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    The new paint looks great Alex.

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      Theres alot of work here very inspirational good work man!

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        Jizzed in my pants

        Rip It Up
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          damnn dat shiet is niceeee


            car is sick man!!!


              Looks absolutely amazing. This is an inspiration for EXACTLY what I've wanted to do. Only thing diff in my plan is to beef up the engine a lil more, get the bisi stage 2 cam, Volk TE37 wheels. But other than that (plan for boost-maybe a diff turbo-, wet black paint, and everything else is exactly what I want to do.) Subtle differences to be original, but this shut every accord hater up when I show them this pic. Of course, Haterade is always a good thing

              Amazing work! Just can't stop looking at it....

              Please learn to type!!
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              Originally posted by deevergote
              You'll need to spend real money on parts with real engineering to see any real gains. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant, or trying to sell you something.


                That's a super sexy nice car! It looks like you shaved the door bumpers?
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                  NO JOKE. my brother in law HATES hondas. and i mean WITH A PASSION. he sports a 1970 c10 chevy with a 572 big block and a 125 shot of NX. and he believes that hondas ant run fast. cant look good and are just plain ***. i made your car my back round on my lap top. and he happen to catch a glimpse of it and mention it to me like 4 days later. AND I QUOTE "so do you know the dude that owns the sick ass bmw?" i told him it was an accord and he laughed at me. i showed him all your pics and vids...I SHIT YOU NOT a week later he bought my buddys four door and already pulled the motor to build it. i laughed my ass of when i found out.

                  just thought you should know!



                    Originally posted by aleks77 View Post
                    Small update, got more parts painted, here is a pic, not pictured is painted sideskirts, which are on now. Next week im gonna tackle the rear bumper/lip and hood! Should be all one color very soon

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                      Yoooo! Lookin nice aleks. Dude seriously, how long have u been driving this thing boosted? Shes holding up like a true champ!
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                        Great job omfg it's looks FUCKING MAGAZINE WORTH NO JOKE.
                        Paint is PERFECT....I need a keyboard and maybe monitor now........
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                          Originally posted by CB7Nub View Post
                          Great job omfg it's looks FUCKING MAGAZINE WORTH NO JOKE.
                          unfortunately, magazines often dont pick cars because they are either black or white. they arent as "flashy" as other colors

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                            Thanks for all the compliments guys! Kevin i blew the fully built motor in may! stock motor for now, holding up good! Here is a couple more pix, trying out my weak photography/editing skills too haha

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                              That is a dope pic of your cb man
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