Accord of the Month Rules -- READ before you do ANYTHING here!

Welcome to the Accord of the Month section!

Each month we will be accepting nominations for the AOM competition. Halfway through the month, the nominated cars will be put into a poll where members can vote. The car with the most votes wins! Simple as that!

Unfortunately, it's not totally simple... So, here are the rules! Read them. Follow them. Or the car you're nominating WILL be disqualified! We want everyone to have fun, so follow the rules and things will work out fine!


I want to post this so that everyone can see how the AOM system is run. There may be slight changes from time to time, which would only serve to streamline operations. After the first months, we may have learned a few things and want to update the rules.

1) Accord of the Month Requirements
In order to be AOM (Accord of the Month), there are a few requirements. These requirements must ALL be satisfied in order for the nomination process to continue for an individual.
- The current vehicle owner must be a member of CB7Tuner. Only the current vehicle owner may be eligible.
- The current vehicle owner must be in one of the following usergroups: Registered, Moderator, Administrator.
- The AOM must be a 4th Generation Honda Accord.
- There must be no considerable damage or missing body parts on the vehicle at the time of nomination, unless said changes are meant to aesthetically enhance the vehicle's appearance or increase performance. The vehicle must be in full operating condition at the time of nomination.
- An AOM-winning vehicle is ineligible for AOM consideration for a period of six months after it was last awarded AOM.
- The owner of a nominated vehicle MUST be an active member of The owner will recieve a PM from the forum moderator upon nomination. A reply must be received by the end of the nomination period or that car will not be included!

2) The Nominating Process (1st-15th)
- A thread is to be created in the Accord of the Month forum by CB7Tuner Administration for nominations at the beginning of every month.
- A list will be created in the Nomination Thread listing the past 5 AOM vehicles. Vehicles on this list are ineligible for AOM nomination.
- Self nominations are not allowed.
- Members must have at least 50 posts in order to nominate a vehicle for AOM.
- A member may only nominate ONE vehicle per month!
- When nominating a vehicle, please do so in the thread dedicated to nominations ONLY. Any posts in other threads will be deleted.
- When nominating a vehicle, a detailed paragraph explaining why that car is being nominated. If no explanation or picture is provided before the voting stage begins, that nomination will be removed from consideration.
- The nominated vehicle must have a valid Member's Rides thread. The thread must be in accordance with the rules here. A link to the nominated member's MRT MUST be included in the nominated post(Preferably embedded in the nominating picture).
- The member nominating the vehicle may consult with the vehicle owner in compiling the write-up and pictures.
- No discussion is allowed in the nomination or voting poll. In the nomination thread, all posts that are not valid nominations will be deleted. Seconded or duplicate nominations will be deleted.
- No campaigning is allowed anywhere on the board during the nomination stage. (no threads, posts, or signatures will be tolerated.)
- The nomination thread is to be left open until the 15th of the month. After the 15th, the thread is to be locked.

3) The Selection Process
- CB7Tuner Administration will select all valid nominations for use in the AOM voting thread and disregard invalid nominations based upon the requirements set forth above.

4) The Voting Process (11th-25th)
- A poll is to be created by CB7Tuner Administration in the Accord of the Month forum where all members can vote for the AOM.
- The voting thread is to be left open until the 25th of the month.
- The poll is to include pictures and descriptions for each vehicle being voted on.
- In the voting poll, ALL posts not made by CB7tuner Administration will be deleted. The point is to make voting and nomination as objective as possible. If you don't agree with a particular nomination, then don't vote for it.
- No campaigning is allowed anywhere on the board during the voting stage.
- The winner of the voting poll at the end of the month is to be the Accord of the Month for the following month.
- In the event of a disqualification, all votes for the disqualified member are void. Members may not vote again. Disqualifed nominees may be nominated the following month (unless outright cheating is involved, which will usually result in a permanent ban.)

5) The Award Process (25th-end of month)
- Upon the closing of the AOM voting thread, CB7tuner Administration is to create a thread congratulating the current owner of the winning vehicle. This thread will be open for all members to comment.
- The Winner Thread is to contain a picture of the winning vehicle and the write-up submitted in the nomination thread.
- The current owner of the winning vehicle will receive a custom user title signifying his/her award of AOM.
- If there is only one valid nomination, then there will not be a voting stage. The sole nomination will be named AOM.
- If no vehicles are nominated for AOM, the second place contestant from the most recent voting poll will be awarded AOM. In following months, if nominations continue to be absent, or if the second place contestant from the most recent voting poll has already been awarded AOM in the past 12 months, the selection will move on to the next eligible second place contestant in subsequently prior voting polls.


Accord of the Year Voting

Only Accord of the Month Winners of that year are eligible for the corresponding Accord of the Year competition. Each AoM will receive one vote automatically for winning a previous AoM competition. If a ride has won twice in that year, they will receive two votes automatically.

