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    Hope you get her back to running right. Reminds me of one of my old accords.
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      I'm lasy and still haven't dug into the problem, mainly because it has been intermittent and I cannot recreate it.

      Here is a video of a new problem. I'm betting this is the grounds as well. Looks like time to trace wires. Excuse my dust collection.

      In this video I'm going a constant speed. When I turn on the blinker my RPM and speedo go CRAZY... Most likely a ground issue as I stated.
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        That happened to me when my alternator stopped working and i was driving on battery only. Sort of like there isnt enough power for the indicators to operate and the dials at the same time. After this stage you cant full throttle because the battery cant supply the coil with enough spark.

        But you wouldnt get the above issues if you battery was still being charged/was healthy.

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          I thought the battery or alt at first but the battery is 4 months old and is sitting at over 12v. The gauges go back to normal sometimes after hitting bumps or making a turn. I'm just not wanting to remove the dash.


            The problem with the gauges hasn't happened again nor has the strange miss. It's my daily driver so it's not like I don't drive the car. I ordered two alterators just incase I have charging problems.

            Living in BFE no where in a farm house has it's ups and downs.


              I am selling the maroon car. She runs great but I never finished the restoration. Plus one of the kids thought it funny to throw a rock through my passenger window.

              There is no more miss and the dash has been working great since I checked a few grounds out.

              I haven't put but maybe 2k miles on it since rebuild two years ago in Texas and it has been sitting and collecting dust in the mean time.

              Anyone in the Southern MN, Northern IA or Eastern SD is welcome to first dibs on this smooth running rebuilt F22A1.

              I gotta sell her to move, I'll put up some more photos later today.
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                Exactly a year and a day since your last post in here.

                So where are you moving to?
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                  Moving back to Texas. Gotta go before the snow flies. The gold SE is still mine and I plan to keep it.


                    Pm what your looking to get for the car. I am from central mn so I am not to far away.


                      I kept both cars. I just got the gold one legal for Texas. I removed the suspension and it is full stock again for ground clearance. After the rollercoaster of a ride over the last few years I'm just doing repairs.

                      The aftermarket water pump on the maroon Honda died mid 2017 so it is stagnant at the moment.

                      Anyone interested in the H&R springs and Koni strut matched sets I have just taken off?