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    Holy crap. I didn’t realize you were in the area where the fire was burning! I’m glad you, your home, and your cars are ok. That’s absolutely insane how close it got.
    I’m across the river from Philadelphia, and we were choking on the smoke all the way down here.


      Ya. got water tests back today and they are good. So I am good. Still smell burnt houses outside each day and the trees will look like this for the next 5-10 years. Definitely looking into moving as it's just not fun living here anymore. Anywho.... on with the show.



        Well F me ... been a while since I've been stumped. Windows won't work (or JDM mirrors unfold) and I can't figure it out. Been at it for over a week now. Window sw. fuses are not getting 12V from ICU. Tried another ICU too, same thing. But not sure why ICU is not sending out the 12V to those fuses. ...... assuming that's the order. Tried different door handle/switch, ICU, relays and tripple checked all fuses. Simply put is fuses are not getting power,, which unfortunately comes from the ICU. Which... isn't a relay... but a mini computer? Car is in pieces now bc of this..... REALLY is not fun removing the whole under dash fuse box unit by the drivers side clutch pedal. I think I'd rather do the gas tank with no lift vs. this one....

        Ya.. just reach up and to the left. Hours! ug...

        95 accord wiper delay moded ICU on the left. OEM on the right.


          Got the windows working, but bumper pole and mirrors have no power. They run off the same wire that the cigg. lighter LED light runs from, which is the red/blk wire. So .. ya.


            I have been waiting 5+ years to do this one....

            05-12 Acura RL Front Calipers (4 piston)
            98-99 Acura 2.3CL Front hubs & bearings (supplied by FFC)
            05 - 06? Nissan 350Z re-drilled / slotted rotors 4 x 114/.3 (supplied by FFC)
            FFC Centric rings
            FFC caliper bracket set


              Noice. Is the stock master cylinder enough for those on our cars? It sounds like even with the smaller Spoon calipers, the '90s Civics needed to upgrade the BMC to feel an improvement in braking.

              Accord Aero-R


                Oooooooohhhh…this will be a good upgrade!

                Your electrical issue seems really odd. It does seem to be ICU driven, but maybe just a grounded out wire?


                  Ya... CybortGT. I feel like the brakes will always feel 90's-ish no matter what. It will never be like a new car where resting your baby toe on the pedal = instant brakes. But I will also admit an Audi has far better brakes than my 2020 Acura. Our only option for our cars I believe is the prelude BMC with a 1" diameter but there's no proof that it does anything. (like the brake proportioning valve). I always wondered though. Seems new cars like my Acura still uses all the same "bits". So why can't our cars have amazing brakes without soft pedal non-sense.

                  SSMAccord..... ahh no idea anymore. I'm going to move the bumper pole and mirrors to a different 12V and not worry about the cigg. light / ring thing lighting up (or the ashtray blue light). *shrugs*. I wish I had a ....... ...... umm. ... ... 12V probe .. thing. I think I'm going to make one so I can energize that line to fold the mirrors out. & at least then I can work backwards from there.

                  There is something else i was working on too..... but it's slow going.


                    Took cb7 (new name pending) for a good 2 hour drive today! No issues of course. Fun to drive, relaxing, lots of power. I do need to replace the hood release cable. It's all messed up and not working...
                    Took a photo when we got back; you can also see the new addition. Trying to sell the 2017 Audi A4 S-Line.