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excalibur02 : 1992 Accord EX (2)

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    excalibur02 : 1992 Accord EX (2)

    1992 Accord EX 4 Door 5spd her name is Giselle.
    I bought this to replace my blue sedan Angela after she was rear ended.

    Please excuse these horrible pictures as they were from the Dealer.

    This is my 4th cb Sedan and is the 7th accord in the 8 I have owned.

    I plan on making this Sedan the best Sedan. Even better then my blue one. (please click the link to see)

    I bought this Accord in Virginia Beach. I live in North NJ. I drove down 8 hours just to see it and purchased it. Then drove back to NJ lol. Took about 22 hours total with frequent stops.

    Most of the parts on my old sedan will be transferred but I am doing everything slower and more detailed then ever. I will be updating this MR thread as much as I can. I will not be using my H22A or MP1A from my old sedan for this one. I plan on going more aggressive but give me some time.

    . . . EXTERIOR . . .

    JDM 92 93 1 piece headlight
    JDM 92 93 Front bumper and lip
    JDM 92 93 Foglights
    JDM 92 93 Foglight shroud
    Authentic G-Square Grille

    . . . INTERIOR . . .

    Stock Palmy Gray
    Gentex 177 Dual Display rear view mirror
    Converted the Defrost and Foglight button t3 bulbs to LEDs
    Driver side sunvisor with LED light for vanity mirror
    JDM CB palmy gray maplight with LEDs
    JDM CB NONSMOKER Personal Ashtray with red lining
    JDM CB Stainless Steel Door stills
    OEM cb9 Aerodeck cargo trunk floor
    OEM 98-02 Accord Rubber trunk tray

    . . . ENGINE . . .


    . . . TRANSMISSION . . .

    Gearspeed rebuilt H2A5
    Quaife LSD Differential
    ACT lightweight flywheel
    Exedy OEM clutch
    Corsport shifter cable bushings

    . . . SUSPENSION. . .

    Front Suspension

    D2 36 way adjustable coilovers
    27mm front sway bar
    ES 27mm sway bar bushing and bracket
    ES sway bar end links
    ES bushings pressed into front lower control arms
    Ingalls -3° front upper adjustable camber ball joint

    Rear Suspension

    D2 36 way adjustable coilovers
    22mm Progress rear sway bar
    OEM lower strut bushing
    Hardrace rear trailing arm bushing
    FatFour Customs FFC lower control arm
    Megan Racing lower toe arm
    Wicked Tuning upper control arm

    . . . BRAKES. . .

    Odyssey 5 lug Front Knuckles
    Prelude front VTEC calipers
    Brembo Powerslot Front Rotors
    Hawk HPS front pads
    Techna Fit 6 piece Stainless Steel brake lines

    . . . WHEELS / TIRES . . .

    2nd gen Acura 3.2 CL wheels with Honda center caps

    205/50 16 Federal Himalaya snow tires

    . . . AUDIO / ELECTRONICS . . .


    . . . PARTS IN MY POSSESSION . . .

    Stay tuned

    . . . FUTURE PLANS . . .

    Lots of plans

    Like I said these are pictures the Dealer took. I apologize for the bad quality.

    Comments / Opinions are welcomed

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    This is my first maintenance job on the new sedan

    OEM Honda clutch pedal cover. hehe

    My first modification to the sedan was the cb9 Aerodeck cargo trunk floor. Took about 2 hours to fit and made sure it was a clean install.

    Next mod was to convert the Defrost button bulb to orange LED and the foglight button bulb to green LED

    Then I made my next purchase which was the Gentex 177 Dual display rear view mirror. This is dual display so it shows Temperature and Compass. It also comes equipped with night time dimming so those bright HIDs or Halogens wont be blinding me anymore.

    Here I am mocking up the wiring to make sure it works.

    Got it mocked up and displaying both temp and compass.

    Here is the wiring harness I made. I use all OEM honda relay and plugs since there cleaner and slimmer then other automotive relays.

    Here is a picture of the display showing ICE when its super cold out.

    Now with the rear view mirror working and installed I cut up my headliner to fit the oem cb3 maplight. It matches the palmy gray interior unlike the CD5 gray which is darker.

    I also added the driverside light to the vanity mirror on the roof sunvisor.

    After driving from NJ to FL in April for vacation I noticed my axle was torn.

    I had replaced the axle and forgot to take a current picture lol

    As I like everything clean, I removed my seats to take out the carpet and clean the shit out of it. After cleaning it I power washed it to get all the grime off. Here is the before picture.

    Took this picture on Interstate 95 South in South Carolina back in April 2013. Right off the exit is a Honda Factory. hehe

    That sums of most of the mods and maintenance from this past Spring.

    Summer mods and maintenance is another post lol

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      During Spring 2013 I took out my Palmy Gray Dash. While I did this I installed my Viper alarm and extra sensors. I did all the wiring and soldered and heat shrinked all connections. After I was done with the wiring I installed my spare Black Dash.

      So all wires are not exposed and routed behind the dash. I was able to add extra sensors and wire in all options for the alarm. I also ran 2 extra wires to set up my JDM PFMs.

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                      Reserved 10.

                      Yeah I know its a bit much. But if you know how my last MR thread is you will understand...


                        congratulations on your new purchase post 1


                          Congrats dude, rust-free clean slate is the way to go.
                          1990 Accord EX


                            Sad to hear about Angela. Can't wait to see what you have in store for this one though! Good luck and keep us updated!

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                              Damn that sucks about the Blue sedan bro but I have to say, that is a BEAUTIFUL sedan !

                              I've thought about buying a new clean CB like that but finding them is hard.

                              Excited to see what's in store for this one.

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