Accord of the Month Rules -- READ before you do ANYTHING here!

Welcome to the Accord of the Month section!

Each month we will be accepting nominations for the AOM competition. Halfway through the month, the nominated cars will be put into a poll where members can vote. The car with the most votes wins! Simple as that!

Unfortunately, it's not totally simple... So, here are the rules! Read them. Follow them. Or the car you're nominating WILL be disqualified! We want everyone to have fun, so follow the rules and things will work out fine!


I want to post this so that everyone can see how the AOM system is run. There may be slight changes from time to time, which would only serve to streamline operations. After the first months, we may have learned a few things and want to update the rules.

1) Accord of the Month Requirements
In order to be AOM (Accord of the Month), there are a few requirements. These requirements must ALL be satisfied in order for the nomination process to continue for an individual.
- The current vehicle owner must be a member of CB7Tuner. Only the current vehicle owner may be eligible.
- The current vehicle owner must be in one of the following usergroups: Registered, Moderator, Administrator.
- The AOM must be a 4th Generation Honda Accord.
- There must be no considerable damage or missing body parts on the vehicle at the time of nomination, unless said changes are meant to aesthetically enhance the vehicle's appearance or increase performance. The vehicle must be in full operating condition at the time of nomination.
- An AOM-winning vehicle is ineligible for AOM consideration for a period of six months after it was last awarded AOM.
- The owner of a nominated vehicle MUST be an active member of The owner will recieve a PM from the forum moderator upon nomination. A reply must be received by the end of the nomination period or that car will not be included!

2) The Nominating Process (1st-15th)
- A thread is to be created in the Accord of the Month forum by CB7Tuner Administration for nominations at the beginning of every month.
- A list will be created in the Nomination Thread listing the past 5 AOM vehicles. Vehicles on this list are ineligible for AOM nomination.
- Self nominations are not allowed.
- Members must have at least 50 posts in order to nominate a vehicle for AOM.
- A member may only nominate ONE vehicle per month!
- When nominating a vehicle, please do so in the thread dedicated to nominations ONLY. Any posts in other threads will be deleted.
- When nominating a vehicle, a detailed paragraph explaining why that car is being nominated. If no explanation or picture is provided before the voting stage begins, that nomination will be removed from consideration.
- The nominated vehicle must have a valid Member's Rides thread. The thread must be in accordance with the rules here. A link to the nominated member's MRT MUST be included in the nominated post(Preferably embedded in the nominating picture).
- The member nominating the vehicle may consult with the vehicle owner in compiling the write-up and pictures.
- No discussion is allowed in the nomination or voting poll. In the nomination thread, all posts that are not valid nominations will be deleted. Seconded or duplicate nominations will be deleted.
- No campaigning is allowed anywhere on the board during the nomination stage. (no threads, posts, or signatures will be tolerated.)
- The nomination thread is to be left open until the 15th of the month. After the 15th, the thread is to be locked.

3) The Selection Process
- CB7Tuner Administration will select all valid nominations for use in the AOM voting thread and disregard invalid nominations based upon the requirements set forth above.

4) The Voting Process (11th-25th)
- A poll is to be created by CB7Tuner Administration in the Accord of the Month forum where all members can vote for the AOM.
- The voting thread is to be left open until the 25th of the month.
- The poll is to include pictures and descriptions for each vehicle being voted on.
- In the voting poll, ALL posts not made by CB7tuner Administration will be deleted. The point is to make voting and nomination as objective as possible. If you don't agree with a particular nomination, then don't vote for it.
- No campaigning is allowed anywhere on the board during the voting stage.
- The winner of the voting poll at the end of the month is to be the Accord of the Month for the following month.
- In the event of a disqualification, all votes for the disqualified member are void. Members may not vote again. Disqualifed nominees may be nominated the following month (unless outright cheating is involved, which will usually result in a permanent ban.)

