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    It will take some getting us to. But liking it so far. Nice work mike and pandemic.
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    MR Thread:


      I am still getting acquainted to the new digs. The update looks well thought out and executed. Well done Pandemic, CP_Mike, and Deev!


        Site looks great, thanks goes out to the team for making this happen. but I do have one issue. I find that Im unable to post anywhere in the beginner section. See pic. Notice the message at the bottom indicating "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page"

        Other than the beginning section everything else looks good so far.


          recieved the update email, just saying hi!

          No projects at the moment... danm

          For sale Demon+ tunerview RD2 Make offer brand new in box


            It is different. I like that I log in and it says I’m a newcomer despite me being here since 2005 lol.
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            MR page



              Hi everyone! Site looks good, hoping off topic threads can take off since most of old heads might or might not own CBs
              I'm wondering if we can find ways to revive old picture links.
              Originally posted by deevergote
              Just do what PR CB7 said.

              "I'm Going For Wood" (Clickey Clickey)


                Looks good, really good.

                I've just been navigating and seeing what's what. Kudos to those involved in the 'fresh out the shower' rejuvenated look.
                The Lord watches over me!

                "...they did the bowties, I did the ascots, as much as I have, I'm still reppin' the have nots..."

                - So Raspy


                  Thanks Pandemic and cp[mike]! Site looks great
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                    I love it! Thanks guys I was really missing the search feature of the site when it was down! You don't know how much you miss something till its gone


                      So how do you attach photos? I tried the upload attachments and select a photo. But when I hit post reply it says I am not authorized.
                      FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" Lucky #13
                      MR Thread:


                        Originally posted by fleetw00d View Post
                        So how does one add an avatar?

                        What happened to the classifieds? Also, system says I have 1008 messages; I deleted a bunch, but it still says I have 1008 so it won't let me send any messages. Had my sent messages all the way back to 2010.

                        I noticed the message center doesn't show you how many messages there are in your inbox and sent box. Deleted some more, still get a warning that I have 1008 messages.

                        Looks like it counts all posts now; I think I had less than 3000 prior to the update.
                        Great questions, thanks. Working on the classifieds, it seems a number of accounts are blocked from accessing it. We are looking into this ASAP.

                        Also, I saw documentation warning about post counts... they looked normal to me, but it was only a cursory glance. Send me a PM if you can, if you're still having problems with the numbers. I think there is a tool for fixing this.

                        Originally posted by Grumpys93 View Post
                        So how do you attach photos? I tried the upload attachments and select a photo. But when I hit post reply it says I am not authorized.
                        Still working on that part! Didn't want to disable the buttons and lose track of them, hah.

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                          I was able to get to the classifieds section, but I didn't see where it asks for the password.

                          I can't send a PM because the site thinks I have 1008 messages (see an earlier post in this thread). I deleted a bunch, but I still get a warning that I've exceeded the 500.

                          I noticed my rep has more bars than before - but who's counting

                          Another question, how do you turn off your signature in a particular message?
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                            Nice ... I like the new living room ... I rrrrreally like what you've done here ... I'll take a lil stroll around the joint .. see ya in a few ..

                            My CB9/Wagon Thread Start to Finish:


                              trying to pop in everyday to get back into habit :P


                                Looks ok, but did we add anything that people wanted ? (no post count for beginners, a chat section, hosting images, etc.) I too am having a lot of issues with PM, posting in areas.