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CB7Tuner dead?

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    CB7Tuner dead?

    .......... I'd be surprised if this gets 10 replies. I usually sign up for gold member and help support the site but not sure there's a point if the site is not trying to update / keep members. (and no-one uses the paid members section). I see those trying to get pics working for DIY which is nice, but the site needs an overhaul. I recommended a chat section years ago which I thought would help. I know FB took over but information is not held long term there (or easy to find). I'm thinking it's time to shut her down.... or for me to leave.

    - chat section
    - host photos (size limited)
    - have long term members assist with $ or moderating
    - make the site great for those members who stick with the cb7

    I’m actually planning to update the software as soon as Pandemic gets a block of time (which was supposed to have been a few months ago, but the actual pandemic got in the way.)
    It should be happening in coming weeks. I have the cash set aside. Just waiting for that green light. I need Pandemic to assist with all server-side operations, including an absolutely solid backup in case we screw something up!

    The new upgrade will be mobile friendly, it will offer increased spammer resistance, and the hope is to enable image hosting (which should be cost effective given our decreased traffic, as long as we disable hotlinking.)

    I may also prune things a bit. We have a lot of sections that made sense at one time, but could now be combined. I’m thinking it would be wise to archive those old sections so we have a more streamlined site.

    I definitely intend to get longtime members involved in the process.
    In fact, I’d love to hear any and all ideas you guys may have. Even crazy ideas might lead to something doable!

    I apologize for letting things go for so long. I promise I’ll get things updated soon, and I am truly thankful to all of you that have continued to keep things going around here!


      .... I'm thinking at the very least a whole new site is required. Latest version of phpBB or whatever your flavor. A shame to get rid of the old but it's broken and has few dedicated members now. In the end it will be a site for 20 old school cb7 folks who decided to keep their cars. The young folks will flock to FB (or the next crave) but they also usually don't keep the cars for decades. I'll even say the site should just be shut down if you don't even get 10 individual replies on this post; just a waste of $$$.


        Well I still visit this site everyday. And constantly finding myself looking up great research. I hope this site doesn’t go down. But I don’t want you hemorrhaging money for 5 active members.
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          I visit just about every day. I don't use the site for its intended purpose, but always curious to see what you folks are up to.

          There are some legacy members whose opinions I always look forward to on a subject and that keeps me coming back.

          I predict that we'll see a resurgence in interest in the site when the CB7 becomes a collectible chassis in a few years.
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            We’re actually picking up in new memberships. I think a mobile friendly environment with image hosting will definitely breathe new life into the site. It just has to be done correctly... because if I break the site, it will certainly die.

            The site will look fresher, though I intend to maintain as much of the current feel as possible. The information won’t be going anywhere (I hope to never deprive cb7 enthusiasts of that resource.) Inactive areas may be archived, however, and new areas created with a streamlined feel.
            For example, we probably don’t need subforums for wheels/tires, brakes, and suspension anymore. One section covering it all will probably be just fine.

            Once we get the new version up and running, we can try salvaging some of the old photo content. Much is lost, sadly, thanks to various image hosts... but not all. Unfortunately, fixing all that is broken will be quite tedious.


              While I'm as guilty as some for not coming here more often I still look forward to seeing what's new. Guess I've often felt a little like the odd man out since my car isn't really something that would attract younger tuners. But I do appreciate reading about how innovative so many ppl here can be.

              As for seeing any resurgence for the CB7 when it becomes a "collectible" I'm thinking it already has. The first year '90s are already 30 yes old! Even though my SE is only an Accord and now a garage queen everywhere I take it it's amazing how many want to talk with me about it. I do believe we are brand ambassadors. Hell, Honda should thank us and support this site!

              Personally I'd like to see a section devoted to those of us who have kept theirs in OEM condition and be a resource to each other for acquiring parts, help with repairs and hopefully keeping them running.

              I think it's important to inspire and remind ppl that these were cars that were truly ahead of their time even by today's standards. How many new affordable cars are there today that are higher quality, built to last and exceed customer expectations past their last payment? Not many based on visits to car shows, dealers and speaking with owners and service personnel.

              I'll keep mine awhile longer rather than buy a "carpliance" and pay to be a beta tester for tech that rarely seems to work right, hinders more than helps and feels like it's being perpetually recalled!

              I say keep this site going and if it needs to evolve so be it...
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                I visit every day. I'll admit, I'm struggling. I'm down to just Ruby and she may be rusted beyond reasonable repair. I'm sorta looking for at least a rust free shell, but my wife is opposed to another one and current health issues make it difficult to get in her and drive. MRI of hip and back next week. The parts market reflects the diminishing number of cars and enthusiasts - I don't get many takers even though virtually everything is free. All that said, I'd hate to see the site close down.
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                  Here to get this thread over 10 post.

                  I don't spend as much time daily as I used to but I come here to find info just about every other day. What kinda killed the vibe here in a huge way was photobucket (you know everyone likes to see pictures) but on the Facebook groups whenever someone needs help I normally get em the links for stuff from diy sections or troubleshooting threads.

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                    I still visit.
                    lately I've been visiting more since I recently picked up a 2nd CB.
                    91 EX 5 speed Coupe this time.

