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    P5ylance : 1992 Accord EX

    Thanks to this site, I would have never realized the potential my accord could ever have. With this site's guidance, the help of some members (Thank you for answering my PM's and responding to my threads, haha), and the information and knowledge presented on this site, I was able to achieve a vision for my car far greater than I could have ever imagined. I am truly grateful for everything. With that said, I feel my car is now ready to present to my fellow members here on CB7Tuner. This is my pride and joy...

    Lily the Accord

    THESIS: Fuel Efficiency, Luxury Interior Conversion, VIP (Bippu) Style and AutoLuxury. Power and speed are not my priorities with this car as of yet, or if at all. My intent with this car is to create a luxurious daily driver that runs and flows smoothly with minimal issues, handles well, is easy on fuel, and looks great rolling slow, VIP Style.

    F22A6 (294xxx miles) - Avg. Mixed Driving MPG = 24MPG, Avg. Freeway MPG = 28.9MPG
    Automagic Transmission
    Polished Heat Shield
    Cleaned Throttle Body (TB)
    NGK Spark Plugs (Iridium IX) and Wires *DONE FEBRUARY 2010*
    Replaced Alternator and Fan Belts *DONE MAY 2010*
    New Fuel Filter *DONE 6/13/2010*
    New O2 Sensor *DONE 6/13/2010*
    DIY Legend Hood Dampers

    Suspension and Other
    Tokico Blue Shocks *INSTALLATION FINISHED 6/2/2010, 278xxx Miles*
    H&R Sport Springs *INSTALLATION FINISHED 6/2/2010, 278xxx Miles*
    H&R Super Cup Kit *INSTALLATION FINISHED 6/2012*
    Neuspeed Front Strut Bar
    eBay Rear Strut Bar
    Ingalls Front Anchor Bolt Camber Kit
    New Axles *INSTALLATION FINISHED 11/18/2010, 284xxx Miles*
    New Rear Hub and Bearing Assemblies *INSTALLATION FINISHED 11/19/2010, 284xxx Miles*
    DIY Rolled Fenders (Front and Back)

    90-91 Accord EX Polished Aluminum Wheels
    Riverside Altstadt 17x7 +35 Offset

    EX Front and Rear Disc Brakes
    OE Replacement Rear Disc Rotors Installed *DONE 6/13/2010*

    eBay Projector Headlights w/ 6k HIDs
    Clear Corner Lights w/ Reflector
    Clear Bumper Lights w/ Reflector
    Wal-Mart Fog Lights
    94-97 Accord OEM Rear Mudflaps modified to fit
    94-97 Accord OEM Front Mudflaps
    92-93 Accord Coupe OEM Tail Lights
    92-93 Accord Coupe DIY Red Clear Tail Lights
    DIY 92-93 Accord OEM Grille, Civic SI Style
    DIY 94-95 Accord OEM Rear Lip
    DIY 94-95 Accord OEM Front Lip
    DIY 94-95 Accord OEM Grille
    OEM 90-91 Accord Grille (INSTALLED)
    OEM 91-93 Acura Legend Coupe Lip (INSTALLED)
    OEM Spoiler
    OEM Honda Sunroof Visor
    eBay Door Visors
    G-Square Grille + Floating Junction Produce Emblem (Strictly for Show Use Only)
    OEM 94-95 Accord Side Skirts
    OEM 94-97 Accord Rear Sidemarkers
    CB7 Clear Front Sidemarkers (in bumper)
    OEM 92-93 Accord Foglights
    DIY OEM BMW 7 Series Headlight Washers modified to fit
    92-93 Accord Wagon Washer Bottle


