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civilone : 1993 Accord EX

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    civilone : 1993 Accord EX

    Im new to the board but not to the scene. A lot of you have probably seen me many times in the past on other forums.
    Well, here I am again.


    USDM 96 H22A1/Auto to Manual Tranny conversion
    DC 3-2-1 Headers
    Greddy SP cat back
    Jacobs ICE pak ignition
    NGK plugs and wires

    Suspension and wheels:
    Weapon R coilovers/Koni yellows
    Ingalls camber kit
    18" Racing Hart CP-10s/40 series Yoko Paradas

    NSX Grandprix white
    FiberImages carbon hood
    Custom lip
    Custom grill
    Real JDM headlights
    Buddyclub rear diffuser
    shaved antenna and keyhole
    Half clear/red tails

    Sparco Torino Seats (Harnesses are gone now)
    Apex'i tach
    dual A-pillar pod
    white tweed door panel inserts are now black.


    More pics:

    thats not a wing, its my neighbors roof

    props to my boys IZ(h22eg hatch), NATE(h225gaccord), and ChrisB(h224gwagon+100 shot)
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    as always nice work.. im glad u woke up.. in a sense.. it looks much better with the stock front bumpa..
    nice work.. all those damn swapped accords.. sheesh!
    was that a swapped party or some shit!?
    drop ya a dime for the car

    Praise The Lowered...


      oh yeah... a white on white cb7 w/ a carbon fiber hood, that's what i like to see

      and of course... the jdm one pieces w/ the amber corner lighting is awesome.

      the last pic is very cool also.. w/ all of the swaps .


        Holy crap, we both joined in the same day!!!!!!

        I like seeing that picture, brings back the old days.
        RIP for the wagon, Chris informed me that the chick he sold it to totalled it.
        Its hard to believe how old that pic is, sheesh

        Later Dave


          Yes rip wagon,,,i miss it already lookin at that pic.I had so much time in the car,,and lots of fun.I wish i had pics of everyones face i'd beat with that wagon.


            I love the rear bumper, it is exactly what i was looking for. Is it cusom? Looks like the BW, but the BW flares out when it hits the wheel well which looks dumb. Yours kinda looks like a stock rear w/that middle part on it. But very nice, clean car.


              Lookin' good! I was going to say, bring your wagon friend in here, I really like that wagon! But it's no more...

              How did you make your front spoiler again?


                that's a damn nice car....subtle, clean, and fast, just the way i like em.

                what kind of strut bar is that? i love it.
                CB7 + H22A4 + M2S4 + JDM P13



                  Originally posted by Wallace
                  that's a damn nice car....subtle, clean, and fast, just the way i like em.

                  what kind of strut bar is that? i love it.
                  I am guessing that it is custom made since the ones for accords dont fit when you throw in the H22.


                    Originally posted by Prez808
                    I was going to say, bring your wagon friend in here, I really like that wagon!
                    i think he is here... quickchris is his sn i believe.. anywho..

                    i love your car man, lookin real sweet and that last pic is off the hizzle..

                    DD: 1998 Honda Civic EX Coupe
                    PC: *searching*


                      damn, that is nice man. i love it and the pic with the 4 swaps is fatty. keep up the good work man, its the first white cb7 i have fallen in love with, no offense to anyone else with a white cb7 by the way.
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                      2002 BMW 330 CI Convertible - HUNK OF JUNK


                        haha u moron i fell for the damn Wing!!! AHJAHAHAHHA ur car is Stevens with white molding and diff rims =) keep it up.. haha


                          oh shit ur civilaccord right on ur aim

                          i use to talk to u back in the day like i guess 2 to 1 1/2 yrs ago asked u questions when i first got into the cb7 tuning

                          yea had the big mouth w.w front and the eye lid that made ur car look hot imo

                          great look hey u still have the eyebrow i will take it u from maryland or something rite

                          here she is
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                            Yes i am here on this board,,,quickchris.That wagon i had for 5 years,converted to a 5-speed,h22 it was nice.It used to be on the accord wagon forum.All black wagon it was mean.The strut bar is custom made bye IZ,,,he made one for my new cb7,,they are nice and stiff.Thanks for the good words!


                              very nice ride....I think you bought it from Pearlaccord on HS....I still remember that ride quite vividly, and it was one of my fav.'s back when I first started modding my 4th genner

                              My members ride thread