5) The Award Process (25th-end of month)
- Upon the closing of the AOM voting thread, CB7tuner Administration is to create a thread congratulating the current owner of the winning vehicle. This thread will be open for all members to comment.
- The Winner Thread is to contain a picture of the winning vehicle and the write-up submitted in the nomination thread.
- The current owner of the winning vehicle will receive a custom user title signifying his/her award of AOM.
- If there is only one valid nomination, then there will not be a voting stage. The sole nomination will be named AOM.
- If no vehicles are nominated for AOM, the second place contestant from the most recent voting poll will be awarded AOM. In following months, if nominations continue to be absent, or if the second place contestant from the most recent voting poll has already been awarded AOM in the past 12 months, the selection will move on to the next eligible second place contestant in subsequently prior voting polls.


Accord of the Year Voting

Only Accord of the Month Winners of that year are eligible for the corresponding Accord of the Year competition. Each AoM will receive one vote automatically for winning a previous AoM competition. If a ride has won twice in that year, they will receive two votes automatically.

The Voting will start New Years day, and end on January 15th at midnight. This gives ample time for the following January AoM competition.


Failure to follow these rules will result in the removal of the nominated car from the competition. No exceptions. The rules are posted. "I didn't know" is not an acceptable excuse! If something isn't clear, please ask a moderator. Any one of us would be glad to assist!

Furthermore, ANY tampering with the voting system will NOT be tolerated! If a nominee is found to receive votes from a number of brand new members, it will be assumed that someone is creating new identities to vote repeatedly. Such a matter WILL be investigated, and PERMANENT IP bans WILL be issued. This contest is meant to be fun, and we will not tolerate cheating! Keep it clean, please!

Thanks to Joe and for the AoM format! This format has been used and modified with permission.
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May & June 2015 AoM Nominations

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    May & June 2015 AoM Nominations

    May & June 2015 AoM Nominations

    As the Accord of the Year for 2014, jdm_inspired, is not eligible for AoM nomination in 2015. Previous 2014 AoM Winners are ineligible as well. The other AoM winners from 2013 and beyond ARE allowed to be nominated. However, as they have already won the competition once, it is not recommended that they are nominated again. Let's get some new CBs recognized!

    Check out the Rules & Regulations - invalid nominations WILL be deleted!
    Please observe the format for nomination displayed here.

    Members must have 50 posts in order to nominate someone.
    Duplicate nominations will be deleted.
    Posts made that are not nominations will be deleted.
    Invalid nominations will be deleted.

    There is no need to second a nomination! If a nomination is valid, it will proceed to the voting stage automatically.

    Please only post ONE picture with your nomination. More pictures can be seen in the Member's Rides thread you link to!

    When nominating, please leave out any FUTURE PLANS sections. If it is not on the car, it should not be considered in the decision.

    Due to complications in my personal life, both months will be combined for this cycle. The two nominations with the most votes will be named for May and June respectively.

    Nominations will be Accepted until the 16th, Voting starts the 17th, so be Timely in your Submissions.
    '94 JDM H22A: 178whp 146wtq

    Originally posted by deevergote
    If you say double dutch rudder, i'm banning you...

    I would like to nominate Theos92VR4.

    D2s e39 retrofitted in diy blackhouse lights
    OEM fogs
    Rear fog
    CD5 rear side markers
    CD5 side skirts
    OEM mudflaps
    G Square replica grille
    GTS Bug guard
    Legend coupe from lip
    CD5 Rear lip
    OEM rear wing spoiler
    Red clear tail lights
    Amber corner lights
    Ebay visors
    OEM moonroof visor
    Full repaint Honda Tafetta white

    20% tint front, 5% tint back
    Legend shift knob
    Dc2 amber clock
    SE black leather door panel inserts
    New shift boot and console
    SE black leather seats
    SE black ebrake handle
    Fugen pedals
    Full LED lighting converison
    92-93 optional armrest
    Leather wrapped Steering wheel with honda emblem
    Dark burl wood dash kit

    Ebay intake
    Ebay Full exhaust with vibrant ultra quiet resonator and OBX dual tip muffler

    16x7 Katana Regamaster reps
    205/50 16 hankook ventus
    Koni STR.T shocks
    Neuspeed race springs
    *** Think of others before thinking of yourself. ***
    ********** Spread love, not hate. ***********
    ****Lift others up with kind and helpful words****

    F20A_CB7, I miss you, but I will see you one day.
    "Nothing a little prayer can't fix."

