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** Spring Meet - April 22nd V2.0

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    ** Spring Meet - April 22nd V2.0

    *** IF you are attending... Vote for what size t-shirt you will need (please complete ASAP as they will need to get ordered soon, to be done by the meet) ***

    WHEN: April 22, Saturday (Friday drive-in, Sunday drive-out)

    North Carolina Zoo
    4401 Zoo Parkway
    Asheboro, NC 27205

    (800) 488-0444
    North Carolina Zoo Link

    TIME: Meet @ 10:30 AM EST

    ** Cookout Dinner @ zipcreature's (Daniel) house around 5:00 PM EST **


    zipcreature >> AIM: Zipcreature
    hondatuner4267 >> AIM: HondaTuner4267
    HondaFan81 >> AIM: Accord EX SE

    Regional Preparation threads:


    Hotel Info:

    Asheboro Inn
    866 865 4790
    $60 + tax Group Rate
    6 Rooms with Double beds.

    April 15th is the cutoff date for the group rate for this hotel. Please, if you want one of the rooms at the $60 + tax price you need to call and get one BEFORE April 15th.

    When you call ask for the rate for the “Honda Car Club”.

    Definitely Attending:

    01. straightedge
    02. slow904door
    03. zipcreature
    04. hondatuner4267
    05. aero3685
    06. HondaFan81
    07. accord91lx
    08. 92CB7accord
    09. N1ghtM0nkey
    10. jmwhite
    11. Beefy + friend
    12. meeker7148
    13. nuc79
    14. H23Accord
    15. turbowagon94
    16. dzaccord
    17. GameChewer
    18. ACCLUDE91
    20. altima2accord
    21. 91LXCB7
    22. Shadow1
    23. g-wagon
    24. kamaccord
    25. 91_accord
    26. ssaccord92
    27. jdmcb7
    28. midnite racer x
    29. allgo_allshow
    30. InvaderTrax
    31. bjaccord
    32. 90Cb7sleeper
    33. JDMtuner7
    34. XStrategicDeath
    35. Maple50175
    36. According2Aaron
    37. civic_90_08
    38. The G-Man
    39. Boston1accord
    40. RJ_22
    41. uslspct
    42. Jazmine
    43. 93EXaesthetic
    44. 93wagonex
    45. dukehoopskm
    46. MidGa93EX
    47. DFresh19864
    48. nonsteezy
    49. wagalude
    50. Cokinut
    51. cp[mike]
    52. excalibur02
    53. DoctorCipher
    54. '93accordse
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    "Tucking tires and wires."
    The Chronicles.

    holy 12 hour ride batman

    have it in CT


      Originally posted by 93accordexcoupe
      holy 12 hour ride batman

      have it in CT
      its like 18 for me u can do it man

      "Tucking tires and wires."
      The Chronicles.


        Originally posted by 93accordexcoupe
        holy 12 hour ride batman

        have it in CT
        i'll go if u go.
        Audi A4 2.8 Quattro Sport


          Originally posted by williamsvt
          i'll go if u go.
          yeah see thats what im talkin about

          "Tucking tires and wires."
          The Chronicles.


            i will most likely go.

            used condoms? wtf


              12 hours aint really that much guys. I cant remember what I drove last year to the Nashville meet, but the only part of the drive that was boring was the last few hours when I was all alone on the highway, after parting ways with ben(93wagonex). I did around 1600 miles, ben did 1800. The rest of the drive FLEW by since carpooling with 5-10 accords was quite fun.

              NC sounds like a really good area to have it, just sounds like a good place with nice scenery, and fun roads. We also have a few members that said there are great areas out there.

              The one thing that we HAVE to have for a location, is a person that is actually local to it. Someone that can drive to it the day before and make sure it didnt get blown up

              The only downside about the Nashville event was that it was short(only a weekend) and the couple tickets that were recieved. Oh yeah, and the stupid Georgia road workers who cut down 4 lane highways to 1 lane on busy weekends! Although we got around that crap... thanks CBradio

              So lets all get pumped up for the meet, and make it happen!


                thats right listen to the man lol

                "Tucking tires and wires."
                The Chronicles.


                  I should be able to make it. My car should be up and running by then. So put me down for a maybe. Hell yea everyone should come!!

                  Originally posted by Dr.x
                  You drive an almost 20 year old car, pretty much everyone can pay it off.. you dont need to be "ballin"


                    Originally posted by J-specCb4
                    thats right listen to the man lol

                    forgot to mention the best part of such a meet... meeting a bunch of cool people that share your same interests, and finally putting a face to the name.

                    So lets get this done, and make this meet top the 20-25 cb7's we had at the last one! My car should be ready for a nice road trip come that time.


                      yeah think about it but u gotta remember its a different story when u are in traffic with modified cb7s its a lot of fun

                      "Tucking tires and wires."
                      The Chronicles.


                        I have always been in for sure....who stuck me in "maybes"?? I'm excited about this meet and I should have the red 91 DX ready before then. So I plan to take this car down.

                        Anyhow, count me in. Also, I've compiled a Midwest Crew and I'll let you know when it get closer to the date who in my crew is coming. I expect to have decent size group coming down from the Midwest. Chris if you want to join us, you're more than welcomed.
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                          hehe,as utterly tempting as it is, seein as my boyfriend lives in Raleigh... thats a helluva drive for me, damn near a thousand miles and i swore i'd stop spending loads of money on road trips after my last relationship soured :P

                          make it in Arkansas and i'll go *chuckles*
                          thaz mah Accord baby

                          thaz mah man


                            put me down as a Maybe, i guess.
                            Audi A4 2.8 Quattro Sport


                              I live @ a hour or so from Charlotte NC Adam (h23accord) and I are planning on a scouting trip up there to look for a suitable location within the next month or so we will keep everyone up to date on our findings
                              Out in the driveway building something