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Read the rules:

Myself, and the other mods have been very nice and lenient with the rules. We have been deleting threads, and giving out warnings. Some members didn't get the clue and re-posted over and over... Now ANY member buying or selling in this section will be banned... No IF's AND's or BUT's.
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Beginner Forum Rules - EVERYBODY read! (old and new members alike!)

Beginners start here. Once you have 30 worthwhile posts (off topic doesn't count) you may post outside of the Beginner forums. Any "whoring" (posting simply to raise your post count) will return your count to 0, or result in a ban.

These are the rules. Read them. Live by them.

1) Absolutely NO flaming! "Flaming" is an outright attack on a member. ALL questions are encouraged to be asked here, no matter how basic. Members with over 30 posts will be subject to a ONE WEEK ban if caught flaming in this forum (and yes, moderators can read deleted posts). Members with under 30 posts will be subject to a ONE DAY ban.

2) Use appropriate language. Racial or sexual slurs will not be tolerated. A ban will be issued at the discretion of the staff.

3) No items may be sold in the Beginner forums. Any "for sale" threads will be deleted.

4) Temporarily banned members will be PERMANTLY banned if they are found posting on another account.

The rules can and will be added to. Any updates will be marked in the title.

The rules for the overall forum can be found here:
Read them. You will be expected to follow them.
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    Originally posted by 802cb7 View Post
    put timing belt on and made sure everything was lined up and the belt was tight. Then I was finally able to adjust the ignition timing. Much more enjoyable car to drive now, and I cant FINALLY move on to other things.
    thanks for mentioning me mr 802cb7. if you cant guess from the username its Brandon. decided id finally register on here since ive been getting more involved in my cb while the d chassis are on hiatus. poor little cars. but anyway just so happens while I was dickering I found your threads. and its nice to see how everyones been welcoming you man. pretty cool beans indeed.