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Grumpys93 : 1993 Accord LX

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    Grumpys93 : 1993 Accord LX

    1993 Honda Accord LX coupe




    Current Set-up:

    Made: 315hp/247tq @ 14psi on 12/02/2020

    85.5mm Wiseco pistons
    Bisimoto h-beam Piston Rods
    ARP Head Studs
    ARP Rod Bolts
    KS Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit
    Rebuilt OEM Oil Pump
    OEM Bearing
    Micropolish Crankshaft

    F22a1 SOHC
    Delta Cam 272 regrind
    AEM Tru-Timing Gear
    OEM valves
    SuperTech Valve Seals
    Bisimoto Pro Series Springs and Stock Retainers
    OEM Timing Belt
    PnP/ Port Match Plenum JDM F22b Intake manifold
    AEM High Flow Fuel Rail
    AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Omnipower 70mm Throttle body
    Omnipower 4bar MAP Sensor

    850Fab Custom Ramhorn SS manifold
    Borg Warner s200xe-57
    Tial 44mm MVR wastegate
    Tial 50mm BOV
    Treadstone Intercooler Piping Kit
    Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
    3" Mandrel bent exhaust
    Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator
    Megan racing muffler
    MAC Boost Solenoid

    Injector Dynamics 1050cc injectors
    Walboro 255lph fuel pump
    GM Flex Fuel Sensor
    Marshall fuel pressure gauge

    DIY short shifter
    Competition Clutch Stage 4 6 Puck Sprung clutch
    JDM T2W4 Transmission
    94-01 Integra Mishimoto Full Size Radiator
    12" Spal Pusher fan
    12" No Name Pusher Fan
    P06 with Hondata s300 V3 w/ boost control
    Battery relocated to the Trunk
    KMS EGR Block Off Plate
    Wire tuck
    DIY Poly Filled motor mounts
    ShaySpec solid bushing for shifter linkage
    Shayspec Solid bushing for shifter assembly.
    MTEC H22 Shift Springs
    FFC Shifter Linking solid Bushings (trans side)
    S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder
    Deleted Clutch damper system
    06 RSX Type S Brake booster
    06 RSX Type S Brake Master Cylinder

    Turbo Smart Mechanical Boost Gauge
    AEM X Series Oil Pressure Gauge
    AEM X Series UEGO Wideband
    MOMO Steering Wheel
    NRG Hub with Quick Release

    JDM G-square eyelids
    JDM Stanley Sidemarkers
    Morimoto Mini H1 Retrofit
    Morimoto 6500k HID
    “I love my Honda” Decal
    No Name All Clear Corners
    JDM Blizzwing (painted black)
    VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
    AreoCatch Locking Hood Pins
    Carbon Fiber G-square replica grill
    92-93 Sedan Trunk
    JDM Power Folding Mirrors
    5th Gen Rear Lip
    Mugen Rep 5th Gen Front Lip
    DIY Si-T Bumper Lights
    MDX Auto On/Off Headlights

    Neuspeed 4 Point Front strut bar
    ESP Traction Bars
    Neuspeed race springs
    Koni yellow struts
    Polyurthane bushing
    Fat Four Custom LCAs
    Fat Four Custom Toe Arms
    Ultra Racing Flex Bar
    2007 Honda Civic Si Rims
    1995 Odyssey 5 lug conversion(Front)
    1993 EX Rear disc Swap with sway bar
    1997 Prelude hubs(rear)
    2008 Accord 11.1 R1 Concept Rotors (Rear)
    2005 Accord Hybrid Bracket (Rear)
    Goodridge SS brake lines (Front)
    Ingalls Camber kit(Front)
    No Name rear strut tower
    Manual converted rack and pinion
    Suspension Techniques Rear Sway Bar

    Infinity reference 6.5 speakers all around
    Alpine head unit
    PKE and Push Button start

    First Turbo Set Up DSM setup with Evo 3 Big 16g (2007):

    Second Turbo Set Up custom log manifold with Precision Sc61 (2009)

    Went to the darkside for a little bit (2018):

    Thanks for looking please leave comments
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    MR Thread:

    Good lookin there bro..

    havent seen that kind of IC before. Looks like a radiator from afar.

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      Looking good, I want to see a video of it in action!!!

      Will's Accord


        Looks pretty good man, what type of intercooler is that? Looks like one you would use for a civic or something

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          looking Real nice Bro ,
          hopefully i'll get to see this bad boy soon .
          keep it up

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            Wow damn speechless. Thats a nice as cb7..
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              talk about a sleeper!!!! good job man, looking good

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              Originally posted by d112crzy
              And it can only get better. That's the best part.
              All I gotta really say is:
              People of cb7tuner, this AUTO is NOT a joke. It has impressed ME, the hater of auto's.


                the intercooler came from a 1987 supra. Thats the stock one. I have an mr2 one looks the same just not as big. The radiator is from a civic. Its smaller but cools the engine down a lot better then our stock one.

                I was going for the sleeper look and you can not see that intercooler during the day. Since my car is low and people think it is a radiator or something.

                Ill post pics of what the car looked like before when i first got it and keep you guys update on it =) thanks for the love and keep it coming
                FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" Lucky #13
                MR Thread:


                  Damn, hot ride! Keep up the good work

                  Hustle Hard! This is a design of some gear I've been workin on.


                    Damn, that's fucking cool, nice one

                    Woulda never guessed a turbo was hidden
                    Meh, not feeling the honda game anymore.
                    MY CAR IS SOLD!!!


                      yea yea i see this car every week--j/k this cb is fresh and so sleeperish
                      i LOVE jdM


                        Hey grumpys93 how much psi of boost is she running and hp is she putting out as well.
                        accordtypeR aka Seve aka The Godfather.

                        My Old Baby
                        ....................My New Baby
                        SOLD TO
                        ..grumpy93, iceplaya123, slr_theking, tn_accords


                          awesome car all around. i looked at the first pic and wanted to see more so i scrolled right through the mods list without noticing the forced induction paraphernalia. then i saw the pic of the engine bay.


                            grumpy shot straight to baller status since the meet.

                            still looks good man.

                            i bet it drives better now though. haha


                              Hmm, I actually really like those wheels. They compliment your car quite well.