                    Edit: facebook pages are garbage IMO.
                    I'm only on there to keep an eye out for parts.
                    I really do miss when it was super active on here.
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                      This is still my first stop for checking updates on people's CBs, and I prefer the forum format over social media for sure. I look back through old threads all the time, for info or getting ideas. I've had a tab up ever since I got my new wagon, locked into the MRT section, going through them one by one when I'm bored just to see what people have done to their cars over the years. Since joining IG, it is sad seeing how many CBs are on there compared to here (even sadder considering how many tag "#cb7tuner" but aren't on here), but the key to keeping a forum alive and inspiring new people to join is for the people who are here to stay on here and keep their threads updated. Some people are going to be in it for the modification, some for the OEM/OEM+ restoration. Either way, people don't typically move into ghost towns.

                      New features don't concern me, honestly. It's probably just my early-internet mentality and not caring about how it's evolved. But I suppose you have to attract the younger audience. They are our future.

                      I will say that there's one thing I really hope doesn't happen here that happened at ClubRSX when they remodeled to the new format that every other forum has changed over to: please don't cut us off from editing posts older than 24 hours just to "keep them accurate to the time they were posted." It kills some of the fun of an MRT and keeping that original post updated as a place to stop for a quick summary. Especially when some of us like to go through the trouble of linking posts for other users who might be wondering about a specific modification in our main list and want to jump to it quickly. It's also useful for things like revising our DIYs.

                      Also, is it possible for MRT titles including the body type to become an official thing? Coupe/sedan/wagon? Trim level differences, while useful information sometimes, are pretty insignificant on these cars. I just did it anyway on mine, hoping a mod wouldn't come along and edit it. I've noticed a few others have as well. I'm not interested in being a real moderator because I feel that policing the internet is one of the dumber things I've ever heard of, but adding body style to MRT thread titles is one aspect I personally wouldn't mind spending free time every now and again going through and editing just to make the Search function that little bit more useful. That and possibly helping fix the dead photo issue where I can; a new car means a lot of work will be done, and I'll be taking photos along the way anyway. Following an existing DIY that lost its photos should make it easy to get the right shots. Or I can hunt down photos of other CBs to fill in threads like the Front Lip FAQ - whether we get photo storage here, or if I have to add a folder to my Flickr account, I don't mind.
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                        I still stop in nearly daily, I just don't post much.

                        I still have my car (just celebrated her 30th birthday a few months ago!) and plan on keeping it.

                        In fact, now that I have a garage capable of housing it, I plan to get it moved here so that I can garage it and start to work on it again. I have a bunch of stuff just laying around waiting to be done. The hard part at this point is finding some of the consumables.

                        To which I have a few suggestions:

                        The heart of this site, and the opportunity that we really have (especially as the cars continue to age and parts become harder to find) is really 3 or 4 different sections.

                        1) The DIY/Technical section is where the real meat of the site is. This is what allows us to modify these cars or maintain them to keep them going. IMO, we should focus on this type of content. We can let the brainless bitching on Facebook. Our DIY section should be relatively validated, documented and organized. Not just "bro dude! it's because I said so!"

                        This is really what will keep people coming back and will keep new members having something to join over.

                        This continuing to work probably is contingent on photo hosting here. I still haven't had the motivation to go and rehost all of my photos and fix all of the broken links.

                        2) The marketplace. This will also be critical to keeping the car going, and we have the opportunity to keep things generally safe by either maintaining our rating system, or revising it to make sure that reputations are taken seriously and matter to prospective sellers and buyers. Getting stuff is hard enough for the cars now, but scamming should just not be allowed in the community.

                        3) Member's Rides. This section keeps people motivated and keeps the ideas and continued progress going. It gives a personal satisfaction to work done and allows us to share what we love on a more personal basis.

                        If all of this was mobile friendly, that would probably help a lot for a lot of members or prospective members as well.

                        The OFFICIAL how to add me to your ignore list thread!


                          I agree with owequitit. Those 3 are the heart of this forum. Regional is pretty much dead, so simply making a “meets” thread I think would suffice. I think the beginner section can all together disappear, maybe merge the MRTs in that section with the main one. I know the beginner section is used to keep spam out. But if we continue to upgrade spam restrictions and have people designated to delete and block spam accounts that will help.
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                            definitely dont want the site to go away.... if we had better image hosting, id post all my stuff here. theres a lot of great info still floating around here.
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                              I don't think its dead, perhaps its function as the main way to engage with the community has changed however. I do think the traffic slowed down here, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

                              There are a lot of posts on IG and FB, but most of it is just fodder and not always providing worthwhile content around CBs. I also think that IG and FB are more drop in for 2 minutes and post a pic taken on your phone, which is not true of most forums in 2020. I often check in a few times daily, but there isn't a running "lounge/chat" area that you can just have quick engagement with other CB peeps on the forum. The CB7Tuner Discord is actually pretty active in the "lounge/chatroom" kinda space.

                              I will say that a lot of people I engage with on IG reference CB7tuner threads and information without being active members, which may mean it is still a resource even if it isn't mostly used as a social hangout.
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