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Phempa : 1991 Accord LX

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    Phempa : 1991 Accord LX

    2/4/09 : In process of buying this car back.
    My mother bought this car brand new in 1991, so it'll be a blast from the past.

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    1991 Honda Accord LX
    4 door . 5 speed . H22A

    blackhoused headlights, lip, and custom gauges

    Specs, and future mods list updated Mar, 05.
    DYNO Sheet added Jan, 25.

    *JDM H22A
    -=- DOHC VTEC 16-Valve
    -=- Displacement: 2157cc (2.2 Litres)
    -=- Factory HP/TQ: 200 hp@6800rpm / 161 ft-lb@5500rpm
    -=- Factory Compression: 10.6:1
    -=- Mfg. 9/1/94, swapped Feb. 2003

    *JDM Prelude M2B4 5-Speed Hydraulic Transmission w/ Limited Slip Differential
    *OBX Short-Shift Adapter [12-21-05]
    *Tenzo-R Cold Air Intake [11-17-05]
    *DC Sports 4-2-1 Stainless Header
    *3" Stainless Catalytic Converter
    *2.5" Tsudo Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust
    *Centerforce Stage-1 Clutch
    *8.5mm NGK spark plug wires
    *NGK spark plugs
    *P13 ECU - Modified by Mugen

    *Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs [~2" drop all around]
    *Vibrant Upper Front Strut Tower Bar
    *Vibrant Upper Rear Strut Tower Bar

    *Original Honda YR-501M Cappuccino Brown Metallic
    *Blackhoused USDM headlights [2-5-06]
    *Pilot 8000k HID kit [3-5-06]
    *PIT 9005 Ultra-White high beams
    *92-93 EX Front Lip [2-1-06]
    *16" IKON 155's with 205/45R16 Nankang tires
    *Red/White Tail lights
    *M3 Style Mirrors w/ yellow blinkers & blue running lights
    *Black Corner Lenses [11-17-05] (With 6-bulb amber LED 194-type lights [1-16-06])
    *Black Blinker Lenses [12-29-05]
    *Excessive Rust
    *Those stupid little white led windshield washers (want oem back... anyone?)

    *Custom LED backlit gauges [2-17-06]
    *JDM CB3 Center Console [1-16-06]
    *JDM CS-X3 Mirage Air Spencer - Squash Flavored Air Freshener [3-28-06]
    *Kenwood KDC-MP628 CD-Player with Organic Color Display [3-28-06]
    *Pioneer 5.25" Front
    *Stealth Audio .75" Tweeters (front doors)
    *Lightning Audio 6.5" Rear
    *(2) 10" Rockford Fosgate Subs
    *(1) Jensen 500w 2-ch amp

    What's Next...
    *Skunk2 Intake Manifold
    *Skunk2 68MM Throttle Body
    *Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams
    *Skunk2 or AEM Cam Gears
    *Skunk2 Valves
    *Skunk2 Valve Springs & Retainers
    *AEM Tru-Power Pulleys
    *Exedy Hyper-Carbon Clutch
    *Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
    *Uberdata tuned ECU (after all engine mods)
    *Powdercoat valve cover same color as car
    *Detail motor and bay
    *High-Amp Alternator
    *Earthing Ground kit
    *Optima Yellow or Red battery & relocate to trunk
    *Omnipower or Tein full suspension (lower it 3" front, 2.5" rear)
    *KMAC Adjustable Sliding Ball Joints for camber correction
    *Suspension Techniques F&R Sway Bars
    *Rear Disc conversion
    *Big-Brake kit, F&R (brand undecided)
    *New Front & Rear bumpers
    *OEM-Style Carbon Fiber Hood
    * CD5 Mugen-style front Lip (ABS) Settling for 92-93 EX lip for now (purchased from AZaccord) Installed, pic on page 4!
    *Shave Antenna
    *Rust Removal & Paint (Same color as now, but more metallic)
    *Window Tint (legal limit, black) (wait a sec... there is NO LIMIT in Arizona )
    *Upholster entire interior
    *Bride or Recaro seats
    *Smaller steering wheel (brand undecided)

    Recent Maintenance...
    *New Timing Belt
    *New Master Cylinder
    *New Motor Ground
    *New Cooling Fans
    *New Front Motor Mount
    *Front-end Alignment
    *New Fast-Idle Valve
    *New EGR Valve
    *New Oxygen Sensor
    *New Knock Sensor
    *New Power Steering Pressure Line
    *New Oil Pan
    *New Rear Wheel Cylinders
    *New Ignition Switch
    *New Main Relay
    *New Spark Plugs

    Stainless front to back

    AS OF 1/25/06......
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    Nice Motor...
    Automotive Service and Fabrication In SOCAL!!


      Damn. i would NEVER guess this things packin wut its packin if i saw it on tha street. very impressed


        very ghetto. Looks like your exhaust is rusting away at the headers and downpipe. stock 15's are too small for that drop. when you live on the east coast. You have to wash your car weekly, or else on our ~15 year old cars, they rust away!


          not bad. i wouldn't say ghetto as stated above. the engine is a nice mod, as well as the shaved badges. later.
          Avoiding dirt at all costs


            Welcome to the sight man. I'm going with what ^ said "your car is super sleeper as it is" lol I saw the "R" in the grill and almost posted saying "R is for Ricer" lol your Accord does have it where it counts though so good luck with your next mods, whatever you chose to do.


            - Zipcreature

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              cool car...i wouldnt it expect it to have an h22a.
              92 DA9 // 93 D21 4x4 // 92 CB7


                H22 fix that body work and you'll be set


                  Originally posted by Phempa
                  Yeah, she's ugly as poop, but she's got it where it counts :P
                  u ain't kidding
                  welcome to cb7tuner.. a little elbow grease on the engine bay and a respray on the body to compliment the H22.
                  5.6L V8 32V DOHC
                  JDM HERITAGE - US BUILT


                    Another Mashole ha where are you at man?
                    Henry R
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                      The essentials.


                        I know this car.


                          fix up the body a little bit and paint = pure sleeper


                            @Soapytoast: The exhaust is brand new! no rust on it at all, the bronzing is probably due to high heat. And, yes the rust sucks, but I wont have to worry about it gettin worse for the time being as I and the 'rustbox' have moved to Tucson, AZ.... hot and dry as **** out here :P

                            @Accrdkid: was from sount of Boston... Brockton area, but as staed above, moved to Tucson recently

                            @AccordWarior: where you see me?

                            oh, and thanks for all the welcomes


                              Well, I remember the car, I don't know if you owned it then. I used to see it at a pizza place in EB all the time, back when it had a kit...I used to get revved at all the time lol.