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    Originally posted by Raf99 View Post
    Ya........ this is not working with my wheels I've grinded off material just to make it not touch, and now just realizing I'd have to shave off more, the width of the wheel weight. That's... alot of material.
    It looks like you’re going to have to consider new, wider wheels. Which will allow you to run a wider tire and get you more traction.


      You're using one of those caliper adapter blocks to run those calipers, right? Can that be safely milled a hair to bring the caliper in toward the hub, or is there not enough clearance between the caliper and rotor to allow for that? Also taking into consideration where the pads contact the rotor, etc.

      As for the receipts, I'm going to guess along the same lines as these guys. Mine, not including the $1500 the car itself cost, is just over $28k so far. And I know my running list is missing a couple things, such as the customized JDM headlights. You have that complex turbo setup which costs a fortune, but I've spent money on different details and I've documented everything I've spent... so probably roughly the same.
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        CyborgGT, cannot move the bracket as the caliper is mm away from the rotor inside of it. I really need a wider wheel or one that doesn't have the "lip" where the wheel weight goes. OR I shave the heck out of these calipers, I will say there is a lot of material there but this may be part of the cooling material; not sure. I do like my current wheels though.

        ...... the magic total was $41,789CDN ($30,607USD). You were all close. That's a H22, + another bottom end H22 + $10K+ of turbo parts and dyno sessions. Full exhaust setups. Most of the stuff had to be ordered from the US as I'm up north where the reindeer fly. Carpet, lights, more lights, fogs, intersection lights, harnesses, clusters, traction bars, calipers, S300, Skunk2 intake plenums, stereo equipment. Dam, I remember buying my rear disc setup from DarkCloud back in the day as I couldn't find it in Canada. Local bought items like wheels, seats, and engine blocks, heads.....


        Finding issues = good.

        Interesting pic. The traction bar goes on top of the oil catch can hoses (not shown here). Those hoses go on top of the intercooler piping. That piping is on top of the radiator hose. That hose on top of the head heater/coolant hose, that hose on top of the shifter cables.

        Debating on painting this green...


          Yep. Giving up on the big brake upgrade for now. These wheels will not work here. I'd have to shave about 1/8" or more off the caliper, then more to clear the wheel weights.
          And.... I'm hoping to move soon. It took me a year but I found the house I want (has everything I want) and my house is on the market now. Fingers crossed!
          If I do move you'll see the photos on my MRT stop working for a week or so as they are hosted off my server @ home.


            That seems wise.

            Good luck on the house though!!!


              Congrats on the house! Moving sucks.
              MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


                Thanks all. Found the house I want, need to sell my house to make it happen. This is the first week for the house on the market!

                Meanwhile, I'd say this is the most nervous start of my life.

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                  Sounds decent for a first startup. Things will slowly quite down a bit as it gets some run time on the motor.

                  I started assembling the motor for the Pilot last night. Got the main bearings all measured out. Got the rings sorted out and measured. I need to get the pistons on the rods, rings on the pistons and into the block tonight. But yea if this was your first time doing any of this work it's a bit nerve racking on that first fire up. I remember starting up the H22 after I rebuilt it. Primed the oil a bunch and then tried to start it 5-6 times and it wouldn't even fire a bit. Went to bed at like 1am so defeated. Went to work the next day, came home and she fired up on the first crank. But I was so worried and nervous all day long.

                  It can only get better from here.
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                  MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


                    Oh ya first starts are the scariest. Sounds really good actually! Nice work dude!
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                      Soooo got some guages hooked up and there's obviously an increase in oil pressure. But that is expected with the balance shaft delete kit.


                      Ignore the A/F as there's no intercooler on it. I definitely notice the vibration in the cab of the car but to touch the engine it's fine at idle. The car is also on jack stands. But I can tell the engine sounds smoother and cleaner. "Newer".
                      Soo.... next...

                      - Get SManager working, connect intercooler and piping / complete the loop. This should fix the A/F
                      - See if the car works. I know the stupid transmission is leaking a drop every night.... grrr.. dam silly idea to have a seam where the fluid collects at the bottom.
                      - Will check the plugs out.
                      - The knuckles / bearings / hubs all went to a shop to put together. Putting new LBJ in too
                      - Brakes need to be bled
                      - No idea where my power steering fluid went but the reservoir is empty & I can't find the PS pump adjuster bolt anyways...
                      - Need to get this car mobile!

                      And also packing the whole house and garage in hopes that someone buys this and then I'll be moving. For Sale sign is on the lawn! If successful we upgrading from a single garage to a double


                        Ha... i don't have a trans leak. I just didn't tighten the drain plug all the way So I think that means Sally has zero leaks. Cool...

                        New "honda" drivers side fender liner. They never line up to the OEM holes....

                        Definitely have to do something with that eye sore intercooler pipe. It takes a lot of work to get to this point too.....

                        Plugs look fine...

                        Still missing a trans bolt. No idea where that went. I suspect I used it on the engine stand and it got mixed up in a box. That's the only thing missing.
                        Still waiting for knuckles with new bearings/hubs/LBJ back from a shop this week & then that all goes back together. Then it should drive technically.....


                          This sounds promising! I can’t wait for it to be rolling again.

                          i have also had that overlooked drain plug leak situation. I think they just get forgotten when there are so many moving parts during assembly of the engine bay.