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    Ok ground rules guys.
    Hopefully this becomes a sticky so let me start off with a few quick rules

    -Post pictures of your exhaust
    -If you have the means to do so PLEASE POST SOUND CLIPS
    -Keep comments to a minimum please. Keep this thread very nice and neat with pictures and sound clips would be alot more helpful then sifting through a bunch of posts to find what you're looking for.

    Now for the style of the posts,
    What engine do you have?
    make/model of the exhaust

    What do you think of the way the exhaust sounds?
    Please be as detailed as possable. (does it drone in the car at all?)
    Be sure to add details like if you have a test pipe or high flow cat.
    DO you have a turbo? All those things have a great impact on how the exhaust sounds (if you didn't already know)


    Sound Clips
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    I'll start off,
    Tanabe Hyper Medalion
    Overall the sound in the car I like alot, doesn't drone much and isn't that loud when cruiseing. When I go Wide Open Throttle (WOT) it sounds Great and pretty mean. The THM has some minor fit and finish issues. the piping seems to be a little "off" in some areas under the car, but it never rattles.

    Outside the car is a different story. Under 3krpm it sounds pretty nice after that it starts getting pretty raspy. This could be partly due to the high flow car sound cat I have.

    The rasp has been getting to me more and more lately (you'll be able to hear it a little later when I find that sound clip).

    I think another resonator should quiet the rasp down enough to suite my tastes.

    Tanabe Sound clip
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      Apexi World Sport Version 1

      It sounds pretty quiet when your cruising. When you get on it, it sounds deep and not ricey at all.
      92 DA9 // 93 D21 4x4 // 92 CB7


        2.5" Custom header-back system (mandrel bent of course and built by myself... )

        Don't mind the oil on the exhaust, the oil sensor is leaking...

        Consists of the following:
        - 2.5" piping, header-back
        - 2.5" mandrel bends
        - 2.5" baffled resonator
        - 2.5" non-baffled resonator
        - 2.5" straight through Magnaflow muffer
        - Ractive black chrome oval tip

        I absolutely love the way the car sounds even BETTER when under load...orgasmic, one could say... A little bit of a drone in the interior, but nothing annoying or unbearable...aftermarket exhaust is expected to be louder than OEM. It's been dubbed to sound "exotic-esque" by a few ppl as well....mmmmm, yessss...

        And a VIDEO with SOUND!



          MagnaFlow Custom Dual Exhaust

          Catco high flow cat
          2-2.25 in piping
          Stock Ex header
          Magnaflow 14" universal single in/dual out muffler
          Stainless steel tips with resonators (brand unknown)

          Overall nice tone, not too loud, sounds good at WOT.

          u can hear the exhaust here: Video Link

          Future plans:

          Redo piping to 2.25-2.5
          install DC header
          install JDM F20A DOHC

          I wonder what the tone will change to on a 2.0...

          Formerly 91AccordExR33
          11.68 @ 127mph
          Sold: 8/2016


            H22A engine

            Apexi WS Catback Exhaust

            Ebay ceramic header
            Hollow Racing Cat

            LOVE the Apexi WS exhaust.. I will never get rid of it.. EVER! Highly recommended!
            Adam - Retired OG member from '03
            2010 Lexus IS-F : Starfire Pearl
            2009 Yamaha R1 Raven : Black on Black
            2002 Lexus IS300 : Crystal White Pearl / Black Leather

            .. i HAD more shaved on my accord than your girl does on her entire body..



              3a Racing ......

              2.25"piping cherrybomb center damper....

              a lil loud, but ok way better than stock (f20)

              No projects at the moment... danm

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                Apexi WS1 catback

                sound is quiet when you drive normally, great for commuting/daily driving. when the throttle is wide open, it's got a deep roar to it... but still nothing super loud and obnoxious. hearing it from the outside, usually the sound of an aftermarket intake will actually drown out the exhaust tone. i love it, adds a stealthy sleeper effect and pretty much guarantees that you'll get no harassment from the cops.

                note that adding a test pipe/straight through catalytic converter will make this exhaust more raspy (like there's a hole in the muffler). i've tried it and immediately switched back to OEM cat.


                  DC Ceramic Header
                  OEM Accord Cat
                  Tanabe Super Hyper Medallion

                  Sounds nice a low at idle and sounds really mean when VTEC hits. Worth every penny spent!


                    HP Racing Exhaust F22A4
                    2.25" Piping
                    Deep Sound while idling, not that loud at WOT
                    picture attached
                    Attached Files



                      Ractive Fireball Style Catback
                      -2.5 Inch inlet 4in Outlet

                      Sounds okay. Since ive had it for about 2 years its kinda broken in and sounds eh not the same. Loud when downshifting, wot


                        Greddy SP Cat-Back w/ Carsound Cat.

                        No pics yet.

                        It sounds pretty nice...more raspy and louder than my WS1 im not sure if its because of the cat but its not that loud like those ebay fireball mufflers.
                        92 DA9 // 93 D21 4x4 // 92 CB7


                          stock exhaust, modified tips...

                          sounds a bit throatier at idle becuz i cut the muffler a bit...
                          90 accord, F22A4

                          dont plan on upgrading, keeping a low profile, specially when it comes to po po.
                          I <3 G60.

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                            Jdm H22a
                            OBX 2.5 mandrel piping header back
                            Custom 2.5 axle back to
                            Otto racing (ebay) dual tipped muffler
                            Pros- Stock look, Top end gain, mid to deep sound, thin canister (no scraping)
                            Cons- Alittle on the loud side


                              USDM H22A4
                              ES OVAL EXHAUST W/ Custom 2.5 in piping

                              It's semi loud. Real loud in VTEC. Drones a bit in the car. But I like it. Police will never no where the sound is coming from looks sleeeeeper.
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