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92 CB7 going under the knife, performed by a newbie

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    92 CB7 going under the knife, performed by a newbie

    Hi guys, so I’ve recently committed to the idea of boosting my daily 92 EX-R 5 spd (with leather interior )to put out 200-210 whp, I’ve done some research regarding what parts am I gonna get. So far I’ve decided on:
    GT35R turbo 0.70/0.63
    Ebay piping kit along with some eBay specials such as lines and fittings
    Cast iron mani, eBay special ofc
    mishimoto IC or if the eBay kit includes it then just that, I don’t believe it’s the most important thing for this baby build as of right now( do correct me if I’m wrong, would appreciate all the help)
    DSM 450cc Blue Tops
    most likely custom 3 inch down pipe
    Walbro 255 pump
    turbomatic manual boost adjuster
    Oil sandwich plate
    ACT stage 3, 6 puck clutch kit

    will likely re-ring and mayybe new stock pistons depending on their condition

    Future Upgrades might be forged pistons from Wiseco
    I Heard for a small boost like this I don’t need head work or bottom end work and stock is okay

    my biggest concern right now is regarding ecu as I don’t know what ecu to get, I know the a6’s ecu is Cant be chipped and I’m not sure if a hondata like the s300 will suffice.

    Any help would be very much appreciated, it’s getting harder and harder to find parts and more importantly people who know how to mod these properly.

    Welcome to the site. You should check out my MRT as I have close to the same setup. But ya.. you'll want S300 or Chrome. For that HP range you should do rings and rods wouldn't hurt, no work for the bottom end as it's a F-series (closed block). I think all the info you need is on here, like check out Aleks ride or Grumpy ride, both F series turbo. But you don't need a GT35R for 200HP, that turbo is capable of 700HP and spools up late vs. a smaller one. Probably no need for a 3" exhaust and a 38mm WG will do. The real deal breaker here is the manifold, it determines if the turbo is top or bottom mount and where the piping goes, if you keep the PS, if you keep the traction bar (lower front sub-frame) and other small items. If you are going to use a tuner get his/her opinion with the final list. They may point out some bottlenecks etc. IE: When I bought my piping kit from ebay my tuner immediately wanted to ditch the couplers and clamps for more expensive ones (for obvious reasons). Also what clutch will last for the HP you have, and when injectors will max out.

    Of course, if your HP goal changes then parts change too.


      Mitsubishi Evo 3 big 16g would be a better choice for turbo. S300 and Etunez for your tuning needs. Grumpys93 will swear by Etunez. Here are a couple links for ecu and tuning. You don't have to get the ecu from phearable but that link will tell you the ecu you need.
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        Thanks for all the help guys, I had a talk with a local Honda Head in the city and he recommended going with a p06 with an S300 so that is most likely what I'm going with as p06's are still quite available and pretty sure a friend has one laying around somewhere.
        As for the manifold, I've seen a lot of top mount mani but then you sacrifice sweet sweet AC, did not know that power steering would have to go bye bye as well. Will dive deeper into the research world.
        By the way how would I access MRT's? Cant seem to find it on peoples profiles.


          Just go to the main forum and scroll down to Member Rides (MRT = Member Ride Thread). Mine is in my signature.. and here's Grumpy and Aleks.


            Thanks Raf, you've been a great help!


              Not sure why my post didn’t show up. But Steve at Etunez is awesome. He is more on the conservative side of tuning which is fine with me. Top mounts look cool, but finding one for an f22 that won’t crack will be hard. I got my manifold done by Blake at 850Fab. Great craftsmanship and awesome dude.

              p06 with S300 is good but it does have some limiting features. If I do this again on another vehicle I would probably go Neptune with the demon. A lot of cool features. But go with whatever your tuner feels comfortable with.
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              MR Thread:


                Hi Grumpy, I chose Hondata because all the reputable tuners in my area use Hondata, I will keep the demon in mind tho in case I want to go demon mode in the future haha. I did check Blake out 850Fab but the ram horn is well out of my budget but it does look very good to say the least. I saw the Alek has it and then I was like wait a second I know this car, it’s from my area haha