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    Ya.. when I peeled the logo it took paint with it... not sure hoe to do this properly. I guess cut it out vs. peeling...

    And edit: I'm going to try again, start over...
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      My understanding is that the the mask has to be removed while the final color coat is still wet. I used a sharp hobby knife to life the taped area carefully to not damage the top coat.

      I think if you wanted to remove the graphic after it the final top coat is dry, you would trace the edges of the graphic with a hobby knife to separate the paint from the graphic and then remove the graphic.


        Yep. that was my mistake. But now trying to re-do it and I've messed up 3 times with either paint running or a bump /scratch I couldn't see. I think I need to try different white paint as this is getting frustrating. Also hard to lift the sticker without knicking into the white below it or slipping and messing up the green. But going to keep trying.
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          Well this is what I got on try #5, one side turned out OK but still not happy with the drivers side. Today I sanded it all down again and started over on that side.


            I think I agree. The AEM side looks really crisp. Good work.


              Ya, the AEM was one piece too and smaller which made it easy it seems. Going to try the TEIN one again but rip it off when the paint is wetter... but hard to do as you want 2-3 coats so there is some drying of the paint, and you cannot paint after you take the letters off. We'll see... my patience is running thin on this one.
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                can't believe you still got this thing... I still got mine but it hasn't moved out of the garage in years lol

                good to see you're still at it!
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                  Originally posted by aww_shiet View Post
                  can't believe you still got this thing... I still got mine but it hasn't moved out of the garage in years lol

                  good to see you're still at it!
                  LoL, I'll remind you I have this thing because of you :P And hey... you still got yours too


                  Well this is try #5 and I'm not f'n doing it again. I don't care about the imperfections.... dam... just too hard. I guess if I had more practice or patience or........ I dunno. It's just too hard with this sticker, the smaller sticker on the other side was easy.


                    This turned out really good. I would be proud of this! You’re very intimate with this and seeing from 6 inches away, but in the context that you’ll normally see it, these will fade away.

                    ​​​​​​….if you REALLY can’t get over the little white distortions you could get a very fine artist’s brush and spray a bit of paint into a cap and gentle touch up those areas.


                      Well...... I don't think I'll do something like this again without proper paint supplies. OMFG..........

                      I went to clear coat it and this happened...., grease spot.... i dunno , dam. This was the last sticker I had too. (5th one)

                      Ok, no biggie...... let's just sand the clear coat and re-apply clear coat.... , awww WTF now...... this is worse haha!


                      OK... ummm, maybe I can fix. FAck me... this is not going to work.....

                      Well dam.... kind of fixed but now this part is messed up.

                      So I'll tape off the letters and work around them. I'll be ok with some lines where the tape was....

                      OK, I guess this will do. Some white parts I had to fix and it's a little noticeable but all good with me.... Fini....


                        This has been a SAGA!!! Getting to the clearcoat step only to have fisheyes or crazing is maddening. At least you persevered and made it look spiffy in the end. Let’s hope that is durable after all of the effort that you’ve put in.


                          Agreed. Next we are going to try to eliminate this horrible mark on the front bumper. Don't want to redo the whole bumper but this eye sore needs to go. Ummm maybe I can get rid of this by just painting over it .... vs. sanding it out.


                            Ya, this will do. I didn't sand it I just painted over it and put a layer of clear coat on it.

                            I am ok with how this turned out.... looks fine.

                            I plan on starting on engine work soon, which unfortunately needs some TLC. But I can't decide if the engine should come out of the car or not.....

                            1. The trans is leaking between the case. Need to remove trans, separate it and re-seal, put back together
                            2. The timing belt whine is still there. I need a proper timing tensioner on it as the current manual tensioner method puts way too much tension on the unit, belt and bearings
                            3. The oil pan gasket needs to be done

                            I think I may lower the engine on one side to get the transmission off, as for the rest..... i dunno. May try to resolve with the engine in the car. I also want to buy a auto tensioner setup but then use the 1320,etc. manual thing ... but I don't have the hardware for this / the bolts...

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	H22-Timing-Tensioner-V2-2_1024x1024.jpg
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                            Hardware I don't have for this tensioner arm setup:

                            My setup:


                              The bumper looks great!

                              All of those tasks that you listed are easy to accomplish with the engine out. It can be frustrating to wiggle the trans out, but perhaps easier since you have a traction bar set up.


                                That’s a tough call because if you just lower the engine you don’t have to remove a lot of the turbo components, but it does reduce the amount of room you have. Also lining up the trans from either lifting it or pushing it up is a PITA.

                                I think both have their Pros and Cons. I honestly hate just dropping the trans even with the traction bar simply because it’s difficult to line up the trans without some help.
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