @ 131mph @ 27psi


          so clean...yet its boosted

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            not a huge fan of white cb's but damn!...this car is sexy.

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              The cars been parked for a month now, still waiting for my Custom Bisimoto 2.4 hardweld regrind for the F22B DOHC , in the mean time I doubled stacked the Custom IAB plates, installed a 72mm BLOX TB, Im also changing my catch can setup to a proper more fitted one, Still in Progress.... Got two A/N fittings welded with two stainless steel braided hoses. Also took the time to repaint the vavle cover two tone; wrinckle black with some polish. cant wait to retune it at 14psi soon.

              Ill keep you guys updated as it comes together

              MRT H22A - 302whp - N2O
              MRT F22B - 643whp - 529tq @ 30psi
              11.33 @ 131mph @ 27psi


                i remember seein the vid on youtube you posted.. sick makes me want to go turbo like ive been thinking....

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                  wow man, way sick. this motor is all hooked up.. dope.
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                    ur car looks real good loving the frost white ur engine bay n motor is real clean


                      I love this coupe!!!!!!! Great job man!!!
                      I fly by like the coupe grew wings!!!
                      My coupe!!!

                      Originally posted by Racer_XXX
                      Excuse me miss, YOUR FUPA IS IN THE WAY!!!


                        cars are looking sick! whats the name of the song in the video btw?


                          So nice. And it looks like you have the accord radiator in there too. I'm so used to seeing the little civic one on boosted accords...

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                          Main relay proplems?--DIY


                            Its awesome how you turned a car that looked like hell to something that looks so hella good. Keep up the good work man and keep us posted on your progress.


                              Decided to change my exhaust manifold and go with a 3 inch downpipe, also ordered a 3 row half size radiator to make clearance for the new manifold. Im also swithching over to a D series alternator to get an extra 1 inch of clearance for the wastegate dump. Also gotta reweld a new fitting on the oil pan since the downpipe is coming down the left side now.

                              Yes I know its a EBAY manifold but dont flame on it. Seened this manifold get abused on a h23 @ 17 psi with no problems for 20,000 miles. Decided to give it a shot so we'll see wat happends

                              Out with the old

                              Fits real nice

                              MRT H22A - 302whp - N2O
                              MRT F22B - 643whp - 529tq @ 30psi
                              11.33 @ 131mph @ 27psi