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    damnit you took too long anthony! i fell asleep while u were making this page! but anyways i know how he did his (arms are like my rimz son 22's)

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      Haha. I love those 7 spokes imitating ITRs
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        Nice and clean buddy im loving the whole setup....
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          love your car man!...those type R wheels...very original...

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            Nice coupe...

            I dig the wheels.
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              lovin your ride man. those cd5 wheels are so dope in white! why haven't more people done this! good shite. keep it up.
              hey. my cb7 has morphed. haha.


                damn another coupe doin it right. the wheels are sick (all of them).keep the pics comin
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                  real nice man keep it up


                    THANKS TO ALL!

                    I appreciate all the feedback that was given to me tonight. It really sealed the night for me. All the struggling, neighbors lookin at me crazy cuz i f*ck with my car EVERYDAY, girlfriend b*tchin bout makin more time for her than the car (haha)... all of it pays off. Dedication is what motivates all of us and makes this site what it is!

                    I'm truly flattered to see the rating stars at 5. The first time around I only got 16-30 hits... and no stars but you all helped me mold my car to how it is. Its still not perfect, much work needs to be done. As for now, I just want to get my car out there.

                    Maybe i should rename myself member_inspired . But keep it coming, as will the pics.

                    As far as the caps go, only very few know. I'll spill out the goods in due time. Its more than just caps... want you all to know that. And Im still not quite done with it yet.

                    MORE PICS SOON!

                    THANK YOU ALL!!

                    Follow me on IG: @jdm_inspired

                    93 'til infinity


                      looking good bro!!
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                        Sup anthony! .. i'm diggin the ride! .. i gotta scope out ur white "ATR's" lol i have plans on making Graphite "ATR's" !!! ahhahha.. keep up the good work man! Nor-Cal Cb7's Represent!
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                        i rep cb7tuner all day, everyday. people say, "fuck y0 honda." and i say, "bitch, please."


                          Originally posted by TheNextAZN
                          ...Nor-Cal Cb7's Represent!
                          tru dat! those rims look awsome!
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                            Damn man, those white Accord wheels look awesome! Definitely unique! Car's looking sexy as well


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                              damn man nice cb keep it looking good I was thinking on doing that with the cd5 wheels too... now I definately want to now those look phat.
                              GOT REBEL?

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                                Originally posted by jdm_inspired

                                I'm truly flattered to see the rating stars at 5.
                                at the meet you should treat me at popeyes.. coz u be treating the one who gave u the score .. lol foreal man , your ride is tight..

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