The Voting will start New Years day, and end on January 15th at midnight. This gives ample time for the following January AoM competition.


Failure to follow these rules will result in the removal of the nominated car from the competition. No exceptions. The rules are posted. "I didn't know" is not an acceptable excuse! If something isn't clear, please ask a moderator. Any one of us would be glad to assist!

Furthermore, ANY tampering with the voting system will NOT be tolerated! If a nominee is found to receive votes from a number of brand new members, it will be assumed that someone is creating new identities to vote repeatedly. Such a matter WILL be investigated, and PERMANENT IP bans WILL be issued. This contest is meant to be fun, and we will not tolerate cheating! Keep it clean, please!

Thanks to Joe and for the AoM format! This format has been used and modified with permission.
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Accords Of The Month

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    Accords Of The Month

    Heres a list of all the winners of the AOTM's.
    Maybe Sticky this???

    Feb 2006- 604_cb7 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Mar 2006- Accord SiR - Maryland
    Apr 2006- Bille - Denmark
    May 2006- timmy0tool - California
    Jun 2006- cp[mike] - New York
    Jul 2006 - J-SpecCB4 - Illinois
    Aug 2006- shawn.hayden & According2Aaron - Kentucky/North Carolina
    Sep 2006- fliplyricist1 - California
    Oct 2006- aww_shiet - California
    Nov 2006- oneoffaccord - New York
    Dec 2006- AirRide Accord/ProJect - California
    AOTY 2006- aww_shiet

    Feb 2007- yeamans17 - Connecticut
    Mar 2007- Ronald_Type_R - Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Apr 2007- AccordtunerZZ/Gemini/The_Great_Pretender - Florida
    May 2007- Chessboxer - Kentucky
    Jun 2007- Lummiecb7 - California
    Jul 2007- abdielitopr - Florida
    Aug 2007- hondaracer33/CB3 - River City, BC, Canada
    Sept./Oct 2007- SMseagren83 - Washington
    Nov 2007- Ghost 2.2 - California
    Dec 2007- Mr. PHIL - Florida
    AOTY 2007- GHOST 2.2

    Feb 2008- FuncOvrForm - California
    Mar 2008- iNspired/Shinobi - California
    Apr 2008- PRIMESNIPER - California
    May 2008- blackcb7 - California
    Jun 2008- kit-to-lip - Florida
    Jul 2008- Autotek - Florida
    Aug 2008- accordtypeR - Florida
    Sep 2008- ztinaldoz - Norway
    Oct 2008- JaK FRoSTWhiTE - New Jersey
    Nov 2008- Cam - Australia
    Dec 2008- JARHEAD293 - Florida
    AOTY 2008- JARHEAD293

    Jan 2009- RICHIE*GT35R - Florida
    Feb 2009- Juice21 - Florida
    Mar 2010- tn_accords - Florida
    Apr 2010- aleks77 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
    May 2009- Boost_Lee - Texas
    Jun 2009- r1emperor - Florida
    Jul 2009- CB7_ACCORD - Minnesota
    Aug 2009- jhondayaaj - California
    Sept 2009- wallycb7 - Utah
    Oct 2009- jdmbeeaner - California
    Nov 2009- 4cc0rdcb3 - Norway
    Dec 2009- 1clean92 - California
    AOTY 2009- RICHIE*GT35R

    Jan 2010- 90-JDMCB7 - North Carolina
    Feb 2010- ProJect - California
    Mar 2010- jdm_inspired - California
    Apr 2010- TypeG - Georgia
    May 2010- aleks77 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Jun 2010- peteypete - New Jersey
    Jul 2010- illestatus - Maryland
    Aug 2010- Drummersteve7 - Maryland
    Sept 2010- NWaccord - Washington
    Oct 2010- 1badacc - New York
    Nov 2010- CB7_ACCORD - Minnesota
    Dec 2010- PR CB7 - Florida
    AOTY 2010- CB7_ACCORD

    Jan 2011- jdmtrikcb7 - Washington
    Feb 2011- nicko - Australia
    Mar 2011- HOACB7 - Florida
    Apr 2011- J'SR@C3R1_818 - California
    May 2011- 626cb7 - California
    Jun 2011- 90ACCORDLXGUY - Washington
    Jul 2011- HATCHing & vietkid_2006 - Iowa/Minnesota
    Aug 2011- tommi - Kansas
    Sep 2011- NWaccord - Oregon
    Oct 2011- ChampCoupe - Georgia
    Nov 2011- 90CB7sleeper - Georgia
    Dec 2011- GunRunner - North Carolina
    AOTY 2011- jdmtrickcb7

