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Smokinspeeds : 1991 Accord LX

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    Smokinspeeds : 1991 Accord LX

    NEW PICTURES HERE AND PG 3/Rear bumper teaser pics pg 4/ Wire tuck page 7
    AUTO TO 5SPD SWAP PLUS F22B DOHC SWAP ON PG 17 + exhaust! Lude Seats and SE door panels page 18

    Accord Inspire CB5 headlight conversion(the one and only!) -RETIRED
    93 accord front bumper
    93 accord rear bumper
    5th Gen Accord TypeR front lip
    5th Gen Accord Sideskirts
    Tiny CF mirrors Painted by Keele
    Black small window stickers
    Black Windshield banner sticker (the first!) GONE
    New Windshield Fall 2011
    Erik's CB7 sticker on small window above sticker
    black/red aftermarket taillights GONE
    Red Clear Tails
    Custom 2.5" Exhaust with two eBay resonators
    Carsound hi flow catalytic converter
    Flowmaster 44 muffler
    2003 Viper blue pant


    Oldschool 15" tri-star wheels painted gloss black with 3 coats of clear OLD
    Hankook RSR z212 195/40/R15 streetable autocross tires OLD
    Stock suspension-(not for long) OLD

    Tokico Blues Shocks/Struts + Tokico Springs -OLD
    Tien SS Coilovers
    Front Ingals Upper Adjustable Balljoints
    Rear adjustable upper arms
    ADR Gloss 17"s
    Hankook Ventus HRII tires


    Lude Seat Swap
    Black Leather SE door panels and plastic trim
    Wide angle rearview mirror
    Alpine type S 6.5" door speakers, older blue/black model
    Alpine type s 6x9" rear deck speakers,
    Aline 6.5" grills covering ports cut in rear deck for my bass addiction
    Alpine 4.5" type S molded dash pods (BEST SOUND UPGRADE EVER)
    Elemental Designs EHQS 12" oem style subwoofer (retired)
    Elemental Designs 13Ov1 12" subwoofer
    Custom tri-ported 2.75 cu^ft subwoofer box by me
    Alpine mrp-f240 4ch 35oW amp for door/deck spkrs
    Alpine mrp-m350 mono 3ooW sub amp
    Alpine 3522 2ch 70w amp X2 - one for rear pods, another for center channel - retired
    Flip Trunk to complete parking lot pimpin trunk setup
    Elemental Designs Edead sound matting on doors/trunk lid/rear deck/trunk
    Elemental Designs Edead roll on full floor and rear door and full trunk
    Elemental Designs Teklight high frequency matting in front doors <-
    (MSI Mega 180 mini computer with FM tuner media center when pc is on or off /MSI media remote/7" MAd Catz screen/RF Wireless trackball/3ooW power inverter for computer and screen) <-removed

    -------------ALARM TO DETER THEIFS!!!------------

    Under the hood:

    An engine by honda....
    F22a1 @ 201440k miles putting out ZERO black smoke RETIRED!
    F22B DOHC JDM put in with about 85k
    M2U5 Transmission
    AUTO -> 5 Speed Swap (after 7+ years!)
    DC Sports Ceramic Headers
    Ebay Cold Air Intake, coated with high heat ceramic paint (blue)
    Ebay Strut Bar


    012786 <-- the last six #'s in my JHM VIN# (jdm made!)
    MY BIRTHDATE IS 01-27-86!!!


    -Touch up body work and paint it Honda Glacier Blue metalic

    -Return most of interior to stock, figure a way to save dash (can't do without those pods, music sound stage is now OMG)

    -Seat upgrade DONE



    Get Po6 running and 450cc DSM blue tops installed <--HAVE

    Auto->manual transmission swap <-DONE!!!!!!!!!

    boost 6-8 psi


    And it doesn't end there...

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    My 91 Accord F22B DOHC MR

    My 1996 Civic Ex H23A VTEC MR

    THE TIMELINE! My car has come a LOOONG way, been through some pretty bad stages, and has gone to being a very one-of-a-kind jewel!

    My earliest pictures on file, although I got it 100% stock:

    Self paint job (never doing rattle can again other than bumper touch up!)

    New paint job!!!

    Black 93 bumpers with new paint job:

    Tristars and bumper lights gone black:

    My 91 Accord F22B DOHC MR

    My 1996 Civic Ex H23A VTEC MR


      Bumper typeR lip conversion:

      Accord INSPIRE headlight conversion (with bumper conv):

      Current with cut-out hood, grill, blue window tint:
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      My 91 Accord F22B DOHC MR

      My 1996 Civic Ex H23A VTEC MR



        Various Favorite pictures

        My all time favorite!
        My 91 Accord F22B DOHC MR

        My 1996 Civic Ex H23A VTEC MR


          i really like that especially the molded lip. when u get your drop itll really set it off nicely and i think some blacked out stock tails would help out nicely as well. the VIN number thing is one of the most amazing coincidences ive heard of
          goodluck with your plans
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            Lookin' good. Keep it up and about time you made a member's ride thread!!!

            Black Housing DIY 1991 Wagon Morimoto Retrofit
            JDM One-Piece Headlight Lens Repair


              Now thats a unique front end on the likes bro..
              accordtypeR aka Seve aka The Godfather.

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                Very creative A+,you'll be real good as you grow
                Keep it up.

                -->751 whp @ 27psi <--...Midnight Tuning <----


                  nice lip, old school 3stars . not feeling the grill or the black bumpers


                    you got some great ideas
                    that molded lip is dope
                    not feelin the wheels or bumpers should keep them the same colour as the car imo
                    for some reason the headlights look photoshoped to me keep it up


                      I thought you had a members ride thread lol took you long enough. LOL at the pic of how your car started what were those hubcap chromies? AT least the car looks better than what it was.

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                        I like your headlight conversion, blackout your headlight I think it would look bad ass, but over all I think it kinda rice, but kinda nice. i dunno

                        it has eyes!!!


                          yeah I'm not feeling it 100% but I got a lot of plans for her. The rims where white and while not matching the color scheme I think they looked better that way. I had to lay low for a while (cop speaking) so I went black. Probably will become a dedicated autocross set for weekends. Nothing is edited at all other than my signature, and still didn't mess with the car itself. I do have some sick plans to make the headlights even better but I'm not telling until it's done... Car will be getting shaved soon and may or may not stay blue. *may*

                          Thanks for all the feedback...

                          Got some unique inspire emblems on the way from overseas... and these aren't the 'accord_inspire' ones you have probably seen...
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                          My 91 Accord F22B DOHC MR

                          My 1996 Civic Ex H23A VTEC MR


                            I dig the tri-stars. I used to want some in chrome when they came out. I'd be cool to see what it would look like dropped. You've def. made this cb your own. later.
                            Avoiding dirt at all costs


                              Not really my style, but props on all the work man. One thing I do like are the doors. They're hot

                              Originally posted by Maple50175
                              Oh here we go again. Maples other half.