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*Bruno* : 1993 Accord LX

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    *Bruno* : 1993 Accord LX

    Hi everyone !

    Glad to introduce my Accord here . First , I don't know if my coupe is a LX,DX,SE , in France , we haven't all these trims .
    My car is powered by a 2.0i SOHC with 133 Hp (F20).
    235 000 kms ( ~ 146 000 miles).
    There are some options like electrical windows , electrical sunroof glass , power steering , ABS , SRS and a little bit of rust !

    When I bought it in April :

    After doing administrative papers i began mods.
    I set black license plates . After I do some paint on the front grill and the rear emblems : Honda , Accord Coupe and 2.0i . I create floor mates with carpets for kids bedrooms . I put a BMW E30 rear spoiler on my trunk.
    And last week I set BC Racing Suspension to lower it a little bit

    Also I make a lip with a civic front bumper but i don't really like the result so it will be change !

    Some pics of these mods :

    (not painted and not screwed)

    So, currently :


    -BMW E30 rear spoiler
    -black licence plates
    -black painted parts

    -custom floor mates

    -BC Racing


    ***FUTURE PLANS***
    -A lot

    Thanks !

    The car looks pretty good! France seems to be one of the few European countries outside of the UK that got 2-door coupes.

    As for the trim level of car you have, you don't have any of the ones you listed. You simply have a 2.0i. It seems to be a rough equivalent of our EX, only missing the rear passenger armrest grips on the inner panels and having what looks to be LX-grade interior cloth. Aside from those two things, and the passenger inner handle not having a door lock lever (it seems none of them do outside of the US and Canada) then it looks to have everything the EX has.

    There are also many differences in your car vs. a North American car that don't really fall in the have/don't have category.
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      Thanks for the informations .

      I search on the web what trim can be mine but like you said , my coupe have differences ( and similar points too ^^ ) with almost all american accords trims .


        love the floor mates reminds me of my childhood days of playing on that carpet with my matchbox cars
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          Hi everyone , some pics :

          And my new wheels :

          So, Advan RC modèle Rally 16x7 ET45

          Off course , i will make a "rebuild" for these wheels with a new color !




              Bonjour mon ami!

              ... That's all the French I know, haha. Welcome good sir.

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                hi every one !

                Hope 2016 will be a good year for all Accord Fans !

                I make a little update for my thread

                For Chrismas , my GF offers me a Repair Manuel Haynes , there is not a book like it in France .

                I do a homemade rebuilt for my Advan with new stickers and new paint .
                The setting of the stickers was very hard but the result is not too bad (for me ^^

                Some pics ....

                The global fitment is not perfect but for me it's almost good !



                  I also begin to made a homemade datalogger .
                  I use some temperature probes and Arduino electronic board : i don't know if it available in US .

                  I check the temperature before and after the coolant radiator , the ambiant temperature and the temperature inside the car .

                  I'm in a "beta-test" and I have some ideas for the following steps


                    Love how the wheels turned out! I also really like what you did with the temperature devices. What other things do you have planned for that? More sensors? Are you planning on integrating it into the dash somewhere?


                      Oooooh an Arduino project! I want to see your ideas.

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                        Thanks Mike !

                        I want to check the oil temperature but i haven't really ideas to do it .
                        Also, i would like to make a chronometer , may be a pressure sensor for the engine .

                        For the integration , i think i will put the display screen above the audio system ... It's easier because i have the power supply with the ignition system for cigarets with USB converter


                          Originally posted by sonikaccord View Post
                          Oooooh an Arduino project! I want to see your ideas.

                          Dont worry , i will update this thread when my project will be modified !

                          Do you play with the Arduino ? With your car or others projects ( domotic ...)


                            Not particularly with Arduino, but I do like to see the projects that others build. I've told myself that I was going to start designing my own PCBs this year so hopefully I'll have some cool custom things to show everyone.

                            YouTube Clicky!!


                              I know that car rug is still in my parents attic! I remember playing on that.

                              What part of France are you from?

                              Im in the process of doing brake temperature sensors on the arduino. Ive done the software and its hardware is all working and measuring. Just got to figure how to mount the sensor on the brakes.

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