    Selling on Ebay!

    15.10 @ 90.42mph
    The quest for 9s ceased, now the goal is a circuit track monster!
    Current fastest Laguna Seca Lap: 1:52.889


      I nominate xkjnboix.


      : ::ENGINE:: :

      H23 Intake Manifold
      AEM Old School 1 Piece CAI
      Thermostat to IM coolant hose reroute
      Megan Header
      2 3/8" Catback w/ OEM Muffler
      OEM Dual Muffler Tips
      Ground Wire Upgrade
      Tsunami Battery Terminals
      Polyurethane filled Front and Rear mounts

      : ::EXTERIOR:: :

      REAL JDM CF Hood
      6g Accord Windshield Washers
      Driver Side Windshield Wiper Deflector Delete
      Bug Deflector
      OEM Full Bra ( Not Installed )
      Passenger Signal Bumper Scoop
      JDM Heated PFM w/ Anti Glare Mirrors
      OEM Mudflaps ( Front & Rear )
      EDM Thin Side Moldings ( Not Installed )
      OEM Wheel Trim ( Front & Rear ) ( Not Installed )
      OEM Sunroof Visor ( Not Installed )
      OEM License Plate Block Offs
      JDM OEM Rain Visors
      LEGAL Tint
      5g Accord Ex CD Badges
      Red Clears w/ Weather Striping & Pinstripe Mod
      93 Coupe SE Spoiler ( JDM SiT )
      Yakima Roof Rack w/ 2 Bike Racks

      : ::LIGHTING:: :

      JDM Fogs w/ DDM HIDs
      9293 JDM Blackhoused One Piece Headlights w/ DDM HIDs
      Luminics 2500k High beams
      All LED Parking Bulbs

      : ::SUSPENSION:: :

      Form & Function Type 2's
      Energy Suspension Master Bushing Kit
      MooG Ball Joints
      Megan Strut Bars FU & RU Gunmetal
      2k Accord SE Rims ( Full Size Spare ) SOLD
      16" Konig Volk Replicas ( Optional )
      ROH Conversion
      OEM 98 Acura CL Hubs
      Timken Wheel Bearings
      Legend Dual pot Calipers
      Prelude Vtec 11" Slotted Rotors
      Rear Slotted Rotors
      Russell Speed Bleeders F&R
      Polished CaliperS w/ Ceramic Pads
      Bridgestone/Firestone Alignment ( No Camber Kit Required )

      : ::INTERIOR:: :

      JDM BB4 Leather Steering Wheel ( NON SRS conversion )
      Intermittent Wiper Upgrade w/ A11 ICU Ground Switch Mod
      BB6 Cluster Swap ( w/ DIY Jumper Harness )
      Polished 2 Piece Dash Bezel
      Hood Latch Relocation
      OEM Owners and Warranty Books
      White LED Dash Conversion
      DC White Clock
      White 48 SMD Dome Light
      9091 Grey Interior Swap
      9091 Center Console and Ebrake Conversion
      G1 Legend 5spd Shift Knob
      9091 Grey Armrest ( Not Installed )
      Driver Sun Visor Light Mirror Mod
      Legend Leather Grab Handles
      DA9 SE Leather Headrests
      97 Accord Full Grey Leather Seats
      97 Accord OEM Grey Floormats w/ Polished Badges
      JDM Stainless Steel Door Sills Polished
      Custom Leather Rear Dash Wrap
      Rear Dash Brake Light & Key Hole Delete
      CB9 Cargo Trunk
      07 Accord Cargo Mat
      2012 CRV Flip key with integrated aftermarket keyless entry.