    DIY Full Leather Seat Swap [Donor Cars: Acura Vigor (Front) and Acura CL 97-99 (Rear)]
    DA Integra Black Leather Headrests
    Junction Produce Neckpads
    Junction Produce Curtains
    Junction Produce Cushions (For Show Use Only)
    Junction Produce Shirotsuna and Fusa (For Show Use Only)
    eBay Luxury Steering Wheel Cover
    90-91 Accord OEM Grey/Black Shift Knob
    Daewoo Nubira E-Brake Boot
    Junction Produce E-Brake Handle Cover
    Luxis VIP Foot Pedals
    Chrome Gauge Rings
    Galahad Vent Cupholders
    Broadway Rear View Mirror
    DIY CDM Black (DIY: Sprayed black, and waxed to get dull OEM look. Fabric is dyed with RITZ black fabric dye) Center Console Armrest for 92-93
    DIY Dyed Black OEM 90-93 4G Accord Floor Mats, Complete Set (Replaced Blue Set)
    DIY Dyed Black OEM 94-97 5G Accord Floor Mats, Complete Set (Replaced 4GA Set)
    DIY Acura CL Map Light Retrofit *DONE 6/8/2010*
    DIY Polished Shifter Plate
    DIY "Accord" Door Sill Garnishes
    DIY Kurotsuna Knot
    DIY Kitsuna Knot
    CB9 Wagon Storage Compartment
    03-07 Accord OEM All-Weather Trunk Liner Mat
    Acura Vigor C-Pillar Reading Lights
    Acura Vigor OEM Black Gas/Trunk Lever Cover
    Acura Vigor Black Leather Steering Wheel
    Honda Civic SI EJ Coupe Middle Sunvisor
    Acura Legend Headlight/Washer Stalk Rubber Boots
    OEM 91-95 Acura Legend GREY Leather Handles
    OEM Dealer-Installed Blue Leather for COUPE (DIY install)
    DIY Rear VIP Tables
    OEM INFINITI Q45 Rear Floormat (w/ INFINITI Emblem)
    DIY Red Courtesy Light Lenses

    OEM Acura Integra CD/AM/FM/Cassette Stereo

    - Repair Seats

    - Polish Metal Trim
    - Polish Windows
    - Rear Roof Spoiler
    - Spoiler Gaskets
    - New Weatherstripping
    - PFMs
    - Progress Rear Anti-Sway Bar
    - Replace Cowl
    - Flushmount Spoiler


    Pg. 1 - Introduction
    Pg. 2 - Center Console Armest Installation+DIY, Door Panel Reupholstery Part 1, Side Picture, New Antenna
    Pg. 3 - Conversation with TheNextEpisode about sound deadening/noise-cancelling, Teaser Pics of JP Items from Japan
    Pg. 4 - New Painted Grille (Civic SI Style), CL Maplight, Glove Box Cover, Riverside Teaser Pics
    Pg. 5 - Some neat items from Junkyard Diving
    Pg. 6 - Riversides Installed, Parking Garage Pics with a Mercedes, Junction Produce Grille DIY Mock-Up
    Pg. 7 - New OEM Stereo Set-Up Pictures, phAtPhotos Photoshoot 1
    Pg. 8 - New DIY 5G Accord Floormats Dyed BLACK, Starting Eyelid Project, Updated Interior Pics
    Pg. 9 - Flushmount Pics, Baby Pics
    Pg. 10 - Acura OEM Tape Player Accessory, Legend Coupe Lip Installed, Fresh Wash, phAtPhotos Photoshoot 2
    Pg. 11 - Front and Rear Strut Bar Installed, Painted Wipers, New DIY Headlight Cover Eyelids
    Pg. 12 - Junkyard Find: Honda OEM CD Player Accessory w/ Screen
    Pg. 13 - Eyelashes, Ground Shots, Freshly Detailed Lily and new Parking Structure Top Floor Photoshoot Pictures
    Pg. 14 - Wagon Storage Compartment, Acura Vigor C-Pillar Lights (Mounting)
    Pg. 15 - G-Square Grille + Junction Produce Emblem, 2003-2007 Accord OEM Rubber Trunk Tray, OEM Blue Coupe Leather Inserts
    Pg. 16 - Red Clear Tail Lights Acquired, Yakima Roof Rack Acquired, RC Tail Meme Comic, A11 ICU + Acura CL Wiper Switch Acquired, Rear Passenger Curtains Acquired, S2K Sidemarker on Bumper Molding Mock-Up, Acura Vigor C-Pillar Reading Lights Install, Rear Leather Inserts Install
    Pg. 17 - Honda Fit Washer Nozzle Retrofit, CD Hazard Switch, EJ Civic Coupe Middle Sunvisor Mod, OEM 5G Accord Side Skirts, Acura Vigor OEM Black Gas/Trunk Lever
    Pg. 18 - JDM + USDM Foglights, All 3 Spoiler Options, Accord Coupe Leather Panels, New Tires
    Pg. 19 - Lollicup Car Meet w/ SanJoCaF22DrAcc
    Pg. 20 - Tinted Side Mirrors w/ LED Signal Markers, Whiteboard Roof Rack Fairing, Motor Problems
    Pg. 21 - Prothane Suspension Bushings, DC Sports Header
    Pg. 22 - Coupe Seat Rail Install, Rear VIP Table Install
    Pg. 23 - Dead Transmission, 9091 Grille, Acura Integra Head-Unit, 9293 Grille Emblem in Steering Wheel, H&R Suspension Assembled, Cushion for Rear Strut Bar, Rolling Rear Fenders, OEM EX Muffler Polishing, Acura Vigor Steering Wheel, Whiteboard Roof Rack Fairing, Black Prelude E-Brake Handle, Installing Coupe Leather Panels, KMH Gauge Cluster Install
    Pg. 24 - Acura Vigor Steering Wheel INSTALLED, 1G Legend Tape Cassette Holder, Acura Legend Leather Grab Handles, Acura CL Headlight/Wiper Stalks, INFINITI Rear Floormat, CD Rear Sidemarkers Installed, CD Rear Mudflaps Installed, Front Sidemarker Extension Harness, OEM 9293 Foglight Install
    Pg. 25 - Front Sidemarker Install, DIY OEM BMW 7 Series Headlight Washer Nozzle Install, Wagon Washer Bottle + Wiring, Silencer Removed, New Exterior Pictures in a Nice Neighborhood, Progress Photos, New Swaybar Endlink Bushings, Apexi WS2 Exhaust
    Pg. 26 - BLOX OH 2012 Reflection, New Catalytic Convertor, Ass Shots
    Pg. 27 - Daily Driver Maintenance Woes, DIY Red Clear COUPE Tail Lights
    Pg. 28 -


