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INT : DIY Screwdriver Shift Knob

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    INT : DIY Screwdriver Shift Knob

    So I have a lot of broken screw drivers. I figured I'd make use of them and tap some shift knobs from them. You can use most of these steps to make anything you want into a shift knob if so desired.

    Tools you'll need:

    *11/32 Drill Bit and Drill
    *10x1.50 Tap
    *Metal Washer

    Get your screwdriver and slide the washer over it to protect the base like so.

    Go to your vice and clamp the screwdriver down. Leave about 3cm from the base of the handle to the vice to be able to get the crowbar under there.

    Pry upwards from both sides of the screwdriver base. The washer makes it so you don't scuff up the handle. Reposition the screwdriver as needed because it will slide up and you will not be able to get leverage from the crowbar.

    Don't rush and break it, and you'll end up with this.

    Lube the drill with WD-40 to reduce heat and friction. Take your soon to be shift knob and drill straight down the preexisting hole.

    Take the 10x1.50 tap and give it a quick spray of WD-40. Slowly start the tap; it's just like any other screw righty tighty lefty loosey. Once it's started you want to back out a little bit after every turn to help the tap cut and to better catch flakes and shards. Be careful when you're finished because the tap could be hot due to friction.


    Try the thing out and have fun with your new knob.

    knob i made for my daily

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      I'm wondering if I can sell these.


        That's awesome and great pics too! thanks for the DIY


          Heres one i made a few years back out of a craftsmen screwdriver. (Not my car)


            Originally posted by F22Chris View Post
            I'm wondering if I can sell these.
            probably not.


              You should add an LED in the clear handles.


                that is really cool. i think that would pair nicely with the key/screwdriver hack

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