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Summer Turbo Project

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    Summer Turbo Project

    Well, im home for the summer and finally have time to boost my accord....I recently got the head remachined and new headgasket, timing belt, water pump, etc etc

    COMPRESSION BEFORE PROJECT- ~175 on all 4 cylinders (great)

    Either way, heres some parts of my kit... i'll update as the rest comes in and i start to install....shooting to have it done by the end of June. Hoping to run ~8psi on a good tune w/ stock internals.... guess we'll see....

    Turbo Kit
    * TD04 13g Turbo (mint condition, everything included!)

    * DSM 1g Manifold

    * 450cc Bluetops (in the mail, thanks MRX)

    * Stealthmode Oil line the mail

    * Chipped P06 running Uberdata

    * eBAY intercooler & IC Piping (IC:30x5x2.5,)

    * Greddy BOV

    * Auto-Meter Boost Gauge

    The Engine Bay as it stands now...a little dirty, but eh whatever

    Alot of stuff is still in the mail, ill update with more pics later...
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    1993 CB7
    2001 BB6

    Nice stuff bro, Im shooting for june also cuz now I'm getting more hours at work! Good luck and all that good stuff.
    99 GS300 (Aristo) 2JZ Power

    Bought from:gdout, bb6-sh


      yeah... im in the same boat...i gotta start makin some more greenery before i install everything.... blowing motors sure is an expensive habit!
      1993 CB7
      2001 BB6


        nice parts, keep up the good work.

        Big 16g Turbo/H23 Head Swap/TSX Projectors


          i would suggest a bigger turbo a 13g is way undersized but good start


            are those charge pipes plastic?

            And if i could swim I'd swim out to you in the ocean
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              Originally posted by ACC0RD22
              are those charge pipes plastic?

              LOL, no, they're just coated black. I dont think powdercoated, that'll be more $$.

              Hey, best of luck with the turbo project, i cant wait to see it all finished.
              What are you going to use to tune?

              1990 Accord Lx F22a1(Daily) SOLD - will be missed
              1990 Prelude Si B21a1 (Fun car!)


                thanks guys.... im most likely going with uberdata when i order the ecu from mrx... mostly because its free ... im not sure yet at this point.

                as for the 13g, i know its small, but i'll hold onto it and see how i like it... i got it for next to nothing ill use it atleast till i can find a decent 14b/16g.... ill see how it goes.
                1993 CB7
                2001 BB6



                  450cc's came in today...thanks antoine . intercooler should be here in the next week...

                  * crappy quality pic...taken with my phone...
                  1993 CB7
                  2001 BB6



                    ...With no further ado, a small UPDATE! haha

                    *dual gauge pod came in today....fake carbon fiber actually looks really clean when mounted

                    * Greddy Turbo Timer came in today, ordered Zeitronix Wideband today also

                    *flange/ turbo to mani stud set is in the mail, should be here in the next few days (thanks flacopower!)

                    * getting downpipe fabbed up tomorrow at my bud's muffler shop...for free!

                    *last component needed till install is p06...if MRX ever checks his PM box! haha jk

                    anyways, i just figured i'd share with you guys.. i'll post up some pics later tonight...cant wait to get this heap boosted....if im lucky maybe in time for the orlando meet....watchout!
                    1993 CB7
                    2001 BB6


                      don't forget the turbo to manifold bolts, and exhaust manifold studs you just got from me.


                        shit never mind just saw it on there lol sorry its my bday and i am very drunk


                          let me know how that pipe works out. i was planning to use the same kit, but with a johnny race car intercooler........


                            ill let you ordering a WS2 system before i start putting everything since im in desperate need of a new exhaust as it stands.... i might still run open dp for a little if money is too tight...
                            1993 CB7
                            2001 BB6


                              if you think that engine bay is dirty, mine would make you shit your pants