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Well 2 months later I've racked 192k miles, did a run to NJ when my aunt was down there and met up with Excalibur02 to give him some parts from my old car he bought.

And in the meantime I ended up trading my H22 for a set of Avid 1 wheels I know they're knock offs but eh I need a set of wheels and tires so I called it an even trade.

Put a brand new set of tires (205/55/16) on it and they poke just a bit (off set of 25)

And also I've been collecting parts to do a interior change over from tan to grey, I'm going to be cleaning them up as well before I install them in the car.

Luckily I found a 1991 Accord Wagon with the Type B interior and a 1992 Accord wagon also with a Type B interior. I was able to get as much as I could off the 1991 since nearly everything was still intact and a few smaller pieces from the 1992 as well.

I skipped out on the front seats since I'm on the hunt for cloth RSXs in the near future and I'm holding out on the back seats for now.

All I need now is:
- Tail gate cover with the surrounding plastics and grab hook
- Left rear kick panel cover
- Left rear wheel cover (goes over the strut tower)
- Headliner (EX)
- Floor carpet

Not pictured:

- Right rear strut tower cover
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