      : ::AUDIO:: :

      Pioneer 3way's 6.5" ( LX DX Front Pod Conversion )
      Pioneer 3way's 6"x9"'s
      Alpine Mp3 Headunit w/ Aux Input
      Alpine KTP-445 Amp
      8" Bazooka Tube Behind Driver Seat
      300 Watt Boston Acoustics Amp
      Monster RCA Cables, Speaker Wire, & Remote Wire
      Last edited by Joey GT-R; 06-15-2015, 02:34 PM.
      '94 JDM H22A: 178whp 146wtq

      Originally posted by deevergote
      If you say double dutch rudder, i'm banning you...


        I would like to nominate SanJoCaF22DrAcc for accord of the month

        Mod list:
        Engine: f22a4, 5spd mt

        Custom green painted valve cover
        AEM CAI
        BB4 AEM 3" CAI Custom Green Powder Coating
        Skunk II 68mm throttle body
        H22ax plenum
        F22a6 runners
        BlackTraxx IAB spacer
        Bisimoto thermal intake manifold to head gasket
        Ported and polished head
        ARP H23 head stud set
        Bisimoto pro springs
        Bisimoto level 2 cam
        AEM adjustable timing gear
        AEM power pulleys
        Bisimoto V2 ceramic coated header
        KTeller 2 1/2" stainless steel mandrel bent plumbing
        Apexi WSII 70mm oval muffler
        Magnaflow catalytic converter
        Vibrant Racing 2 1/2" in/out 4" of 18" bottle style resonator
        CX racing V-Band flanges
        vibrant performance header flange
        DC Sports battery hold down
        DC Sports oil cap
        Optima Battery
        FFC Fender washer and screw kit
        FFC radiator hold down brackets
        Fidanza light weight aluminum flywheel


        Tokiko illuminas
        Ground Control Coil over sleeves with Eibach springs (CD spec.)
        GSR front adjustable camber kit
        Explicit Speed Performance Traction Bar System
        FF4 CD rear LCA
        FF4 CD rear toe arms
        FF4 Extended Top Hats
        DIY rear upper control arm washer trick
        Suspension Techniques front & rear sway bar set
        DC Sports front strut tower brace
        DC Sports rear strut tower brace
        DC Sports rear lower tie bar
        Energy Suspension master urethane set

        Future Suspension:

        Adjustable shock absorbers TBD


        Centric drilled and slotted rotors
        Porterfield RS4 pads
        Duplicolor red caliper paint kit
        Disc brake conversion
        Powerslot rotors


        •16x7,4x114.3,+40 Sprint Hart CP-R, wrapped in 215/45r16 Falken Azenis 615k
        •18x8,4x114.3&5x114.3,+42 Racing Hart EVO C4, wrapped in 215/40r18


        91 Honda Accord EX coupe, Frost White

        Custom JDM black accented fog light lenses installed on black housed fogs with yellow caps
        JDM 90/91 grill
        PIAA Xtream 9006 bulbs
        eBay clear / DIY custom black housed turn signals with amber bulbs
        VIS carbon fiber hood
        JDM 90/91 tail lamps
        OEM flushmount rear lip
        GReddy GRacer front lip
        Checkered Sports angled license plate bracket
        Xenon Mild side skirts
        Xenon Mild rear lip
        OEM Sunroof Visor
        Silblade silicone white on white wiper blades
        JDM 1 piece headlamps 90/91
        JDM OEM sidemarker

        Interior: stock Honda Blue
        Tuning Shop aluminum dial rings
        LED back lit instrument cluster
        Wagon cluster circuit board and Speedo gauge
        Personal Neo Grinta Steering wheel, white with black spokes (Previously owned by Ronaly Type-R)
        Momo steeing wheel adaptor
        Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release - Yoshioka Special Edition
        Works Bell Quick Release Lock
        Personal shift knob - Custom pearl white powder coat (originally polished fininsh)
        Prelude shifter
        Varad lighting led's (aqua)

        Trunk: bare

        Varad lighting led's (blue)


        Clarion HU VRX765VD
        JL audio 6x9
        Monster Cable
        FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" Lucky #13
        MR Thread: