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StickyDilJoe : 1992 Accord EX

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    StickyDilJoe : 1992 Accord EX

    Let's try this again...

    Bride Brix I (Gradation) seats
    Bride Super-Low Seat Rails
    Bride Reupholstered Interior Door Panels
    Bride Reupholstered Glovebox
    Bride Reupholstered Speaker Covers
    Bride Reupholstered Center Console
    Takata MPH-340R Harness
    Vertex T&E 330mm Steering Wheel
    Momo Hub
    Autopower 4-Point Rollbar
    Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge
    Autometer Voltmeter Gauge
    Autometer Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
    Autometer Gauge Mounting DIN Panel (Custom Made From Lexan Glass)
    BB6 Prelude Instrument Cluster Conversion
    A/C Climate Control Delete

    Lamborghini Verde Hydra Metallic paint
    CF1 Carbon Fiber hood
    CF1 Carbon Fiber trunk
    CFType Carbon Fiber gas lid
    Sigma Front Lip
    Chargespeed front grill w/eyeline
    JDM CB Front Bumper
    JDM 92-93 1-Piece Headlights
    JDM Stanley DC2/EG sidemarkers
    EDM Rear Fog Light
    McCulloch 8000K HID Lighting System

    JDM H22A Engine Swap
    White Powdercoated/Shaved H22A Valve Cover
    A'PEXi Power Intake
    Greddy/Trust Header
    RS*R Ex-mag Exhaust
    Samco Sport Radiator Hoses
    NGK sparkplug wires
    BDL Industries Fuel Rail
    Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator
    B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge
    Earl's Fittings & Lines
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump
    TC Sportline carbon kevlar wire cover
    Mugen Radiator Cap
    GReddy Oil Cap
    Powdercoated P/S/A/C Bracket/Pulleys
    Chipped P28 ECU
    Euro-R TCU
    Semi-Wire Tuck

    Regamaster Evo Wheels 16x7 +35 Offset
    205/45/16 Nitto Neo-Gen Tires
    Work Meister S1 Wheels 17x8 (Custom Polished Inside and Out)
    215/40/17 Yokohama ES100 Tires
    Function&Form Type II Coilovers
    Cusco Front Strut Bar
    DC Sports Rear Strut Bar
    Rays Engineering Blue Lug Nuts
    NSX Brake Calipers
    98-Spec CL Hubs
    Powerstop Prelude VTEC Brake Rotors

    Image Dynamics CTX-5 Front Speakers
    Sony XS-V6941H 6x9 Rear Speakers
    Image Dynamics ID12v3 Subwoofer
    Zapco Reference 400watt Amplifier

    Auto....and Loooooooooving it...
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    Welcome back! Hope you have a much better experience this time around!

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      yum yum

      want to buy a flushmount =]


        ahhhh, now i need to go change my underwear....

        My Members Ride Thread
        Originally posted by deevergote
        You have to think outside the box to get IN the box!


          Welcome Back man.... Wow Can remember the last time I saw you in here!!!! Car still looking good as always
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            Hey welcome back.
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              fuckin nice car

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                Welcome back buddy...shes looking hella sexy...
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                  ah. the infamous StickyDilJoe. ive been waiting to see your car and members ride thread for a while man. whered you go? ive been wanting to see the 1st cb7 to make into honda tuning.

                  and what are yall talking about this go around? or am i opening a wound that doesnt need to be opened.?


                    If we had a bowing smilie this would be the perfect time to use it.

                    Your car is amazing. From the wheels and breaks to the Interior to just about everything. And plus, it's so damn clean

                    Originally posted by Maple50175
                    Oh here we go again. Maples other half.


                      very niiiceee.. I like!


                        I can't get enough of ur car.

                        btw...the NSX brakes...did the caliper & bracket assembly bolt right on?

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                          ( Welcome back Kotter theme song ) ..

                          WELCOME BACK!

                          I missed seeing your MR thread!

                          now you're back....this is by of the FEW of the BEST CBs on here!
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                            This truly is one of the most beautiful cars on this site ( I know you catch a lot of flack for the auto tranny ) but in my opinion the auto tranny just seems out of place for this car.

                            Its like everything with this car tells you how flawless it is except for the auto stick.
                            Or maybe its because i have an auto and can't stand it, LOL.

                            Anyways, its shows what kind of character you have by coming back and starting fresh. (welcome back )

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                              Good Shit, tell me, is that intake pipe from a h22 or 94-02 Accord, or in between
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