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AFM14 Official CB7Tuner Invite

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    AFM14 Official CB7Tuner Invite

    Mark your Calendars

    It's that time of the year again, AFM aka the Accord Florida Meet. As most of you know by now Florida have hosted the biggest HONDA Accord meet in the east coast for the past 7 years now and we on for it again.We will have the usual, hot cars, good friends, great food and great South Florida weather. We will also have the crews driving in from New jersey, New York, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia, and people flying in from the West Coast and more. It will be a full weekend of events that starts on December 5th-7th(Fri, Sat & Sun). The main meet will be Saturday.

    1st off a few rules.
    - No one cares how loud your exhaust is
    - No cares how loud you sound system is
    - No one wants to worry about getting you out of jail cause you were being stupid
    - If you know you can't handle your alcohol in public places please stay behind, we don't want to be kicked out of places.
    - Drinking is allowed in the park but in cups
    - Safety is always first, so drive carefully and watch after each other
    - Also there will be no BBQing Allowed (thats why we spent money on food for everyone to eat at AFM) any BBQing will be ask to be shut off and put away

    Friday- 6pm
    We will be meeting at

    Saturday AFM day 9;30am-6pm
    CB Smith Park
    900 N Flamingo Rd,
    Pembroke Pines, Florida 33028
    (We will be in the Meeting Cabin/21 on the Southwest side of the park.)

    Saturday 7pm
    Dinner Will Be At

    Sunday 12pm
    Will be for our out of state folks going by ear

    This year there will be two coverage charges one for general admissions or one for a chance to win an awards your pick ....
    you can buy your tickets on the link

    here is our event page

    damn noone is excited about AFM this yea


      I am super excited! took 2 weeks off LOL probably not be in FL for 2 weeks but definitely for AFM14.


        I will definitely make it if my cb is done before the date.

        MRT 93se h22/t2t4


          I'm on track to make 2015 with my SE, maybe an LX if I can squeeze the work into the budget.


            I'll be there. Not driving though. Jet blue mofos
            I fly by like the coupe grew wings!!!
            My coupe!!!

            Originally posted by Racer_XXX
            Excuse me miss, YOUR FUPA IS IN THE WAY!!!


              I'll be there in my 5th gen.
              -1992 Accord EX H22 234whp 185wtq
              -1993 Accord EX SOLD
              -1995 Accord EX Wagon Daily Driver
              -2012 GMC Canyon V8 4x4


                do you have to buy a ticket to attend the meet?

                or, can I pay for the park to get in and stroll around where the meet is happening?