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    Originally posted by H311RA151N View Post
    I can't even think of what all has changed with this car.

    It now has:

    -Alpine stereo. Single din.

    -Brembo OE front rotors. Wagner thermoquiet pads.

    -New OEM lower ball joints.

    -Detroit Axle? Wheel bearings and hubs.

    -Replaced rear deck, head liner and speaker grills (in rear deck) with pretty nice pieces. Reversed the mistakes of the previous owner.

    -Bridgestone Blizzak WS70's in 195/60/R15. (Soft, way soft. Running them until I don't have to. Great tires but a deep winter tire IMO. I'd only use them with snow on the ground. Wind and 80mph makes the car lean and bounce around. Not displeased but surprised. Not a highway tire due to super super soft ride.)

    I have a Vibrant ultra quiet resonator to install. The drone is quite bad. It's also leaking oil from the the timing side again and the rear main I believe. Pretty annoyed with oil leaks on this car. So the timing belt needs done again. Luckily the belt is $18 give or take. I'm about sick of doing it. Even though I can do just the belt in a couple hours now (practice). I think I errored when I used the Dorman balance shaft seal. It's probably the culprit.

    Last but not least, I hate traveling in this car after traveling so much in the Talon. To be able to maneuver or pass in an instant (Talon) to having 2400 feet to pass a semi and a car a doing 70 in alternating passing lanes and hoping you make it around is a big difference. This car is SLOW. And I think it's slower than factory. I have the ignition timing dead nuts. It runs smooth and idles good.

    Long story not so long, this car needs and turbo. I think I'm going to start gathering the last several parts to complete the build. I have injectors (550cc dsm) a small 16g turbo, O2 housing and 1g turbo manifold. I think all I needs is to build a forged pistoned block (got a great running F22A6 in another CB7 now) new gaskets, good clutch, find a donor 5 speed (or all parts) Walbro 255, wideband, boost gauge (I have a spare Autometer mech one) and then a method of tuning. It's a matter of time until it happens. Just a stock rod, stock cam forged pistoned motor making whatever the parts I have will comfortably support. Thankfully I have so many DSM parts. If it made a reliable 260whp-280whp I would be super pleased. If it lasted 80-100k daily driving I would be even more pleased. This car is just such a dog. When traveling with another person, two 60lb dogs and 250lbs of luggage it becomes a boat.
    If'n you ever finish that F22 a6, and feel like shipping it ... lol!

    Hey, have a Great Thanksgiving Josh ..

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      I'll put you on my "If I win the lotto" list. And you too Tomi! Funny thing, I couldn't remember how you spelled your name and I quickly browsed your MRT to find out and found about 5 different spellings. So to clarify... It's Tomi right? For future reference.
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        I always forget how slow these cars are stock. Well, I mean back in the day they were fast compared to others, but now in the modern world they seem slow. I went for a drive in a friends car (standard transmission) this summer (been a good 10 years since I've been in a stock cb7) and for a second in my mind I was thinking "why isn't he shifting yet..... ". Then I realized we were waiting for the car to gain speed lol. (think we were in 3rd gear). Even having a turbo pipe blow off on the H22 and feeling stock H22 again feels slow (also a low compression engine / 140HP). You should definitely aim for over 200/220whp as most other OEM rides are around the 200HP mark now.


          I agree 100%. They are painfully slow in stock form by today's standards.

          I have so many compatible DSM turbo parts that it's inevitable. I need to find a 5 speed parts car or swap parts at which point it'll happen.

          Even 200whp would be a major improvement. The way I'm looking at it is backwards but essentially I have free parts. I think I can make at least 250whp on the small 16g and 550cc injectors I have. Which would be plenty for a reliable daily with forged pistons.

          So onto the immediate future.

          I installed the new OEM lower ball joints and had the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70's installed about a month ago. I have a lifetime alignment through Firestone and they told me at the time of the tire installation and alignment that the steering rack gearbox is leaking and the driver side inner tie rod is shot. Also that the front struts are leaking.

          So I'm fine with the front struts being gone. I think next year I'm going to install KYB AGX struts on the factory springs and replace all bellows, bushings and isolators at that time. Thoughts on this setup? Would like a stiffer better handling ride @ factory height. Also wouldn't have to install camber kit(s).

          I'm sourcing a Detroit Axle steering rack later this week. It includes inner tie rod ends. Also, I'm sticking in another a new set Moog outer tie rod ends with the new rack just so everything is fresh.

          I installed a new heater valve a month ago. I forget the manufacturer but it fit 100% factory. It was like $35. The car also has a new Spectra distributor this year. But the heater hose is damaged from oil contamination as the previous distributor leaked onto it as they commonly do. Part number 79721-SM1-010. So I'm installing a new heater hose very soon also. Likely next week.
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            Originally posted by H311RA151N View Post
            So to clarify... It's Tomi right? For future reference.
            Yup. A friend I surfed with, (and also competed against) spelled his name that way, and his mother was my English teacher in HS.
            He passed away in a freak ski accident in Colorado while I was in the military. I came back and went to my ole HS and she was still there.
            I interrupted her class and offered my condolences and asked her if Tomi would mind if I changed the spelling of my name.

            Just a little something to remember ole friends and good times ...

            I hope you and your Family are having a Great Thanksgiving ...

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