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ENG: DIY slide hammer (for EGR port cleaning)

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    ENG: DIY slide hammer (for EGR port cleaning)

    I'm not sure if this deserves to be in the DIY section, but might be helpful for some. It worked for me. I've read that cleaning these ports should drastically improve the performance of the stock engine in our cars.

    There's already a DIY on EGR port cleaning here:

    and other detail write ups across the web (like on FLaccords)
    but no one at the stores I went to knew what a slide hammer was. Even the guy at autozone didn't know it was on the tool rental list. But theirs was huge!

    Then I found this:
    which still requires you to tap the holes to get the rod in. I don't have a tap&dye set so I did this:

    3" sheet metal screw
    12"x1.25" steel pipe + 1 cap
    pair of pliers
    drill and bit

    First I drilled a hole in the cap, big enough for the screw to go through but not the head, like this:

    I used a screw as a center punch, then drilled the hole (slightly smaller in diameter than the screw)

    Then, with the screw through the cap, I screwed the 3" screw into the plug (deep enough not to rip out):

    Then attached the pipe:

    Then with the cap resting on the IM, yank it up real hard. Two, maybe one good pull, and it's out. Surprised me how easy it came out with this contraption. Even the side plug was a breeze.

    Then I removed the pipe from the cap, held the plug with the pliers (not too tight to damage it, because I'm reusing them) and removed the screw with the screwdriver.

    All the passages were fully clogged. Had to screw into the holes at the bottom of the EGR passages to break the build up free. After cleaning I epoxied the holes in the plugs and knocked them back in.

    I then returned the pipe to Home Depot and got my $10 back because I had no further use for it (the cap was $4) but I drilled a hole in it, so....

    Hope this is useful for someone.

    That is perfect. I like how the only thing breakable is a 1 cent screw. If you add a larger diameter pipe over that one and a cap on the other end for the large pipe to smack you have a slide hammer fit for dent pulling. Again indestructible.
    You are really on to something. Sizes are unlimited.
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      Yeah, I got you. Like say put a inch and a half pipe over the 12" pipe. When I'm ready to do some body work ill remember that


        sweet writeup




            thank you SO MUCH for this!!!
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              No problem
              Glad it was helpful


                Nice ingenuity

                H23 IM is just welded shut solid aluminum




                  Now I need these pics cause I'm about the clean the ports on an f23.
                  ......father in law has it back again. Time to shine


                    You don't need to create a slide hammer for this, simply screwing in a self tapping screw and then taking the back end of the hammer to pull the screw out.
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