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fliplyricist1 : 1993 Accord 10th A.E.

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    wow, the new ride is looking mighty clean.

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      I loved this car. LOVE this car. Probably THE first Arcadia i liked and that inspired me. Truly a piece of work. Thank you, sir.

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      Originally posted by Jarrett
      Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


        WOW. "Droooools" I Cant believe i never seen this THREAD !

        that Car is Total Inspiration !

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          This CB was one of the first modded CB7s that I ever saw and liked. It was what made me decide to keep mine for so long before I sold it.

          Originally posted by Clean_4th gen
          X2! Why did you sell it?
          His engine got messed up, and he already had the CL, so he decided to stick with 1 car.


            My boys got the same acura with a supercharge h22 shit moves. Those cl are nice cars man!


              i really miss this car sometimes my headlights are like urs flip. ur cb is the reason why i have retroed 1pcers. thnx for all the help when i was piecing together my retro.

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                DIY red/clear taillight mod w/ simultaneous and alternating flashers for the brake lights and turn signals.

                what did u mean by this?

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                  thanks again guys!! haha old thread is oldddd

                  Originally posted by marcusv8thunder View Post
                  DIY red/clear taillight mod w/ simultaneous and alternating flashers for the brake lights and turn signals.

                  what did u mean by this?
                  I used a store-bought trailor hitch brake light/turn signal controller module to modify my lights to do the following:

                  1) when turn signals are applied, both the top and bottom (brake and turn signals) both signal at the same time

                  2) when the turn signals are applied while the car is braking, the brake and turn signals alternate blinking (brake light flashes, then turn signal, then brake light, etc)

                  I kind of want to do it on my CL now, but honestly I have no clue how I did it in the first place, just hooked up some wires by accident and ended up liking it lol

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                    We miss you son! OG Status <3


                      damn flip, i always forget that you had this thing. pure sex


                        sooo sooooo clean and simple thats a great looking cb man i give you a 10 out of 10 love the simple rims too


                          Clean CB7 dude, love it
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                            This was the definition of : clean
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