    The Drop

    My Favorite Angle

    Even Drop All Around

    Other Pics

    DIY Kurotsuna

    DIY Kitsuna

    Polished Shifter Plate

    The Key to Her Heart

    At the Parking Lot

    Some Photoshoot Pictures

    Bippu Style Accord. Notice the Curtains?

    Thanks to a friend of mine:

    I hope you all enjoy my MRT!
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    blackROSE Member, with a focus on VIP Style

    Love this car in a whole great mods.


      hahaha dayum that was fast thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it
      blackROSE Member, with a focus on VIP Style


        fcuk ya....that's one hella of a ride...VIP PEOPLE!!!!.......Leather interior by any chance got that from another car!!! lol

        Mercyboy: I rather lose by a mile because I built my own car then win by an inch because someone else built it for me..your car is your story, so don't let someone else write the book!

        1990 RHD Honda accord si CB3 Canada
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          lol thanks bro!

          Front Leather Seats are from an Acura Vigor:
          - Swap was straightforward, swap accord seat rails onto Vigor seats, and bolt in

          Rear Leather Seats from an Acura CL 97-99:
          - Swap was also straightforward, bottom seat falls right in, but you gotta bend a metal tab a bit to get it to line up with a bolt hole. The backrest just pressfits, I'm trying to figure out a way to get a latch on it that lines up with the accord
          blackROSE Member, with a focus on VIP Style


            Wow , this thing is freaking clean man.

            Nice work

            And is the final stance/drop with the race springs that give off a 1.5 inch drop ?
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              Now this is a sweet platform to work with!!!!!! Kudos to you my friend!
              I fly by like the coupe grew wings!!!
              My coupe!!!

              Originally posted by Racer_XXX
              Excuse me miss, YOUR FUPA IS IN THE WAY!!!


                this looks really great! i love the luxury look you are trying to accomplish. You just need a set of rims to set off the whole look. Maybe some louis vutton, coach, burberry, or fendi fabric for the interior panels?


                thats what im planning on doing.


                  i love this car, so much of a creative process with this thing, and i can see it, im a diy whore, and u r also.

                  really fukin sweet ride. i noticed u painted the door garnish silver at the bottom, sweetness.
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                    10thannCB7: haha thanks! been working on it for two years now and yep, that is the final stance with the H&R Sport Springs (1.75F/1.5R). Its about an inch gap all around after everything has settled. I went from being able to fist my fenderwell gap to having to slightly cross my fingers. It's a good drop, enough to get rid of excessive fenderwell clearance and still have a tiny gap to clear for rubbing. I added a strut bar from eBay to improve the handling characteristics of the suspension and I will soon add front and rear anti-sway bars from Suspension Techniques when i get the money Other than that, some 17s oughtta fill up the rest of that black space very nicely

                    Daheavyking: thank you very much!

