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supercharged H22

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    This is gonna be a SICK set up!! Definitely a UNIQUE build!! +1 Rep Points Added!!!
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      Damn can't wait for this video!! Very unique build! Great work man!!
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        Pretty tough routing charge pipes and locating inter coolers in a chassis that wasn't meant for it eh!

        Is that a temp/mock-up intercooler setup? IMO running the charge pipe over the exhaust manifold is a detriment to cooling...... Also having the intercooler laying horizontal on the top of the engine bay where the heat collects is counter productive. Or are you planning on running a top vent in your hood and a tunnel ram/shroud on the underside of the intercooler?
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          The piping will be wrapped with the heat wrap at some point. I have a roll somewhere around here, just havent located it yet lol. I will be doing something to my Hood also.. keeping that under wraps for right now tho. This whole setup is about being different. I didn't want a front mount intercooler like everyone else, I don't want anyone to know that something is under there by looking at the front of it.. sleeperish, kinda LOL


            A front mount would be far more effective, but I'm intrigued by your choice of placement. I suppose it's the best place to put a top mount, if you're going that route!


              Originally posted by deevergote View Post
              A front mount would be far more effective, but I'm intrigued by your choice of placement. I suppose it's the best place to put a top mount, if you're going that route!

              Agreed, definitely more effective even more practical. But not different not unique. Plus it actually shortens the overall distance the charge air has to travel.


                I can't see the short travel time being much more effective... Your still gonna lose boost regardless


                  Its not gonna make that much of a difference, its not like a Turbo with the heatsoak from the exhaust.


                    Originally posted by bigpoppa694lyfe View Post
                    I can't see the short travel time being much more effective... Your still gonna lose boost regardless
                    The pressure loss is a much smaller issue than the heat gain. Id personally go with a big FMIC or air to water IC but then again I haven't done any projects even close to this so I can't really judge. W/a hole in the hood and a duct under the IC out to the bottom of the car this IC should get pretty good flow. Hell it will prob get pretty good flow with just the hole in the hood.

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                    im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


                      Intercooler will cool just fine as is most likely. When the vehicle is in motion, the intercooler is in front of the heat source. If charge temps become an issue, consider meth injection. I would consider it either way honestly.

                      Nice build op, looking sharp.

                      I would fab airbox for your compressor or some sort of filter setup. If you run it with the compressor exposed like that, you'll likely pick up some nasty shit over the course of time that could cause damage.

                      I personally would source a JY airbox and modify it.
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                        Omg..I can't wait to see this beast finished up.

                        1993 Honda Accord EX


                          Thanks for all the comments! I'm glad everyone is interested in my build!

                          As for the intake, I want to run it forward into the bumper area.. haven't yet though. For now I do have a mesh screen covering the inlet.


                            Are you going to cut a hole and make a sealed closer in your hood for that tmic ?

                            I have tmic (from factory). It works great, but I despise it. even a smic is more efficient and just as "unique".

                            Still, awesome build.

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                              If I did a centrifugal supercharger, I would mount it over on the transmission side and run a driveshaft over. That way you can keep p/s, move the alternator down where the compressor was, and the shaft goes right in between. Should clear the header and hood that way too.

                              This is still awesome though, and I am excited to see the curves it puts out.
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                                I officially have all my parts.. intake/bov pipe that i had a buddy weld, and oil restrictor from vortech. assembly will be complete next week, and tune the week after! In the words of Pauly D "yeah buddy"!