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    Junkyard Toolbag

    When I go to the junkyard I bring my favorite tools with me. Please list what's in your tool bag when you head out there. I generally pay my admission and walk in empty handed and spend 15 minutes looking for items I want then return to my car and grab the items I need to remove what I want. My local junkyard doesn't allow power tools, but if your junkyard does that is cool.

    Here is my list:
    18" solid swivel 1/2" breaker bar
    cheater bar to extend breaker bar
    1/4" drive ratchet
    3/8" drive ratchet
    1/2" drive ratchet
    ratchet extensions
    ratchet adapters
    wire nippers
    full metric socket set
    full metric deep socket set
    metric ratcheting offset box end wrenches
    metric box end wrenches
    hand held MAP torch
    3 different sized pry bars
    magnetic tray
    9v battery
    speaker wire
    3 jaw puller
    2 jaw puller
    ball joint splitter
    sterring wheel puller
    hub puller
    5lb slide hammer
    inner bearing puller
    seal removal tool
    PB Blaster
    manual impact screwdriver
    rubber mallet
    3lb sledge hammer
    flat head screwdriver
    philips head screwdriver
    razor blade
    adjustable wrench
    vice grips
    30mm socket
    36mm axle socket

    Feel free to share your list as well or make suggestions. I may add to the list as I remember what tools I do have and what I generally bring with me
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    i only take what i need to get parts off usually. unless i find something like fog lights or other parts then its game on.
    COUPE K24


      Originally posted by '93CB7Ex View Post
      i only take what i need to get parts off usually. unless i find something like fog lights or other parts then its game on.
      I bring everything in my trunk, just incase. My home is a hike away. So I only go and get what I need from my trunk for the job at hand. My junkyard, you only pay for admission once for the whole day and my car is home base.
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        same way here. me and TypeG do jy runs all the time.
        COUPE K24


          I always have my typical auto tools in my odyssey, I'll add:
          *klein cable cutters (for cutting large harnesses)
          *honda crank pulley tool w/ 20" 3/4" drive extension
          *32 mm socket (r. hubs, civic/teg misc.)
          *dikes/diagonal cutters (for cutting brakelines, sm. wires, ties)
          *flare nut wrenches-10, 12, 14mm
          *12pt 10 + 17mm if pulling clutch + f/w

          I also make sure I have some pens/pencils/paper for writing stock #'s or w/e as well as many rags. I do the same aswell sometimes, scout the lot first then bring the tools I need out. Way too much weight to be hauling around just looking! I like your list though esp. w/ all the misc. pullers you bring


            Now that is the stuff I'm looking for, great additions! I forgot about the 32mm socket, rags, flare nut wrenches and scratch paper.

            I usually print out a map of the lot and use it for my note taking.

            That crank pulley tool would come in handy, I need to get one of those.


              -96 piece craftsman tool kit with 2 combo gear wrenches (18/19 16/17) & (8/10 12/13), probably the best tools in my box because of their versatility and slimness to fit into spaces, and a magnetic pickup tool, universal joint, various 3/8th's and 1/4" extensions
              -harbor freight deep sockets (10mm-19mm)
              -8" vise grips
              -wire cutters/dykes
              -long handle screw drivers
              -ball joint remover tool
              -4 lb sledge hammer
              -20" breaker bar
              -36mm axle nut socket
              -mechanix gloves
              -needle nose and curved nose pliers

              I usually take a wheel barrow with me so I don't have to carry all the parts I find. I frequent the Pick N Pull nearby me and they're usually good about organizing the cars and keeping the rows clutter free
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                Most of what was mentioned besides a few i need to add! Thanks guys

                A flashlight is great especially those led ones with the magnet on the back, and a set of steel toe boots.

                They help in the rain/mud. The few yards down on essington ave and 61st love to flood when it rains.

                Googles or glasses help too especially pounding away with the hammer or sledge, getting shit in your eyes SUCKS!

                Believe it or not i also bring a print out of the cb7 compatible parts list, just incase there are other models there i can take goodies off of.


                  Damn, how could I forget safety glasses! I have some with built in LEDs because holding a flashlight while working sucks.

                  More good additions!

                  Losiracer, doesn't your local pick-n-pull let you use a wheel barrow for free?


                    Things not mentioned that I bring;

                    Plumbers torch
                    Penetrating fluid(nowadays I use deep creep)
                    Nut breakers
                    Screw extractor/ez out set
                    18v sawzall
                    Crowfoot set
                    Pickle bar
                    Jump starter
                    Originally posted by wed3k
                    im a douchebag to people and i don't even own a lambo. whats your point? we, douchbags, come in all sorts of shapes and colours.


                      toycar, that is awesome your lot lets you bring those in. Power tools and jump starters are a definate no-no in my local yard.

                      Crowfoot wreches come in super handy, but I always leave them at home hahaha. Forgetful me, hopefully this list will help me remember everything.

                      Does deep creep really work better than PB Blaster?

                      More good additions! Thanks guys.


                        Junk yards here wont let you look around or take the parts off yourself. The closest salvage yard i know of that does is up near KC. (Liberty MO) 200 and something miles away.

                        The shitty part is i know if i go the good stuff (fogs, SE stuff, Legend lips an so forth) have already been taken by the guys up in KC. So it would most likely be a waste of a trip.

                        So until i find one thatll let me look in the yard around here ill just have to take the ass raping on rare parts.

                        The thing is i know there are good parts around here, but how do i know what i want to buy if i dont know what they have? Ive told them that but they dont give a shit.

                        They tell me its a liability.

                        It kinda pisses me off because i cant catch a break on any parts. My front SE seats and arm rest when i found them were $165 from a JY.


                          When I go, I usually know exactly what I'm looking for... so I know exactly what tools I need to remove it. I like to travel light, as I've left good tools behind in the past. The fewer things to forget, the better!


                            probably because im young but i have every single tool i own in my little tool box for school. i take that to the JY

                            standard wrench set
                            standard socket set\
                            metric socket set
                            good old trusty aviation snips
                            safety wire
                            and other basic stuff
                            visit vgruk


                              About the same everyone eles has. But if I need a motor or such, I'll pay someone to go get it for me, I don't have time to pull one. My local jy let's you in free, you tell them what you want, they tell you where it's at, and the price upfront, then you go get it. They have like 20 cb7s and 1 cb9 luckily for me it's the same color combo as mine. Same place I gott my predator hood, ground designs side, Sigma lip, and my fogs from. They don't really have a clue about rare parts, and I got all those for $80. He has another car with fogs, he told me I can get the whole bumper for $30