                    JunyAccord: thanks! yup i'd rather have luxury than a really powerful car at this point (planning on owning an NSX someday so that'll be my Go Fast Car hahaha), and i get a lot of compliments from people who sit in my car (especially my lady friends, haha). I condition my seats every other week to retain the softness. I've even got footpedals that cost me $210 (Dead Rest also), lol but they look and feel amazing (under my shoes). Definitely, i'm just trying to find some nice 17" rims that are affordable for me, and that will set it off but its SO hard to find Mercedes looking broad/flat-faced deep lipped rims (like Works Euroline DH for example, or some Work Equips) for my car in 4x114.3 haha so the search continues.. i've been on craigslist for the past 2 weeks and nothing remotely close has popped up. Why has no one made a knock-off of that style yet :'( lol.

                    Those example pics in that link you linked to look awesome! haha those chairs look surprisingly comfy

                    Yup! the door fabric is my next interior project! I recently picked up some leather fabric thats polyester and stuff, looks and feeels amazing. I'll take pictures of the project when it gets finished, on tuesday imma head over to my friends house and she's gonna help me sew them up, i just gotta go to the junkyard and pull off a piece of fabric for us to use as a template. I'm doing a pleated look, like the NSX. :3 can't wait to see how it turns out!

                    F20A CB7: thankss bro, DIY whores for the WIN! Love this car man, you have to think so much to get stuff to work for your car, like lips, side skirts, rear lips, swapping seats... it's fun cuz its not like i can go to a store and purchase all i need like civics and integs, its a whole new level of customization when you're in the CB game.

                    haha I went back to the picture to see what you were talking about, and thats actually my car, thats white paint. BUT, now that you mention it, having that painted as a silver lip looks pretty good :] too lazy to take it off and do it again though ^_^
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                      Love the "Larry Le" pics. Super clean coupe

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                        haha fasho, he was a really good photographer to work with, got a lot of good photos and was a nice guy

                        blackROSE Member, with a focus on VIP Style


                          Wow nice accord! Everything is clean, polished parts and all.

                          Makes me want to polish some things


                            you should post some more interior pictures , all those vip thingys got me curious lol

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                              Excalibur02: thanks a bunch! yeah ever since i discovered polishing after i saw TypeG's ride, I've been in love with making my car shine! I'm in the process of polishing all the steel trim around the windows, then i'll move onto polishing my glass and getting off the buildup of rain-X over the years, so that my black tint looks even blacker! and I always look at your car too really excellent ride you've got, very clean as well!

                              POLISHING PARTY

                              10thAnnCB7: Sure thing! I just finished installing my 9293 Center Console Armrest that I ordered from Canada today, it's been sitting in my house for 2 months untouched because i was trying to figure out how to relocate my e-brake safely to the middle, but now its all bolted up (the bolt on the rear of the bracket near the cables is a little sketchy, but it works, lol)! I took pics of the install, and will probably post up another DIY pretty soon! That sheetmetal is pretty damn thick :\ broke one of my cut-off wheels :'[ I dyed the armrest cushion black, and i sprayed the plastic black too, and to get that dull OEM look i waxed it. looks great.

                              tomorrow i have another free day, i'll take some interior shots of everything i've done inside then :] maybe detail while i'm at it!

                              Tomorrow is also the day i continue my interior door panel project... NSX Style (luxury style) door panels hereeee we go!!!

                              PS: been trying to get my 5th Gen side skirts fitted too... got my passenger side all lined up, and i transferred the holes onto the driver side, but i was off by a cm on the transfer, so i gotta do the saaaame dang thing i did for the passenger (locate all the holes and drill them)... so tedious, these things. :[ iono if i'll be able to make a DIY for them, the process was so involved and chaotic.
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