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    As for the change in your car running for around 30 seconds. I'm leaning towards it's starting up with narrow band 02 sensor and at 30-35 seconds switches over to wideband and your fuel/timing maps. They aren't as clean and therefore you can tell when the transition happens. Otherwise your making great progress.
    MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


      Mmm never thought of that. Thanks!

      Got the bearing press the other day..... lol. Awww it's so cute ha.. .it was below my waist line tall. But that meant I could pick it up and do the work outside in the sun

      And it worked just fine. I used it to finish that lower ball joint too, which you could see things start to bend a little, but still did it. (freezing the ball joint probably would of helped etc.)

      Back in business. New LBJ (c-clips in), Hubs/bearing pressed together, fit in nice, need rotors on, knuckles in, brakes on, axles in, and then get her back on her feet.....

      The vice I got to replace the old. Should do fine...


        This! UG. This is so hard to do every time. To get everything in always takes muscle, patience, and the usual blood, sweat, and tears. ie:
        - the strut brace on the top side is so tight of a fit that the shocks need to be pushed up into it vs. you putting it on after the shocks are installed.
        - the shocks need to go in at the same time as the axles. You cannot do one or the other first.
        - the traction bar connection bolts will hit the axle; you need to have it jacked all the way up and at the right angle for these to go in

        It's hard to explain but you have the LBJ (lower ball joint) out, while the shock hang loose, while putting the axle in the hub, while pushing the shock up.
        Either way always takes me 3-4 hour per side.


          Well big thanks to Jacob for coming out to help me bleed the brakes. Then the wheels went on and she started up fine & I'm happy to announce she runs great! Took it for a drive down the road and around the block and such (5-10min drive). Didn't get into boost really but it's there. Going to baby her for 400km and make sure the head gasket and other items play nice and get no leaks. It handles like a brand new car to be honest, as it should.

          Closed loop we are pegged at 10.0 like the IACV is open ... not sure what's going on there I think I can simply adjust the ECU to compensate. But after 5min or whenever open loop kicks in she's 14.7 and has no issues. While the engine is still (if you put your hand on it), inside the cabin there is definitely more vibrations (from removing the balance shafts + using stiff mounts). You can see the hood vibrate now, the dash vibrates, and the mirrors. But only at idle really. = because racecar.


            Another 10K and an issue finally appeared (Not sure why this is exciting...) . Oil in here ..... but not on the spark plug tube seals.

            Let's take a peak. All looks good ..... but ya... valve cover nut bushings are soaked. Spark plug tube seals were dry.

            ha... gave this some thought. .... and read online. Agree that it's probably the valve cover nut seals. Then I thought about how old mine are. Then I realized they are as old as the engine.... so ... 31 years. . OK. ordering new hardware.
            But man the car drives nice. Still could use some tuning low end, idle, etc. I feel like she's a brand new car the way it handles and feels.

            Plugs look good.

            Old = old. The cable was always a little stiff too... + old plastic = doh. (and the knob moves easier when the engine is warm)


              Didn't think this upgrade would of made me so happy. Loving these eyelids.


                I had no idea this thread was here. I may have never looked in this sub-forum before, because I thought it was just a picture forum, but dang 227 pages! That's a lotta luv you've given your car.
                1991 Accord Lemons Race Car, "The Minnow" RIP
                1993 Accord Lemons Race Car, "SpaceEx Starship"
                Neuspeed Race Springs, Koni Sports, Acura CL Rear Sway Bar,
                Adj Upper Control Arms -3.0deg front, -2.0 deg rear
                M2A4 Trans, Cusco 1-way Limited Slip Differential, Stage 2 Clutch and 11lb flywheel. A4 Header, 2" exhaust all the way back, catalyst delete, delta 262 grind, glasspack muffler, PT6 ECU.
                Acura CL3.0 Brakes Front and Rear, Raybestos St43 Pads, Redline 600 Brake Fluid


                  Hey! Thanks for stopping by haha. Visitors are rare these days

                  Sooo we got the VMS valve cover kit &.......... ug.. I'm not impressed. For the cost + shipping + duty fees ug.

                  These "top hats" do have a fine rubber o-ring built into the bottom and top. Looks nice, but doesn't look robust.

                  But the cover...... ug. ahhh ... wtf... I hate being tricked like this. #1... no way you're using this anywhere but a photo. and #2, even then it's garbage.

                  Even with the supplied washers it sucks...

                  Just no way I would allow the wires to rub in multiple spots like this. Even if you poke them out the top it's rubbing. the OEM has a dome shape for a reason.

                  Anywho...took the car for another 20km trip to the grocery store and the new valve cover nuts/seals did fix the problem Back to dry valve cover.

                  And problem #2 revealed itself. I went into turbo a bit and blew a intercooler piping clamp. Got home and realized I ordered the wrong size when replacing the previous one and this clamp was as tight as it could go, 73mm. I need 65mm or less (2.5" pipe). So ordered new clamps.
                  And it stalled when pulling in the driveway. I hate that I can't solve that issue. The ole... off the gas and on the brakes and idle drops too low. Even though S300 is set to 800 etc. it drops below it. Have long starts too... going to check all grounds and alt / power wires.

                  Besides that it runs great. I'm starting to believe I actually did this job successfully