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    I third what is said and again I am not a professional. But I have used phearables products, multiple products and John is good at what he does.

    I would recommend getting a cheap Microsoft laptop, so that you can watch your motor while driving( well you know look at it at red lights). I now always drive with my laptop hooked up and datalogging, just so I can see how the engine is acting. You don’t need anything fancy, a $200 laptop that runs windows will work perfectly.

    Also instead of using vacuum tubing to line your cuts, I recommend this:

    I used it on my accord to line the holes I cut on the bumper and the charge piping hole. It has a metal inlay that helps keep it secure and is much more durable then the rubber. Just my .02
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      I like that edge trim, thanks for that. Everything I've tried has never been flexible enough, so that's why I just used vacuum line. I'll look into the laptop, but that would have to wait. Maybe I could learn tuning one day, though. It'd be nice to be able to adjust things myself if I was out of state at a different elevation or something like that.

      Thanks for the confirmation on the base map, guys.
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        Saw this in the inventory at one of the Denver yards. Are these wheels one of the optional 14" alloys, or just off another Honda and more common? I wouldn't want to run them because of the size obviously, but you know, rare parts are worth saving. Car's been in the yard a couple weeks now, so might be worth driving out there to check on them tomorrow...


          I've seen these so many times but can't say. I thought it was the non-V6 1994 honda accords that had these. Pretty ugly if you ask me ...


            I'd have only gotten them if they were the 4th gen optional wheels, just to save rare parts from the crusher. I don't actually care for the design either, haha. I remember seeing photos of the full lineup of 14" alloys somewhere in the forum, but I can't find it now. Anyway, a friend needs help with a trip up to Wyoming, so that yard trip is out. Maybe I'll find something cool up there...

            *ED. - Actually, I just thought to re-word my Google search and found this:

            Shows up if I search for 1991 through 1993 "Accord 14" alloy". It doesn't appear when I search for '94. Might have to...
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              Yaaa i'd agree with that. Can't say I've ever seen any of these in Canada though.