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Picked up a cb7 coupe for $500

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    Picked up a cb7 coupe for $500

    I was going to get it for myself but figured it wasn't worth it so its going to my brothers girlfriend, but we will be doing some work to it.

    It's an automatic 1992 lx coupe with 192,000 miles. It has a motor and tranny swap with low miles. The previous owner loved it and had alot of history with it. The motor was swapped and then it got hit on the drivers side, and had been sitting for three years. We jumped it and it runs smooth, drives fine, everything works besides a/c.

    Things it need:

    Hopefully a new door will go on without much complication
    A rear side window
    Tune up
    Little bit of rust fixing


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    Nice come up dude . I wish I could find a cb for 500


      Me too


        nice score for 500


          Damn I want a project cb so bad, I was just looking the other day in my area for a cb like this, ready for mcuh sex.

          NO beuno.

          Nice score b.


            Originally posted by STREET-SPEC View Post
            I was going to get it for myself but figured it wasn't worth it so its going to my brothers girlfriend, but we will be doing some work to it.
            Make sure that she signs up as a member, and posts all of the updates!
            Good lookin out for your brother .. specially his GF.

            The coupe already has a lip, .. and with some minimal tweaking, this could work out well!

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              Yea she should. or ill post the updates here. So far the back window has been replaced and were looking for a new door. Also, we deleted pass. Mirror and I took it for my coupe. Legend lip came off already on accident but it'll be back on soon. So far it stillstarts up just fine and no check engine or any other lights on. and that door even opens and closes.


                My 10th anniversary was $300 with 145k miles. And now it has 185k after 1 year and a half. Well worth it.
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                  Little update. The legend lip was only on a couple days before it fell off,
                  But I put it back on along with my old headlights n corners and bumper lights.
                  I also threw my edm Remus muffler on and it sounds so quiet but deep. She had all stock piping. Also added Megan headers over eBay and it got rid of the rasp it had.

                  Someone has been breaking into this car and stealing the change!! Alot..

                  Remus muffler

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                    Lookin good quick!
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                    Originally posted by The G-Man
                    For that money, yes. But my dick isn't big enough for that shit.

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                      a $50 door and a hood (if you didn't want to bother with paint) would QUICKLY transform the whole look of that thing! Nice buy.

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                        Yea, it has a new door and didn't go on so well and still fits pretty badly. The chassis needs to be cut and a piece replaced.hinges were crushed in.

                        She is working on getting a new fender and hood.
                        She got side swiped by a civic that took off and left the fender bent up more
                        And after I put MY new bumper lights and stuff, a tasty cake truck backed into her and broke a light. Time to take off that gold grill!!


                          Damn that car sounds VERY accident prone lol. I picked up my CB for $550 and it just needs a new engine and some minor bodywork and paint. At least yours runs and drives lol.


                            I like all the little things you have done to get it looking good...I've seen worse looking! I'd keep that grill as it looks real good with the lights accenting the gold. Besides the wagon...I have a coupe. only need a few more things to complete it. It too had been in an accident. Big stuff left is frame off a ˝ inch or less, rear engine mount, driver's seat belt motor that dealer and Honda refuses to fix, entire tail lights not staying on,shift needs key to move it, and the rest is cosmetic.
                            Good going with yours! For the amount you got it for....keep going!

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                              She still ran and drove, but sold it to the yard for a quick sale to get a better honda.

                              Ps: that is the second time that rear pass. Window has been in the junkyard, let's see if someone grabs it.i wish I had room for all the parts for extras for my coupe.
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