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    wildBill83 : 1992 Accord LX

    So this is the car I just bought the other day for $550. It's a maroon 4dr LX 5spd.

    The good, it has no rust and a decent body and it is a manual.

    The bad, it was owned by a moron, who ruined the cooling fans because he thought they were both supposed to run all the time, now the primary fan only runs when A/C is on. This caused the motor to over heat and the water pump to fail. He also decided JB Weld belongs in CV joints.

    Needless to say I'm just tearing into the car to find out what else he "fixed".

    REPAIR LIST (Completed)
    Clutch and throw out bearing
    Air intake tube
    Upper front ball joints
    Lower ball joints
    Outer tie rods
    Sway bar end links
    Upper rear ball joints
    Drivers axle
    Passengers axle (acquired from 92turboaccord)
    Fan wire harness repair
    Radiator Cap
    Water pump
    Dizzy o-ring
    Cam o-ring (acquired from dj_ender)
    Water neck inlet seal
    Head gasket
    Valve cover seals
    Rear main seal
    Oil pump crank seal
    Torque motor mount (Poly filled old mount)
    Side motor mount (Poly filled old mount)
    Rear motor mount (Poly filled old mount)
    Transmission mount (Poly filled old mount)
    Small interior pieces
    -Shift boot
    -ash tray
    -cup holder
    Missing exterior items
    -Mud flaps
    Exterior wire harness shorts
    -A/C fan
    -Cooling fan
    -Drivers side headlight
    -front lip from an EX
    Missing under hood brackets and items

    REPAIR LIST (Needs)
    Rack & Pinion rebuild
    Lower frame front cross member is damaged, may replace...
    Front right fender dent removal
    Rear right passenger window regulator
    -Battery tie down
    Interior wire harness shorts
    -rear pass side window
    -dome light
    -passenger door open switch
    Missing exterior items

    CB9 trunk compartment

    STOCK F22A1
    H22A4 windage tray
    H22A4 oil cooler

    STOCK H2A5



    (Refinished SE rims eventually)

    Pioneer Head Unit
    CB7 EX 6x9 Rear pods

    Possible suspension upgrade
    Rear disk brakes with 40/40 valve and sub frame and sway bar from an SE if I can get one in the junk yard
    Repair and replace missing items from a junk yard.
    DD stocker until I get another good paying job
    F22A6 cam
    F22A6 or H23A intake double runner + functional IABs
    F22A4/6 exhaust manifold and dp
    Convert PT3 to PT6 using cloudasc kit
    Possible brake and clutch line upgrade to SS braided

    Drive her for a while then drop the H22A4 in her.
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    Nice score, man. Hopefully you don't find too many other issues.

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      Looks good!!! JB Weld in the CV joints? Lol.
      My MRT:

      (Turbo lag - turbo power) + HYPE = VTEC

      Bought From: Davids92Accord

      Sold To:


        Looks good. I love maroon CB7s.
        1990 Accord EX


          I wish I could find an Accord in that condition with that price or maybe lower.


            I have the wire harness out and the coolant system out of the way. I'm in Dallas for the weekend. I'll post photos this coming week.


              I'll post some photos up soon, I ran into some troubles and time issues. I hope to have the photos up later today.

              It's looking like I need to replace the pass. side knuckle and axle because the PO destroyed the brass axle nut.

              Please check my WTS/WTT thread in the classifieds if you have spare F22A1 parts.

              Both this thread and the WTS/WTT thread will be updated shortly with photos.

              All parts traded for will receive credit and a detailed write up for the community to share in my experience and maybe convince some folks to undertake a large mechanical restoration project or repair on their own.
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                Originally posted by wildBill83 View Post
                It's looking like I need to replace the pass. side knuckle and axle because the PO destroyed the brass axle nut.
                If you have access to a welder, you should be able to weld a rod onto that nut to spin it off. That way you can just buy a new nut and not a whole knuckle and axle.


                  Im still wondering how you damage such a big nut


                    Motor is out, look for photos in my motor removal thread once I'm not too lazy to upload them.

                    I'm debating on how to go about the manual to auto swap on this beast with the most OEM route. Either way it is going to sit under a tree as a shell while I replace seals on the motor and start to tear apart my SE and get it ready for the manual swap.


                      Damaged axle nut:

                      I'm thinking a pissed off midget with a jack hammer stopped by to do maintenance on these axles.


                        Originally posted by AAPOQ View Post
                        Nice score, man. Hopefully you don't find too many other issues.
                        I think I got most of them listed now. My main concern is getting her pulled apart and gathering parts to complete her. I updated the first thread with the damages I have found so far.


                          Since the motor is out, and I plan to do upgrades to the motor in the future, I'm adding an OEM oil cooler to the F22A1 block from my H22A4. Texas heat kills, and this summer is going to be hot!

                          Anyone know if the F22A1 has holes for a windage tray in the girdle? I wonder if my spare windage tray will bolt right up.... Hmmmm.


                            It has provisions for it.
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                              Does this mean there are tapped holes or untapped holes? I'm planning to retrofit an H22 windage tray to the F22. Slight modifications might be needed I assume. I'll see when I get the motor taken apart in the next few days I'll know for sure.
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