    Jan 2012- HybridKyle - Florida
    Feb 2012- PRLiTo9MM - Florida
    Mar 2012- CB_JoeyG - Washington
    Apr 2012- DJ Hizzle - California
    May 2012- 604_SE - Vancouver, Ca
    Jun 2012- keepinitclean - California
    Jul 2012- itstatcb7kid707 - California
    Aug 2012- cincy90h22 - Ohio
    Sep 2012- crazymikey - Canada
    Oct 2012- phantomcb7 - Washington
    Nov 2012- islandhopper - Washington
    Dec 2012- moes92CB7 - California
    AOTY 2012- PRLiTo9MM/CB7H22Los

    Jan 2013- itstatcb7kid707 - California
    Feb 2013- Mr. PHIL - Florida
    Mar 2013- jchsmiley - Texas
    Apr 2013- Slick_Nine - California
    May 2013- BIGRICH - North Carolina
    Jun 2013- bassrock234 - Georgia
    Jul 2013- AeyJayCB7 - California
    Aug 2013- sideswipe - North Carolina
    Sep 2013- Dirtyrice - California
    Oct 2013- P5ylance & SanJoCaF22DrAcc - California
    Nov 2013- keepinitclean & DJ Hizzle - California
    Dec 2013- daovangphotos - California
    AOTY 2013- Mr.PHIL

    Jan 2014- Vex - Oklahoma
    Feb 2014- pupidel - Florida
    Mar 2014- dayzielynn - Washington
    Apr 2014- DanCan - Canada
    May 2014- marcusv8thunder - United Kingdom
    Jun 2014- Juice21 & Kevin Chinnn - Florida
    Jul 2014- keepinitclean - California
    Aug 2014- 626cb7 - California
    Sep 2014- Sequence - Minnesota
    Oct 2014- jdm_inspired - California
    Nov 2014- blackenwkn - Texas
    Dec 2014- otto07 - California
    AOTY 2014- jdm_inspired - California

    Jan 2015- Raf99 - Canada
    Feb 2015- Mike1357 - Florida
    Mar 2015- kahl.lawson - Georgia
    Apr 2015- 90LXACCORDGUY - Washington
    May 2015- SanJoCaF22DrAcc - California
    Jun 2015- Theos92VR4- - New Jersey
    Jul 2015- xkjnboix- - Louisiana
    Aug 2015- fleetwood- - Ohio
    Sep 2015- Jack_lee- - Malaysia
    Oct 2015- Autotek- - Florida
    Nov 2015- 93SM4_CB7- - New York
    Dec 2015- Davids92Accord- - California
    AOTY 2015-

    Jan 2016-
    Feb 2016-
    Mar 2016-
    Apr 2016-
    May 2016-
    Jun 2016-
    Jul 2016-
    Aug 2016-
    Sep 2016-
    Oct 2016-
    Nov 2016-
    Dec 2016-
    AOTY 2016-
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    Wow this is wild , I literally was about to try and figure this out yesterday , I think this is a great Idea , this should be sticky'd but we'll see ...

    I love how my 2 Favorite Accord's ever got AOTY
    Fore Sale" My Ride "Best Time To Date 14.9 @ 94 MPH ...


      good shit. im glad someone did this


        Thats pretty cool you took the time and went through all the older AOM's to get this info.


          there goes paul again being all helpful and nice unlike me with worthless posts. :P


            I hope one day i can be added to that list of glory..
            accordtypeR aka Seve aka The Godfather.

            My Old Baby
            ....................My New Baby
            SOLD TO
            ..grumpy93, iceplaya123, slr_theking, tn_accords


              Originally posted by accordtypeR View Post
              I hope one day i can be added to that list of glory..
              hell me too...

              im pissin on the game feel like i got a weak blatter




                  those guys are the best of the best!

                  FS: OEM Fuel Filter, ES Tie Rod Boots, Chrome Bulbs


                    im goin to make that list...after... bad things happens and i have everything i need to make a super accord...or three...


                      I hope so too! would be great to be on that list!!
                      -91 Honda Accord 2.2i 16v 150 hk (newly repainted;D)
                      -91 Honda Accord 2.0i 16v 136 hk(Crashed)
                      My car here!
                      CLub Honda Norway:


                        I was going to do this a while back with a picture of everyone's car and a link, but it was getting really complicated. I started adding everyones mods, then I figured that all that was on the AOTY page and then I decided to scrap the idea. I am glad this has been posted. Thanks.

                        CB3 formerly hondaracer33


                          Originally posted by xprojectcb7x View Post
                          hell me too...
                          Dont worry bro you will..
                          accordtypeR aka Seve aka The Godfather.

                          My Old Baby
                          ....................My New Baby
                          SOLD TO
                          ..grumpy93, iceplaya123, slr_theking, tn_accords


                            haha i will not have the cb anymore after this sat.

                            im pissin on the game feel like i got a weak blatter


                              Originally posted by accordtypeR View Post
                              I hope one day i can be added to that list of glory..
                              Well ur on it now

                              Maybe one day I'll get on there
                              92 Accord Coupe (MR Thread Below)

                              Member's Ride